bucketfulloffun replied to your post: So, I kinda feel like a lazy bum/failure right now

You’ll be 18 in a month! Apply anywhere u want, if u get accepted, I’m sure u can make the finances work! Do what you want now, or you’ll wait and end up regretting it! I didn’t go to school right away cause of money and hate that I waited so long

Thats very true! Ah, it doesn’t feel like im turning 18 haha. I just need to keep watching for Glendale to open up their applications for the fall. lol. then I can apply and hopefully get accepted to my first choice community college haha

bucketfulloffun replied to your post: My mom keeps bringing up me and brad getting married.

When Thomas and I had been dating for aboouuuut 6 months, his mom said we were going to get married! You never knooooooowww! ;)

Me and brad have only been together a month and a half! haha. well, without counting all the previous summers…. But every family member I think is convinced we’re getting married. haha. So maybe they all know something I dont! lmao