Mads: I’ve been sent a few knives in the post. I was asked to sign them and I did. I mean dramatically big knifes.

Bryan: That one that springs to mind has Hugh in bed. He’s lifting up the sheets and Hannibal has eaten his cock off. That one made me chuckle. I have it on my phone and show it to everyone who has even a remote interest in seeing it.  (Yep, I think this explains pretty much why is the fannibal fandom as it is.)

Mads: I’ve only read the erotic stuff… and enjoyed it tremendously. 

Bryan: I’m now trying to think where Will and Hannibal mingt run off to that would feature a lot of line dancing. Watch this space… 

Hugh: When Season 3 picks up, we’re both pining for each other.

Mads: He broke my heart.

EDIT: This is the fanart 

Can someone please add the Bedelia’s “Too sober for this shitgif? I’m too sober to make it.