Bay Area folk and bluegrass band The Parmesans just released a seven-minute video featuring gobs of footage from their first tour of California. They had so much footage, in fact, that the video spans two songs from their January 2013 EP The Smell of Silence – “See for Yourself” and “Spicy Cigarette”. Watch the video (which was shot and edited by Ben V. Ho) below.

Apparently the tour was a success, because the band is heading down the coast and back yet again, and if you live anywhere from Marin County to the Mexican border, they’re probably playing in your neighborhood. The new leg kicks off tonight and includes a couple Bay Area dates of special note. The first is the tour opening gig at The Sleeping Lady in Fairfax, a show that also features my favorite shy folk singer Dyllan Hersey. The other is their show at the Uptown in Oakland on February 27, which is notable because it will cost you absolutely nothing to attend. If neither of those shows works for you, there are plenty of chances to see them over the next month in both the Bay Area and the rest of the state – a complete list is below, with full details on the local gigs.

"Participatory design offers an opportunity to CHANGE the power structures associated with FASHION and to produce garments by a different means.

This could be the result of a long conversation between the designers and users or by individuals cutting, sewing, and making garments themselves.

These approaches are implicit in a shift from quantity to QUALITY that is central to SUSTAINABILITY.

This shift embodies the shift from wants to NEEDS, global to LOCAL. fast to SLOW and consuming to MAKING. This QUALITY-based agenda promotes a new model of action that recognizes the IMPORTANCE of fashion to our culture but DISASSOCIATES it from the PASSIVITY, INDIFFERENCE, and DISENGAGEMENT that is frequently induced by Mass-Market Consumerist Fashion.”

Kate Fletcher. BTC.