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Merry Christmas

I dont know what time it is but Merry Christmas when ever it is, heres to all my followers. Thank you for everything and i hope you all have the most amazing Christmas ever! Have fun<3 reamybisexualkarmy winding-streams portrays as-bright-as-our-stars thatgirllaura—may sexyselfiebabes dreamingtotheend love-female-ganja amycaitlin alguemgiro paraswift13 pryncess-bubblegum andybiersackswife123 well-hey-im-gay lesbimorethanfriends redcoat38 sadsoymilk bvb483 swify1d izzymata17 welcome2mylovelyfantasy 0rg4nized-chaos life-as-we-know-ittttt angelicaanddaylynn kurripu dollasxgn thelawsofmodernwar love-me-like-you-never-did zonazelka bethanylesley soysandimusso just-fabby-things ynn-hmily atraversso cailin-na-gaillimhe delicateteeth charlottewanderlusts willywat jenna-is-a-penguin vexation-and-whiskey alissa-batman priscillaceee greeneyesbrowneyes crayzaycatlad lol-im-gay-xd vintage-1992 lifeofliz93 ima-tiger-for-life ima-fuckin-princess fuxking-fantastic gay-love-great-love maybe-someday-youll-be-someone livin-on-my-own skate-or-fail ridiculouslybadass maripari-is-kool princessbrooke-xo wallofdesire asxpussy head-up-and-go humorking therealxmy allyhills allyhillsisattractive toreytomsovic sleeping-247 suckmyassbbe imonthepursuitofhappy-nesss anewfoundbrightness itscaptainizzy tides-will-take-me-to-you katniss-everdeen99 (bae) psycho-pathhh pizza-is-eternal alexismariejohnson whataworld-crzy wecanlivelike-jack-n-sally i couldnt tag everyone but if your within the last 30 tagged then you were on purpose, i stared tagging everyone and then realised it would take forever sorry to everyone i didnt tag i will tag you ALL for New Years! I Love You All<3


Merry Christmas Everyone !
Sorry for the rushed doodled cards
it’s the least I could do for all of your support and lvoe
thank you
and have a wonderful holidays <3

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Tomadashi. Hospital AU. Please <3


"Oh, sorry."  Tadashi turns, letting the girl squeeze past him and grab a sandwich.  Her right arm is swaddled in a cast, but she moves agilely otherwise, grabbing a bag of chips between two fingers.  "What happened to you?" Tadashi blurts without thinking.

She stops, a purple streak of hair falling messily across her eyes as she tilts her head and pulls a face.  “Fell off my bike.”  Her gaze flickers to his bundled hand.  “You?”

"Burned myself," Tadashi says, raising his bandaged hand in salute.  "Pretty badly, so they tell me."

"Huh," grunts the girl, resuming her journey to the cash register.  Meanwhile, Tadashi’s gaze sweeps over the hospital cafeteria—the TV playing faintly in the background, the blinds open slightly, the sterile gray tables.

Aunt Cass and Hiro aren’t due to visit for another hour, and, as much as Tadashi tries to pretend otherwise, he feels the slightest bit lonely, especially when he stares at the small carton of orange juice in his hand, the condensation sliding coolly against his palm.

"Hey—um," he starts, hesitantly, and girl-who-fell-off-her-bike turns, "would you, uh, like to keep me company?  For lunch?"

There’s a heavy pause and Tadashi is thinking, sardonically, On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your creepiness? but then the arm in the cast pulls higher as the girl shrugs and says, “Sure, why not?”

( http://saki-blackwing.deviantart.com/art/Bubbline-colors-360562176 where I got the art)
You can say your lame you say your far from me. But you got to see your my princess. I know you have responsibilities. But I’ll always come to you when I want to see you or when you need me I’ll come. Your not lame your so smart and fun your still a mistory to me. Thinking about you sometimes my heart gets all warm. Your my princess and I’m your queen I’ll be here for you like your hear for me. So don’t let me hear you say you lame or anything like that.