A pair of red eyes slid open, squinting at the white walls in pain. Immediately she feels scared and confused. Where was she… Why did it smell like a doctors office? She slowly pulls herself up from the ground, dusting off her school uniform.

“Ah, is this on?” 

Her heart begins to race when she notices the blood smears on the strangers lab coat and the weapon he held in his hands. Warnings are set off and she immediately knows that she wouldn’t want to go near this man. 

After processing the information she just learned. Nothing about this was exciting… Where was oni-chan… where was her friends? She hugs herself tightly and walks out of the door. Maybe someone could help her? 

All her worries are quickly melted away just as fast as they came when her eyes are set upon the bustling city. Her eyes widen and as she looks around. This was nothing like her home town! There was so many people, so many lights! Without looking she starts to blindly walk into the crowd, that is until she bumps into someone. 


"Gomen!" She bows a few times.


SeptSST introduction

Not late yet NOT LATE YET

Hii. So basically that ^ is me in a nutshell. I’m Phoe and usually hella stressed, hella excited and often late. I joined Tumblr about two years or so ago to win back a friend (it worked yayyy).

Essential things about me! First the positive:

  • I’m studying to become a vet and after 5 years am almost done! Going to graduate in spring! :)
  • Though I’m young, I’ve worked in 5 GPs by now and am well-travelled. Earlier this year I surrounded the world and stopped in cool places like Tasmania, Bondi, Maui… but I’ve really always traveled and it’s an essential part of who I am! c:
  • I love many sports, but if I had to chose one out of them all it would be skiing. I can ski since I can walk and I wouldn’t want to give it up for anything :)
  • I am an artist! Woo

And the negative :c

  • I have very little time for friends and family
  • I struggle(d) with eating disorders since a while, especially since 2/2013 and again in 4/2014
  • I’m really really REALLY impatient
  • I don’t usually think well of myself and absolutely hate photographs I’m on, especially in jeans or when I’m smiling
  • I have a tendency to get jealous :c
  • I MISSED A CHANCE TO BE WITH THE PERSON I’M IN LOVE WITH this is like the most sucky thing about my life right now
  • I have 12 major exams lined up from October to March

I can’t really think of much else! Except I am really talkative as well and I love babbling about unfair things and politics and animal rights but also blockbuster movies and Harry Potter and really, I just love conversationnn c: So yeah! I hope you can support my silly ass, my lovely secret supporter, and then we can be bffs or I will possibly drive you insane (I hope not). x Phoe

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Thanks to ’Squirrel On A Wire’ for the video and ‘Rad Star’ for the post on Tumblr

Basically just the Star vs. The Forces of Evil clip itself (not one small segment from the hour long Gravity Falls panel)


Steven Universe - Intro (Arabic)

Steven Universe premiered today (August 3rd) on Cartoon Network Arabic.

[More intros in different languages]