Cool little shape on Phil! I really think the silhouette of a men’s cut makes or breaks the look… More often than not I’m focusing on the bone structure rather than the hair itself… It’s amazing how much you can manipulate a mans face shape working this way… #morrismotley#barber#gentleman#barberlife#melbourne#melbournehairdresser#australia#haircare#btc_pics#bespoke#mensfashion#pomade #hair #hairproduct

Hi salamat sa mga taong patuloy na nagfofollow tho i barely blog na here lol just wanna say hi and god bless but gusto ko magkwento. Like fudgeee tapos na ako sa script and monitoring, ang tatapusin ko na lang within this sem is yung final req namin sa radio perf which is yung 5-min radio drama fck, then yung final exam namin kay clang clang btch and yung airing namin this coming sat lol yaaaaas. Tas this week yata punta na kaming love desserts wt mah friends mygieee i’m excited as hell. Then lapit na rin ng debut ko fota i want i want i want sana na punuin nila mommah yung shelf ko but so impossible so impossible so impossible hu hu i cri but yeah be contented i’ll have a mini celeb in our home shetx i’ll invite mah bae who laughs his ass off when we’re seeing each other like gahd ur a jerk but i love u tho. I wish i could say that to him but nahhh just bye you idiot lels.

childofthefireandthestorm said:

ooh for the Ask Meme... hmm... Rose Tyler? ;)


how i feel about this character

At first I was ambivalent towards her, and then I was angry at her treatment of Mickey (even though Mickey was annoying but of course he was! she left him out of the loop!) but then she suddenly became So Much to me. I fell in love with her when the Doctor took her to see the last days of the Earth, and how sad she was, sitting there. She was so human, and I had rarely found a sci-fi character who was actually sad about her home and was thinking about her family, her mortality, what time travel meant for her timeline. It was great.

all the people i ship romantically with this character

the doctor, but only versions 9 and 10 (9 more than 10 though)

my non-romantic otp for this character

Donna and Martha, obvs. Also Sarah Jane.

my unpopular opinion about this character

Hmmm. Welllll, I think she would have accepted 10.2 as he is on his own, not as the doctor version 2, pretty quick. I don’t know if that’s an unpopular opinion, but I’ve read a lot of angst where she keeps expecting him to be the Doctor for a long, long time. Like, it’s a recurring issue in their relationship and…nah. She’s pretty quick.

one thing i wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon.

Nada. I love her arc completely. 

give me a character!

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Bitcoin Ponzi Scheme Perpetrator Fined $40 Million

A Texas man charged with defrauding consumers through an illicit investment vehicle has been ordered to pay more than $40m in fines by a federal judge.

The Thursday ruling brought to close a case launched last July that drew headlines at a time when many in the mainstream US media were only first learning about bitcoin and its related technology.

Trendon Shavers, the founder and operator of Bitcoin Savings and Trust (BTCST) had reportedly accrued more than 700,000 BTC in customer funds, worth roughly $64m at the time of his arrest.

US Magistrate Judge Amos Mazzant wrote:

“The uncontested summary judgment evidence establishes that Shavers knowingly and intentionally operated BTCST as a sham and a Ponzi scheme, repeatedly making misrepresentations to BTCST investors and potential investors concerning the use of their bitcoins, how he would generate the promised returns, and the safety of the investments.”

Notably, many subsequent government warnings by US regulators, both on the state and local levels, cautioned against bitcoin’s potential use in Ponzi schemes.

Nonetheless, Shavers’ actions were widely denounced in the community, including the Bitcoin Foundation‘s general counsel Patrick Murck.

Legal findings

Judge Mazzant found that Shavers violated securities laws by selling fraudulent bitcoin investments to consumers and using the funds of new investors to reimburse older investors.

Shavers, who was not represented by a lawyer during the trial, countered these allegations by arguing that BTCST was not subject to US securities laws that prohibit Ponzi schemes, due to the fact that bitcoin is not considered money under federal law.

Judge Mazzant ruled differently, ultimately determining that investments made to BTCST met all the requrements of investment secuities and therefore were subject to their related laws.

Shavers was eventually charged with violating anti-fraud and securities laws in a complaint filed in the US District Court Eastern District of Texas.

Calculating the damages

Perhaps most notable were the methods the US court used to calculate the damages in the case, given that the price of bitcoin is prone to fluctuations.

The fine was determined based on the average daily price of bitcoin on 26th August, 2012 when the scheme was uncovered, and includes $38.6m in profits BTCST earned fraudulently, associated interest of $1.8m as well as a $150,000 civil fine awarded to Shavers.

At a press time price of $399.02, the 700,000 BTC Shavers earned from investors is worth roughly $279m.

Image via Shutterstock