See these assholes?

On Saturday I was at BST. There were LOADS of guys peeing all about the place as the loos were busy. Off to the side, a girl went behind a big dumpster to take a pee. I was sitting nearby. There were 3 men behind me, two beside me, 3 in front of me. That’s 3 groups of men, separate groups. The ones behind me were closest to the dumpster. When they saw the girl peeing, they took out a mobile phone and started FILMING HER. When she saw, she and her friend stopped and were extremely upset. The guys were laughing. I turned around and told them that what they were doing is seriously fucked up and perverted, and I tried to swipe the phone. The guys next to them were asking to see the video. They were ALL talking about the porn they had watched of women peeing. I said, “you’re all sick, woman-hating fucks who get off on humiliating girls.” EVERY. SINGLE. GUY. EVERY one around agreed that since she did it somewhere where she could be seen, she “had it coming.” I told them that they sound exactly like a pack of rapists who tell women in short skirts that they had it coming too. I said that there were loads of guys peeing out in the open, and that no-one was filming or trying to humiliate them, and that this poor girl could have her future career destroyed because of one silly drunk thing she did which actually didn’t hurt anyone at all. I was fucking LIVID. No-one stepped in. No-one said shit. All these men banded together, laughing at this girl, passing around the video, talking about piss porn and “stupid bitches getting it out in public.”

You see it when they get together - the pack mentality takes over and they show their true colours - they literally do not believe women are human. And given any opportunity to humiliate, harm, or rape us they would, with glee. And security? Of course they were nowhere to be seen.

Men - as women we have NO WAY of being able to tell that the men we are friends with, that we date, that we encounter in everyday life are not exactly like these guys when we are not around. It’s fucking terrifying. And when you see that the vast majority will join in, and whichever men are left will just stay silent, it paints a pretty clear picture of how you guys feel about us, and what our chances of being safe with pretty much any man truly are. Please, tell me how and why I should not fear all men as potential rapists when on a regular basis, they prove to me that there’s a really, really good chance that they are!?!?

Someone has got to get their hands on the monitor feed from the Hyde Park show. I mean - it exists. We know it’s amazing & in lieu of a concert film it might be the only documentation in existence.


Dougie singing ‘The National Anthem’ @ BST, Hyde Park 06.07.2014