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MAPS IndieGogo Campaign
Help Complete a study needed to make psychedelic therapy a legal treatment

Government-approved research is showing that psychedelic therapy can help people suffering from serious mental health conditions, especially those for whom other treatments have failed. The world’s largest-ever clinical trial of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is almost complete, and the results will help make MDMA-assisted psychotherapy the first legal psychedelic treatment by 2021.

We need your help to complete this study and legalize psychedelic therapy.

MAPS has already raised over $1.3 million for this study through contributions from individuals, private foundations, and our previous crowd-funding campaign. We’re asking you to help us raise the remaining $50,000.

Pravana Show Us Your Vivids
Hair and MUA: Jessica Snow @wildrootsjs
Model: Crystal Marie @crystal_instafied
Photographer: Edwin Munt @edwinlmunt

A couple of my favorite images from the shoot! Can’t get enough 😊💕 #showusyourvivids #pravana #pinkhair #purplehair #colormelt #modernsalon #beautylaunchpad #nofilter #behindthechair #hairbrained #btcpics @crystal_instafied @edwinlmunt @modernsalon @behindthechair_com @hairbrained_official

So I got tagged

by Thia and Satanthor (too bad, I cannot re-tag you D: ), so here we go:

Name: Marina
Nickname: Lolle, Nen
Birthday: November 13th, 1992
Gender: female

Sexuality: queer. probably bi-romantic or bisexual, I don’t know. And don’t care for a label. Not totally hetero, definitely, even though I guess I’ll end up in a relationship with a man, as I cannot imagine another relationship with a woman anymore.
Height: 165 cm (5’5”)
Time Zone: GMT + 2:00 (wow I had to google that)
What time and date is it there: August 30th, 9:50 PM
Average hours of sleep I get each night: 6-10 hours
The last thing I Googled was: “how to wash my bra’s without a washing mashine”
My most used phrase(s): “fuck”, “shit”, “oh yes”, “it’s okay” “no homo”

First word that comes to mind: ‘Change’
What I last said to a family member: “I love you, see you soon again.”
One place that makes me happy & why: my bed, I feel save and sound and have nice memories atached to it ♥
How many blankets I sleep under: mostly just one
Favorite beverage(s): coffee (with milk) ♥
The last movie I watched in the cinema: Maleficient
Three things I can’t live without: Appreciation; Improvement; Love
Something I plan on learning: How to not care too much about what others think and instead, focussing on who I am, who I want to be and how to achieve that
A piece of advice for all my followers: Don’t compare yourself to others so much. It doesn’t matter whether someone is better at something than you are; or if someone has bigger problems than you. If you want a challenge, try to become a better version of yourself. But you have your own pace, and that’s totally fine.

You all have to listen to this song: Maria Mena - Homeless

My blog(s): - Personal Blog, junk, social issues like feminism, racism etc. - Food and Fitness Blog

I tag: captainpixieplease, feminismandtea, queen—-beee, ima-boss-ass-btch, amazetherunner, anatomy-of-recovery, tribalyogini, erinrianna, hardfacequeen, lady-belmont

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