Au meme: You’re a singer and today is your first concert. You’re friends with Harry Styles, Ashton Irwin and James Maslow . Secretly, all the guys are in love with you and try to win you.
Part 1

Reaction to walking in on you changing:

James: James and you would both be a bit startled at first but then he would casually take off his shirt saying, “why don’t you just not get changed?”. 

Carlos: Carlos would walk in the room, saying “it was an accident I swear!”. He was like a deer in head lights, just staring at you. Finally speaking up, he said, “woah”.

Logan: Logan would walk in on you changing, jumping more then you did. You played it off saying, “you like what you see?”. He took a moment to respond before saying, “very much”.

Kendall: Kendall would walk into the room as you were still in your bra and underwear, causing you to jump and tell him to cover his eyes. “Fine, fine!”. He sat down onto the bed, with his head down, occasionally sneaking a peak.

Imagine Kendall trying to wake you up. He would start leaving kisses on your face but you still kept your eyes closed. Kendall would then nuzzle his face into the crook of your neck, trailing kisses along the tender skin as he whispered, “Sweetheart, wake up.” You would whine no and he would let out a small ‘hmm’ before he would connect your lips and massage his soft ones against yours but you still weren’t getting up. “Baby, you’ve made me resort to this,” Kendall would say before he started tickling your side, causing you to squirm away and get up as you giggled like crazy. You would then jump back onto the bed and straddle his waist as you started tickling him, causing laughs to spill out of his mouth as you said, “You so asked for this Schmidt!”

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As you get ready for a family outing, you come out to see your son sitting on Kendall’s lap in the drivers seat.

Kendall gives smile when he sees you.

“look who wants to drive already.”

“We have plenty of years to go till that happens mister.” You say to your baby boy who have a giggle as if he knew what you were saying.

Kendall chuckles as he gives you your guys son to be strapped in his car seat for you guys to be on your way to a family outing.

I'll Be Drunk, Again (Logan Smut)

I’m sorry, I don’t know what this is. 

2,000+ words of pure smut is what it is. 


You weren’t sure what your favourite thing about Logan was. Maybe it was how his dumb jokes always made you laugh, or how his thumb would stroke your cheek when the skin was tainted with soft tears, or the way he looked first thing in the morning with his hair flat, softy and messy, begging to be touched… Or maybe it was the way he said your name when he held you, tangling your hair in his fingers as the word came from his lips in your favourite Southern twang… Wait, what was the point? Oh yes, your favourite thing about Logan.

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Lazy Day ( Kendall Imagine )

You're sitting at home when you get a text from Kendall. He has been your boyfriend for a couple weeks now, and you have hung out almost constantly. 

Kendall : Hey sweetheart you wanna come over? :)

You : Is your mom and dad home? 

Kendall : Just my mom why?

You : I’m going to take longer getting ready then. I need to look presentable! :)

Kendall : Oh no darling you're not allowed in this house if you aren’t wearing PJ’s. 

You : But Kendall I don’t want to meet your mom for the first time in PJ’s!

Kendall : Yes you are just don’t worry about it she will love you! Just come over! 

You : Ugh fine! You owe me big time! 


You arrive at Kendalls house, and ring the doorbell  To your surprise Kendall’s mom opens the door, and your face goes completely red.

“Hi dear i’ve heard so much about you i’m Kendall’s mom Kathy,” she pulls you into a quick hug and releases you.

You introduce yourself, “It’s nice to meet you Mrs. Schmidt,” she shakes her head, “Oh please dear call me Kathy.”

She leads you into the living room which is dark except for a small light , “I’m going to guess you all are having a movie day.” You smile and she turned to you, “Did he force you to wear PJ’s?

Just then Kendall walks in with a bowl of popcorn, "Yes I did force her to wear PJ’s, but it’s for her own good.”

Kathy rolls her eyes and walks up to Kendall, “You be nice K3,” she kisses Kendall on the cheek, “shes very beautiful and she looks like a keeper to me,” you blush and he smiles at you.

“It was nice to meet you Kathy,” she turns towards you, “It was nice to meet you too and I hope to see you again, maybe you can come have dinner with us when the whole family is here,” you smile, “That sounds wonderful.”

Kathy walks out of the room and Kendall jesters to the love seat that has pillows and blankets piled around it. He sits down and pats the seat next to him. You smile and take a seat close to him and looks you up and down, “You look great! I love your PJ’s,” you smile and blush, “You don’t look that bad yourself.”

You and Kendall get set up stacking pillows around you, and Kendall pulls a blanket over both of you and puts his arms behind you wrapping it around your waist gently brushing his fingers on your side where your shirt came up slightly. You smirk at him, “So what movie are we going to watch first?”

He shoots you that half smile that makes you melt further in his arms, “We are going to watch one of my favorite movies!” he turns on the TV and Spiderman is on the screen. 

You look at him nervously, “I’ve never seen this,” Kendall looks down at you shocked, “Well this needs to happen now then, because you are missing out!" 

While the movie is playing, Kendall is rubbing his calloused finger rhythmically on the side where your shirt is lifted. You can't concentrate while his messing with your side, so you turn your attention to him. He is mesmerized into the movie and you can see his lips quoting the movie. You and Kendall have kissed a couple times, but only quick pecks. He catches you staring at his amazing features, "You know,” he points to the screen, “the movie is that way,” you blush and turn back towards the movie. He leans down and kisses your temple his lips lingering there, and it makes your get goose bumps on your arms. He notices the goose bumps, “You cold?" 

You nod, "Here I got an idea to make us more comfortable,” he reaches on the side of the loveseat and it reclines. You both stretch out your legs and lay back. Kendall pulls you close and you rest your head on his chest, “This is nice,” you say and holds your hand that is resting on his chest. 

Just then a pig and a dog come running in and the dog jumps on the couch, and Kendall picks up the pig. “Who are these cuties?” you ask as the dog snuggles onto your lap. 

Kendall smiles and pets the pig, “Well this is my brothers pet pig Yuma, and that is Sissy.”  You reach over and pet Yuma, “What made him get a pig?” He smirks, “Well he just wanted something different that a lot of household people don’t have.” You smile and pet sissy who is cuddling on your lap, “Well I think thats awesome and sissy here is adorable,” Kathy then walks in, “Sorry K3 I let them in and they just came sprinting in,” she turns towards you, “They absolutely love new people." 

Kendall smiles, "It’s ok mom, not a biggie she loves animals, but will you take them so we can finish the movie, please?” Kathy nods, “Yeah sure sweetie,” she calls sissy and Kendall puts down Yuma and they go back into the kitchen. Kendall lays back down and you look back down at him, “Why does your mom call you K3?" 

He chuckles and pulls you down next to him, "Oh it’s just because my brothers names start with K’s too, and i’m the third,” you smile, “That’s pretty cool, but I bet she had a handful.” Kendall smiled, “Yeah, but she loves me the most because i’m the baby of the group, so I got away with a lot." 

He kisses your forehead and you both continue watching the movie, but Kendall starts to play footsie with you. You're laying sideways and your leg on top falls between Kendall’s, and he is laying on his back. 

On the screen it’s on the part where Spider Man is upside down in the rain and Mary Jane is kissing him. You look up at Kendall and he is looking down at you, and his lips connect with yours. Kendall cups your face with his hand trying to pull you closer to him. This kiss with Kendall is different, more passionate, Kendall’s tongue traces your bottom lip and you open your mouth to let him in. Kendall rolls over, not breaking the kiss, so that you are on your back and he is hovering over you. His hand that was cupping your face slides down your side and brushes your bare skin. You bring your hands up to either side of his face while your tongue explores his mouth. You wrap your arms around his neck running your fingers through his hair, and you both break away catching your breath. Kendall smiles and brushes a piece of hair out of your face, "Well that escalated a little quicker than I expected,” you both laugh Kendall lays back onto his back and you snuggle up close to him gently kissing neck, as he gently rubs his finger up and down your back under your shirt.

You look up at him and you kiss once again, gently and quickly, and you lay back down. Being so comfortable both of you fall asleep on the loveseat and the credits roll on the screen. 

Kathy walks in, “Hey Kendall I,” she stops and notices both of you on the couch sleeping. She smiles and walks over to the both of you and covers the both of you with the blanket. She kisses Kendall on the forehead, and then brushes your hair out of your face, then walks back into the kitchen letting you all get some rest.