Whats my damage? My damage is that I avoid mirrors at all costs because I can’t stand to look at the curve in my nose that resembles yours and because I don’t even recognize who’s looking back at me anymore. My damage is I chew my nails to the core instead of negatively taking my emotions out on myself. My damage is that leaving my house has become a chore and I’m looked at as lazy because of it. My damage is that I’ll never match my socks until I’ve met my match yet the word match describes a perfect pair but they’ll eventually go up in flames and be burned. My damage is I’m afraid of commitment since I’ve experienced too much loss and my damage is that I’m sixteen years old and I feel there’s already too much wrong with this world that I’m afraid to grow up in. My damage is that there are so many people in the world struggling to go on everyday yet not many people are willing to lend a hand. My damage is that I’m allowed to stay home when I’m sick, but not when my brain is.
—  T.P.R