Casper Elgin - Crazy Bitch (Buckcherry)

On our way to Fest we listened to Buckcherry’s “Crazy Bitch” every hour on the hour so here’s a montage of it

City Hall.  Edmonton, AB.  July 2013.

Meet Stevie D. of Buckcherry fame.  I met him, chillin’ in the shade of the WWII memorial at City Hall, while out strolling with my Yashy.  I noticed his red dotted camera and he noticed my bizarre looking contraption. 

He of course asked me for a portrait, as I exuded something “Very Vivian Maier,” and I obliged under the condition I could take a portrait of him afterwards. Fellow street photographers, you may know the paradigm of asking someone else for a photo, but it was very odd being on the receiving end of that.  It’s harder not to smile than it looks!

We then chatted a bit about street and photography in general and I found out he was visiting from LA, which is a funny coincidence (some of you may know why).  I naively asked if he did a lot of street in LA, of course he said he really shot all over (I didn’t know he was a musician at the time).

As we parted ways, I was left a bit stunned at the fact that such an intriguing fella from a big metropolis found Edmonton worth his time.  Don’t get me wrong, I like Edmonton; it’s a nice city, it’s just a bit off the radar to most, especially outside of Canada.  Once I checked out his site, though, it all became clear to me.

What I found that I really appreciated about Stevie’s work is that he really does go off the beaten path a lot, venturing beyond the typical street photographer’s hang outs of New York, London, and Paris.

So take a few minutes, check out Stevie’s amazing photography from all over our blue marble here…