September Secret Support Team -- Brief Intro

(If you don’t know what this is, you can check it out here)

Okay, gonna seriously try to follow the directions and be ‘brief’ here. :-)


(The picture on the right is from April, current weight is about 214)

My name is Valencia, or Val, for short. I’m from Florida, 52 years old, six feet tall. I love doing Jazzercise, yoga, biking, swimming, and walking. Have been overweight all my life and have finally realized that I am literally addicted to sugar/gluten/carbs. I eat Keto/Low Carb now and am infinitely happier, healthier, and have more energy.

I’ve lost 138 pounds from my highest, but only about 18 pounds this calendar year. I have about 40 pounds more I’d like to lose to reach my goal weight. I recently learned that I have bone spurs in my back as well as degenerative discs, most likely from injuries as a kid and also being overweight all my life, so I’m trying to be more careful of what I do and how I do it now. (for example, pretty sure running is out of the equation for me).

I’m a bit frustrated with the slow rate of loss the last few months, but am happy that it’s still going down (albeit slowly) and insanely thankful for all the support on tumblr, which keeps me from throwing my hands in the air, sinking into a pit of despair, and eating all the ice cream on the planet. No one wants that. :)

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Basically just the Star vs. The Forces of Evil clip itself (not one small segment from the hour long Gravity Falls panel)


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