Rap Monster talks about the diss tracks between him and iKON's Bobby

In the song “Come Here”, a part of Bobby’s lyrics are, “They call me a monster, I never called myself that. If talent were looks, I’m Won Bin in front of bulletproof glass”. Fans wondered if these lyrics were in reference to BTS, and more specifically, Rap Monster, because of the word ‘bulletproof’ [aka’bangtan’ in Korean], and the mention of ‘monster’.

Rap Monster said, “I always listen to new music, and famous rappers worked on the song, so I knew about it. There was a rhyme in the song that made me think that they were talking about me, so I figured I should have some sort of a feedback.”

He replied at the ‘2014 MAMA’, saying, “Put your guard up and try to keep up, rapper. You’re a tone-deaf rapper”. He explained that the rap was more of a feedback than a diss toward a specific person, saying, “Rappers can express what they want to say through their raps. They know how to put how they feel into figures of speech. I just put my thoghts and feelings into the song. If it was diss, it would’ve been more direct and aggressive. There was a jab my way, so I sent one back. If there was an uppercut, there might have been a problem, but it’s not like we have bad feelings to each other.”

On diss battles, he said, “I think the culture itself is very exciting and good. Of course, it’s not good to just demean and attack others, but I think it’s good that people take interest in hip hop and listen to music again through the situations.”

On his ‘2014 MAMA’ stage, he said, “Since we’re not going to grab each other’s throats and fight, we gain a lot from something like this. After the feedback, I had absolutely no regrets. I think I expressed myself well within the boundaries I had.” He added, “After the ‘MAMA’ stage when [BTS] was walking off stage and [Bobby] was getting on stage, we met. He referred to the part I did and told me I did well. I told him that he did well, too, and we high-fived each other. But we’re actually not that close, haha.”

telling an uneducated swine that you like kpop
  • Person 1:I actually really like kpop
  • Person 2:lol
  • Person 1:what?
  • Person 2:Isn't Korea like that place with kim jong dude?
  • Person 1:That's North Korea, kpop is from South Korea.
  • Person 2:It's still Korean tho! How do you understand them anyway? You don't speak Korean!!!1!!
  • Person 1:Actually; North Korea might as well be a completely different country, and I don't speak Korean but it doesn't mean I can't enjoy it, and you can read subtitles, but I can also learn Korean.
  • Person 2:They can't even speak english tho, why are they coming to america if they can't even talk?
  • Person 1:Again; there are fucking subtitles you can read, you can learn how to speak Korean, AND most group have one if not more than at least one member who can speak English and can translate, and some of the members speak english once in a while for their american fans. It's no difference than an American group taking an Asian tour, do you really think they can speak Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and all of those languages that they most likely can't speak??
  • Person 2:...
  • Person 1:That's what I thought.

Pals David Tennant and Mark Gatiss - behind the scenes of The Lazarus Experiment

Excerpts from the DVD Commentary with David Tennant and Mark Gatiss:

Mark:  So, this is my Doctor Who that I’m in.
David:  Yeah!  That’s it!
Mark:  Having waited all my life.  Even before the program was on I wanted to be in it.
David:  You are one of… now there is a fact here isn’t there?  One of only 3 people to have written and appeared in Doctor Who.
<…and then Mark presents an argument that one of those gentlemen doesn’t count because it wasn’t a speaking part, making him only the 2nd writer to have also acted in an episode>

[Discussing the scene after Lazarus falls to his death on the floor of the cathedral]
Mark:  Now your shoe is about to come down just in time…
Mark and David: OOOHHHH!!!
David:  It’s only a naked man!
Mark:  Was that a first?
David:  Is it?  No, I think John Barrowman was the first naked man in Doctor Who, but I think you can only be the second.
Mark:  Oh, I’m sick of this!  Second.. or third… or not even that!  What’s going on?
David: <Squeaks with laughter> You’re the first writer who has also appeared in the show who is also naked.
Mark:  Brilliant!
David:  That is definitely you