Attention all Mindcrack fans.

I am looking to find the best 10 Mindcrack videos ever made. My friend wants to get into Mindcrack and I think this will be the best way, by showing her what the fandom thinks the best is. So, reblog/send me a message and link what you think is the best Mindcrack video ever made - that can a building game (it’s okay if it includes non-Mindcrackers, i.e. Bluebayou, Chad, etc), FLOB episode, UHC finale, whatever. I want to hear what you guys think because everyone has a different opinion and it would be much more awesome if we all could come together to find the best vids instead of me slaving to find them. Thanks in advance!!

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1. Favorite band/singer? Well, I have so many, but I’d probably pick Seether right now :3

2. Favorite TV show? Supernatural, forever and always♡♡

3. My Chemical Romance or Fall Out Boy? Fall Out Boy definitely.

4. Black or red? Both, best combination ever.

5. Crowley or Abbadon? Crowley. Always. Crowley.

6. Watch Doctor Who? Yesssssss~

7. Inspirations? Misha Collins inspires me so much.

8. Favorite comic? Probably The Walking Dead.

9. Angels or demons? Angels. Castiel is my babe.

10. Drawing or writing? Hell, I do both. :3


1. DC Comics or Marvel?

2. Are you apart of Team Free Will?

3. Which angel from Supernatural is your favorite?

4. Have you ever heard of the 2000-2002 show called Dark Angel starring Jensen Ackles?

5. What’s your blog about?

6. What do you wanna do for your occupation/career?

7. Have you ever been to a Con? If so, please explain what you saw/did there.

8. Do you have any pets? Their names?

9. Do you watch any anime? Which ones?

10. Do you have any favorite actors/actresses?

11. Can we be friends (if not already?) :D?


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