I sang live on the show I think maybe a total of 4 times. I did it for Teenage Dream, I did it for Against All Odds and Suddenly Seymour and.. No I think that’s it. But with Suddenly Seymour that was the first song I recorded for the final season with Lea, and I loved how it turned out, I love that song and it was special for me and Lea because we’re both Broadway fans, so that’s a big Broadway number. So I loved how it turned out, I loved.. You know, you’ll go into the studio and you’ll sing it a certain way and then you hear it, it sounds better than when you did and you’re just « Yes! This is great ». And so they asked me to sing it live, I was like « No, the recording is so good, please don’t make me sing it live cause if I do then people won’t hear the recording cause nobody fucking buy these songs anymore. So I really want people to hear this.“ So, again, I’m happy to help out, I try to be a team player but that was one instance where I was like « Ugh, man! », like, cause I sang the first verse live and I really wish that we could just play the track cause I really like the track.
—  Darren on singing live on the show

The Making of a Showstopper: a look behind the scenes of creating the Bohemian Rhapsody performance

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Harry Shum Jr.: Rehearsal footage from the archives! This one is from #Glee when Ryan asked me to do a dance solo. I chose Jack Johnson’s “Bubble Toes” because I loved the heavy drums that he used and the melody had heaps of levels to play around with. The tie bit (my fav part) was cut out from the episode because apparently it was too long. #ZachWoodleeIsTheCameraMan #SorryForFuzzyVideo #ItWasntMyCamera #ThatMopWasHot #ButWasTooBony


Jonathan Groff. For a non-trained dancer, it’s amazing that he doesn’t need to be shown 5 times, it’s just really, really natural, and it’s amazing that he has no technical training, like these dancers who had for 20 years. That’s the incredible part. It’s not that it’s an actor doing it, it’s that he just does it like the dancers do so well. So it makes him being in Vocal Adrenaline so easy, since this is such an intense group. You know these dancers are doing crazy, crazy checks, and he just pops in like, “I can do this.”

We throw him in a group of 23 professional dancers and are doing pretty advanced lifts, I definitely get scared when I see some of them. And he doesn’t have any sort of panic, and there’s never very much like “Oh but me - what am I -?” He will make it work. The way he approaches things is very like, strategic. He sees it and he knows exactly how he can make that work.

Glee choreographers Zach Woodlee and Brooke Lipton on working with Jonathan Groff on the epic Bohemian Rhapsody number