(The usual suspects)

BigChiefATL http://bigchiefatl.tumblr.com/

It’s Exclusive  http://itsexclusive.tumblr.com/

Tacky Yawn (Formally Mocha) http://tackyawn.tumblr.com/

Curves In Colors http://curvesincolor.tumblr.com/

 (New to the line up)

Made of Metals (Classy lady who will put up with no ones bullshit and carries a knife…So if you don’t hear from me she…OH SHIT SHE HERE!!!! DON’T Cut…) http://madeofmetals.tumblr.com/

MZ Stella Curves (Yes, the name fit! From gummi worms candy to Well to that sweet funky stuff *Rick James ref*) http://mzstellacurves.tumblr.com/

Bubbyashers (Her superpowers are Power of seductiveness and that Hair) http://bubbyashers.tumblr.com/

Black Culture (The that black culture has shown or given to the world *Follow*) http://black-culture.tumblr.com/

Peace Pax (Collecting Beautiful women all around the world)  http://peacepax.tumblr.com/