If you’ve been following me on tumblr for a while then you’ll know that my boyfriend recently got head-hunted by Rockstar to work at Rockstar North in Edinburgh, where I currently live!

He moved from Glasgow to Edinburgh recently and now has the most amazing job ever. Also, he’s closer to me!

To show how proud of him I was I organised I little Rockstar themed get-together.

I asked Danielle to make a cake of the logo (the icing attempts were funny xD) with me helping and I made decorations on photoshop, etc.

I asked people to come either as an actual character or to come with their outfit based off a character or one of the games.

Hopefully he knows how proud of him I really am. Even though he’s not allowed to tell me anything about GTAV, I still love him and am so happy he has a job which he so rightly deserves!

(The poor half inflated shark is one of those Air Swimmers. Originally I was going to properly set it up but I ran out of helium! I did still put the shark warning from the Vice City manual on the door!)


He got head hunted, didn’t even apply.

Rockstar North is 10 minutes from my flat meaning I get to see more of him as he lives in Glasgow.


So proud.

Also had a nerdgasm.

He helps run the biggest con in Scotland and works for my favourite game company.

I’m one lucky nerd and lady. 


Me and my boyfriend today were talking about love letters, and how I thought they were cheesy, yadda yadda. He said that he’d written me one and that I already had it, that it was in amongst one of my Christmas presents.

The only present I thought could hold a piece of paper was the cel he got me of Venkman from the 80’s Ghostbusters cartoon. (I’m a huge Ghostbusters fan.)

I opened up the back and there it was! Along with the train ticket he used to see me for our first date and the receipt for the nachos he bought us at the end of our date.

I just got home from spending two weeks with him in Glasgow (he lives there, I live in Edinburgh) and I don’t think it was possible to miss him more, until now. 


From finally reading One Piece, I love that each character has their ‘treasure’, and rather than being the obvious (gold, money), it’s something that means a lot to them and that they’d protect no matter what.

So then I got thinking, what’s my treasure?

My signed Owen Pallett ticket? My teddy bear I’ve had since I was born?

Well, the pictures above are of me and my treasure.

Cheesy post is cheesey.
Also ignore my flabby arms.

I need to get my hair done, STAT!

And I could afford it if I didn’t spend so much on wigs and the likes. I should just wear one of them..

From our Valentine’s Day. :D
(Which was actually the 10th of Feb for us!) 

I asked Bryan to draw me a wee doodle to cheer me up. He used to send me a lot of them now and then, not had one for a while.

I think he was saving up all his awesome-ness for this one as it’s just perfect! ♥

Thee best cheer up. It’ll also be my face when I sing ‘Drops of Jupiter’ by Train for my exam as it’s one of my pieces.