"You probably heard about The Zoo Race from Jontron’s video"

1. Actually I heard about it from Brutalmoose (The most handsome game reviewer ever .3.) 


2. Where in the hell did you get that sweatshirt, sir? I’ve checked Jontron’s store and it isn’t there. Is it old? New? Exclusive? Unlicensed? WHERE can I get my hands on one?!

List of people that inspire me

spacehamsterg brutalmoose peanutbuttergamer projared nintendofanftw

because they do what they love and they pursued it due to their love of video games 

domics timecowboy alteritynuzlocke positivedoodles oddlookingbird octopuspiecomic jen-jen-rose beeandpuppycat tohdaryl

because they create amazing art that I love and I want to be able to do that one day

gayweeb bromancing-the-stone romancingthelookyloos kingorb

because they’re keep themselves fit so consistantly which is something I’ve always had a hard time doing

I hope to be more like these people in the upcoming year


This is so wonderful in so many ways that I can’t even share right now. I love it! Thanks, Nirreman!

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