okay bubs i need to do a presentation for school and i decided to talk about the stress that people get because of school. we have a lot of stuff to do, we have homework, we have many tests and it can all be really stressful.

that’s why i’m asking you to reblog and/or like this post if you get stressed because of school. i really want to show this to my teacher and i want to use this as a source. thank you, i really hope this works out!


Nekoshitsuji (Kuroshitsuji Cats)

Part 1

(( I needed a light hearted project to focus on, and this is the result! XD  The other characters are in the works, so keep a look out for them!

Cat Credit: Sebastian (unknown), Ciel (Grumpy Cat), Finnian (unknown), Angelina (unknown), Meirin (Lil Bub), Bardroy (Maru), Tanaka (unknown), Pluto (Princess Monster Truck).

Please do not re-upload, or re-post. Reblogs are welcome! ^_^  ))

but momo having the biggest dorky crush on ai–

momo taking ai on nature walks and exploring campus together  (゚ヮ゚)

momo being a sleepy bub after practice and letting his forehead fall onto his captain’s shoulder 

momo giving ai lightning bugs in jars!!  ٩(๑>◡<๑)۶

momo grumbling about there being no girls at this school while playing with the bracelet tied around ai’s wrist, the one that matches his

momo being a loud, supportive voice for ai’s confidence as captain, as a leader he already knows he can count on

momo not-so-casually letting his arm fall down over the edge of the bunk and grinning like an idiot when ai quietly (and still somehow delicately) hi-fives it

momo watching ai captain their team with a proud smile and finally learning what the term ‘butterflies in my stomach’ means

just… fond longing glances, dealing with the way he’s pushed himself into ai’s physical bubble, having to be acutely aware of what it means to run hot when ai touches him, tucking his overgrown hair behind his ear, or chiding him about staying up too late by squeezing his shoulder

momo being stupid enamored with his senpai and not knowing what to do with his feelings but having them anyway  (๑′ᴗ‵๑)


latest video is up!

anonymous asked:

Your girlfriend is talented as fuck.

God I love it when people recognize her talent.
Thank you so so much bub, this means more than you’ll really ever know. Thank you❤️❤️

snooopid asked:

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and ask who do you think is a dom/sub/versatile in Uniq and HOTSHOT?


Yixuan: Mostly sub but can be a dom at times(like when hes mad)

Sungjoo: Dom. All the way.

Wenhan: Sub. He’s a shy lil bub

Seungyoun: ….i honestly… have no idea…. hes just wild…


Junhyuk: Dom obvi

Timo: Both. He loves giving and receiving

Kid Monster: Both but slightly more dom bc hes short and wanna show how powerful and manly he is

Sungwoon: Sub. He’s just a cupcake

San: Dom… theres something about him… that just.. never mind lemme stop

Hojung: Sub but hes a child and also my son and shouldn’t be fucking anyone

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Is it normal that i really wanna have a gf but at the same time i am really afraid to be in a relationship ? By the way i love your blog and u and your girlfriend are super cute ❤✌

Haha bub that’s completely normal.
Everyone has that fear.
And thank youuuu❤️❤️🙈🙈

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fear: As a bi/pan person, I'll never be considered "gay enough" to be included in the LGBTIA+ community

oh bub ◝(๑⁺᷄ ·̭ ⁺᷅๑)◞՞ you’re so valid and the B in LGBTQA+ stands for bisexual and ppl need to recognize that

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It's 13 years with out my cousin Logan. I was only 1 when he committed suicide, He was a great goalie in Hockey. I wear his jersey number to have a poece of him (#31). But this time of year always gets me emotional.. He was a great cousin! He would always babysit me and his neice. But he left so soon... Sometimes I wish I can just go back in time but I can't. (Sorry if I went from one subject to another. I just dont know what to feel right now.)

Hey bub I know it’s hard, I lost my uncle to suicide about 4 years ago. It never really gets easier but you gotta understand that they aren’t hurting anymore and they wouldn’t want us to hurt in their memory.
Stay strong bub, you can do this❤️