Norman Hartnell model turned duchess Jane McNeill on the morning of her wedding, in 1953, in her Hardy Amies designed gown with a crinoline skirt, tight sleeves and square neck displaying the Buccleuch family jewels. The silver lace was specially woven in France to match the mayflower motif in the tiara. (This last pic posted sometime ago on its own. Just thought it completes this set to add it here.)

I just went for a four mile run.

It was fantastic. And just what I needed. I noticed that there is a new sport going on there. Extreme hacky sack. These people were volleying the sack back and forth over a net. It was incredible and I wish that I was part of it.

Unfortunately, something else that I’ve noticed as I ran traveled around the park was the fact that people will just sit idly in their car. Forever. Letting their car spew noxious gases. It sucks and it’s disgusting, and it’s awful to run through. 

GoK: well, that was a nerve-wracking 104 pages

I don’t even have anything coherent left to say after that trial, except that Will is back in my good books and now I’m upset all over again about the Thing that happens in DK.

I mean. He’s so adorable in the scene where he brings Harvey’s confession to Lymond with his delight and his uncertainty and his ‘enslaved eagerness’, like a puppy wagging its tail just pet him already Francis you know you wanna. And lbr, Lymond’s drugged-up, confused and slightly overwhelmed response is adorable too. ‘It is gradually forcing itself on my consciousness that I am not to be divided into four pieces tomorrow.’ Gah, these babies.

Also, behold Wat Scott’s magnificence:

“That boy,” bellowed Sir Wat, “was a shilpit, shiftless, shilly-shallying gomerel before he met up with Francis Crawford. And now, by God—he still maybe makes up his mind three times in the time a normal man would do it once, but I’d sooner have him back of me in an argument or a fight than any finnicking ninny that stayed at home and got wed at St. Cuthbert’s before he stopped talking like the squeak off a tumbler!”

Aaaand now I am also super upset about the Other Thing that happens in DK augh D:

We ended up still not getting the full story about Eloise during the trial, but iirc it comes up again several books later so I’ll just hold on to my nagging thought/theory about whether or not her death was really an accident on Lymond’s part until I know whether it pans out or not. Right now I’m off to calm down and reread this brilliant Lymond x Will ficlet that takes place right after the scene in the Tolbooth, and then start on QP tomorrow (hahaha what is school what is social life what are priorities)

Disorderly Knights re-read, pt 1

Also don’t remember that much about this one, but i do recall liking it immensely, so we’ll see how this goes.

On the day his grannie was killed by the English, Sir William Scott the Younger of Buccleuch was at Melrose Abbey, marrying his aunt.

That’s the best opening sentence to ever exist in any work of fiction, and i will hear no objections.
Will’s wedding is awesome, and i love it - oh, how great that he’s living in that Provencial villa up to this day, otherwise i was going to be upset.

Oh, and they’re fighting the english. With the power of glorious oxen, of course - and drag! This is just the best.

For humanity’s sake, indeed, it was worth making quite an effort to keep these two apart.


And let me say this as a rabid Joleta fan - she’s such a great character, and i have never encountered such a magnificent mix of a terrified teenager and a total psycho, i love her - but seriously there must be a deserted island somewhere you can ship her to.

But nevetheless it’s fun to see everyone so bent on protecting Joleta from that horrible horrible Francis of Lymond. 
Ohmygod, i feel the impending doom of the annual Richard/Francis misunderstanding. It’s like they’re the leads in a romantic comedy and there’s a constant need for the Third Act Break-Up. I don’t waaaant to.

You think they will simply ruin each other before the grown-ups can prevent it? 

- Sybilla on Francis and Joleta, being great. And also terribly right and wrong at the same time.

I also love how, when Kate sees Crawford banners, she’s all excited and then it turns out it’s Richard. But she’s happy to see him “none the less”. 

Sometimes there are moments when Francis makes a joke, and i have to remember everything in the preceeding chapter and political situation in Europe and then i maybe get the joke and then i hate that Francis can be so pompously nerdy.

Historical Research  - The Buccleuch Statue

The statue of Walter Francis Montagu Douglas Scott (1806-1884), the 5th         Duke of Buccleuch was unveiled in 1888.The panels illustrate episodes in the Duke’s life and family history. Some of them are quite graphic. The life of the Duke was not related directly to this particular location.

Frank Walter, Landscape Series: Yellow Sky and Pink Flowers
oil on Polaroid card 10 x 8.5 cm
private collection
Image courtesy of the Frank Walter Estate and Ingleby Gallery, Edinburgh


Exhibition from March 28 to May 23, 2015 at Ingleby Gallery, Los Angeles Fair Exhibitor

939 S. Santa Fe Ave, 90021 Los Angeles
T +1 213 453 9000

Francis Archibald Wentworth Walter, self-styled 7th Prince of the West Indies, Lord of Follies and the Ding-a-Ding Nook, was born in Antigua in 1926.
Prodigiously talented as both a writer and artist, his undeniable genius was flawed by delusions of aristocratic grandeur, namely a belief that the white slave owners in his ancestry linked him to the noble houses of Europe, from Charles II to Franz Joseph of Austria and the Dukes of Buccleuch.

In 1763 he left academic life for a more lucrative job tutoring the wealthy young Duke of Buccleuch. This must have been a rather dramatic change of pace for the forty-year-old Smith, giving him an intimate look at the lifestyles of the rich and famous of his day. For two and a half years, Smith traveled in France and Switzerland with the boy and, along the way, met some of the great European intellectuals of the time, including Voltaire, François Quesnay, and Anne-Robert-Jacques Turgot.
14 March 1915 diary of Dr J S Muir of Selkirk

A finer day even than yesterday. Brilliant sunshine all day, no wind. Bees out on crocuses. Had a very light day. Walked before Church to Croft Terrace, Buccleuch Dairy, Dunsdale and Hospital. Great Church parade of Royal Scots to Parish, Lawson Memorial, Episcopal and Catholic churches. Band and pipers. All the centre of our church was filled. Colonel Turnbull came along to tea. Did not go to evening service. Jack and Nancy came to supper. Saw Grierson about putting in bath in Motor House. Had to go across to Ravenshaugh to see Strathearn Steadman, Wrote Dora.

#throwbackthursday One year ago this month I featured the Buccleuch Mansion in New Brunswick, #NewJersey. The house was built between 1735 and 1739 by Anthony White, son-in-law of NJ Royal Governor Lewis Morris. During the Revolutionary War, it was occupied by British officers. George Washington and Marquis de Lafayette also visited the property. In 1821, it was purchased by Col. Jos. Warren Scott and renamed Buccleuch in honor of his Scottish lineage. In 1911, the house was given to the City of New Brunswick. The Jersey Blue Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution maintain the interior as a museum while the City of New Brunswick is responsible for the exterior. Read more by going to www.thehistorygirl.com and clicking on “Articles.” #tbt #njhistory #SpreadTheHistory #historygirl #nj #architecture #archi_ologie #oldhouse #oldhouselove #houseportrait #fabulousoldhouses #travelblog #travelblogger #blogger #blog #ushistory #americanhistory #revwar #americanrevolution #newbrunswick #newbrunswicknj #georgewashington #lafayette #explore #explorenj #thisisnj by thehistorygirlnj https://instagram.com/p/0JhnbVAp25/www.thehistorygirl.com and clicking on “Articles.” #tbt #njhistory #SpreadTheHistory #historygirl #nj #architecture #archi_ologie #oldhouse #oldhouselove #houseportrait #fabulousoldhouses #travelblog #travelblogger #blogger #blog #ushistory #americanhistory #revwar #americanrevolution #newbrunswick #newbrunswicknj #georgewashington #lafayette #explore #explorenj #thisisnj by thehistorygirlnj https://instagram.com/p/0JhnbVAp25/