Keys - One Shot

AUTHOR: christabellouise
GENRE: Fluffy
FIC SUMMARY: Isobel is forgetful, Tom decides to pay her a visit with the latest object she left behind with a slight alterior motive
RATING: M (implied smut)
WARNINGS/TRIGGERS/AUTHORS NOTES: None (apologies if there is and I haven’t picked up on it)
FEEDBACK/COMMENTS: First Tom fic I’ve written, all feedback and comments welcome <3


Keys on the kitchen surface that do not belong to me. Keys that are smeared with some kind of sticky residue… A side glance towards the rubbish bin where lay a mangled yoghurt pot lid confirms the type of sticky residue I’m looking at. But really… You forgot your keys mere moments after using them to brutalise your breakfast? I eye roll, even though there’s no one here to see it.

Courier, I’ll courier them to her (after cleaning them of soy yoghurt) like the phone she left behind that time. But… but… is she coming here later or going home? How many pairs of her shoes are by the door? Head swivel confirms none meaning she’s going home after work tonight. Scratch head, call her? No, boil kettle and decide, she’s not screaming for them meaning she’s been able to get in to her office. An office I haven’t seen yet…

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anonymous asked:

I am loving this blog so much, you just write so well for all of these characters (I'm quiet jealous actually lol). :) I especially loved that last ask you did about the SO being tortured.. (I'm just in an angst mood for some reason) Might I request the same scenario but with Yomo witnessing his SO being tortured?

(Thank you so much! ‘7’ I am glad that the way I write the characters is okay. owo [I am assuming you mean either this post or this one?])

It was the last thing Yomo would have ever wanted to witness; it was the last thing he would ever want to happen to significant other. The horrendous manner in which they were being brutalised was beyond disturbing, to say the least. A wave of sickness came over Yomo as he heard his significant other’s painfilled sobs.

Yomo hoplessly fought back against the grip that restricted him, but it was simply no use. He could do nothing but watch as his significant other was put through extreme amounts of distress and harm.

The sight was enough to even make the usually calm and composed Yomo lose his mind. With a loud, desperate hollar, his anger, frustration and sorrow all surfaced. How could this be happening?

thesixpennybook replied to your post:Obviously, attacking literal children for nothing…

I’ve got to say it troubles me how many women think letting misogyny from teenage boys go is fine. teenage boys are already consciously brutalising their female peers.

Absolutely. Even teenage girls, too. Some of the most racist, homophobic bullies I had growing up were teenage girls. But no one wanted to call them out because “kids will be kids” and they’ll “grow out of it.” No one just magically stops being an asshole without a learning experience. 

reminder: please tag antiblack violence

i know it’s important to spread the word but i really don’t need to see brutalised black people on my dash unexpectedly

My dad suggested something to me earlier to draw portraits of the people who were in Auschwitz and I thought it was an amazing idea like it’d be something I could use in a portfolio or to raise awareness of it maybe

But now I just saved a bunch of pictures for my references, and I saved them as the numbers of each prisoner and something hit me as I did it, particularly looking at the pictures of young girls. 

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i saw a guy get aggressive towards his female partner today. he made a sudden move to hit her and she flinched. i crossed the street to follow them and make sure he didn’t hurt her. he kept going to hold her around the waist as they walked but she didn’t want him to. when i got close enough i was like “hey are you from around here? could you tell me where XXXX st is?” in front of the guy and she was like yeah go this way and i asked her quietly if everything was alright and she said yes and i asked her if she was sure and she said yes so i said bye and i looked behind and she was pulling a face at her bf like “see i told you so” and he was looking around severely. i hope she’s okay. how are you supposed to help women you don’t know? what if he retaliated to me talking to her like that by hitting her? why do men brutalise women?

» » » P u t your hands together for the one and only IM YOONA !  Possessing the ability of FEAR EMBODIMENT, it’s only natural that they’d be in GAMMA.  Sometimes you’ll see them in the EDUCATION department, other times, working as a CHILDCARE WORKER !  

“Women like you should not be brutalised by love. You are generations of blood and fire, you are all war. Take your knees from the floor. Don’t look at him. Something violent and brutal and ugly is howling inside of you. Act like it.” — AZRA T.

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Today i got soaked and brutalised by the rought weather on the windy roads of the west coast…
…so my thoughts go to the wonderful (warm) times i had at Bay of Fires.

Certainly one of the many highlights of my #Tassie #trip.

#Adventure #explore #exploretasmania #exploreaustralia #seeaustralia #visitaustralia #visittasmania #bayoffires #travel #my_top_shots #mynikonlife #nikontop #nikonaustralia #nikkor #GiantLoop #giantloopmoto #motorbikes #ktm #ktm #ktmmotorcycles #adventuremoto #1190 (at Bay of Fires, Tasmania)

I think it's an Al name thing... If your name starts with Al you need to be murdered and your bloodied corpse brutalised and raped before being left in a ditch for your mother to find.

     FOR: areyoutellingme         ( meme. )

   The Secret Journals of Sherlock Holmes by June Thompson; pg. 17.

      “Forget about the murder for a moment, Marty. It’s not important.”

  Of course, there was a dead body — brutalised beyond recognition,
  half-decomposed already. But there was something off, something… 

  “What interests me far more is the sequence of events. They don’t
  add up.”

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Film hails Congolese surgeon’s work in mending rape victms in DRCongo

BRUSSELS, March 22, 2015:

Surgeon Denis Mukwege has treated thousands of women brutalised by rape in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, and a new film now documents his efforts to restore their shattered lives.

Belgian film maker Thierry Michel’s movie, The Man Who Mends Women — the Wrath of Hippocrates follows Mukwege’s efforts to repair the physical and psychological injuries of rape victims, and denounces routine use of sexual violence by armed forces and militia groups in eastern DRC against women.

“These rapes are weapons of war,” Michel said on the eve of his film’s world-wide debut in the Hague on Sunday.

“As the months pass by, too much violence is accumulating,” he added, describing his film as a call to the world to take note of and react to the enormous human destruction inflicted by systematic sexual violence in DRC.

The film follows the activity of gynaecologist Mukwege in the Panzi Hospital he founded in 1999, and which he has run in the South Kivu city Bukavu while conducting several surgeries on rape victims each day.

Over the years, thousands of women have been treated for anatomical and psychological injuries from violent sexual assault suffered in DRC’s volatile eastern region, where the army has been fighting rival militia groups for over a decade.

The militants vying for control of the region’s mineral wealth use rape to terrorise the local population, though members of the army are also known to have undertaken regular waves of mass sexual assault.

  ‘Weapon of war’

This month Mukwege revealed children and even babies had been discovered among the victims of systematic rape.

Mukwege’s work and Michel’s film both seek to fight back against that by focusing on the ordeals of victims.

“Women’s bodies have become a true battlefield and rape is being used as a weapon of war,” Mukwege said last November in accepting the European Parliament’s Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought.

“In every raped woman, I see my wife. In every raped mother, I see my mother and in every raped child, my own children,” he continued.

“We have spent too much time and energy fixing the consequences of violence. It is time to take care of the causes.”

The film, which Michel co-wrote with Belgian journalist Colette Braeckman, also denounces the impunity with which perpetrators of rape destroy lives, and how unchecked violence has become a point of pride among rebels and armed forces alike.

“You must kill 1,000 people to become a general in Congo,” a priest tells Michel, maker of the 1999 film Mobutu, King of Zaire.

Following its Sunday preview in the Hague — significantly, home to the International Court of Justice — The Man Who Mends Women will be shown in Brussels on March 25 and Paris March 31, before screenings in Montreal, New York, Washington and Geneva.

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Australia vs India, Cricket World Cup semi-final: live

OVER 31: IND 148/4 (Rahane 27* Dhoni 24*) Brian Charles Lara, commentating, reckons Dhoni should take the powerplay now and try to unsettle the Aussies. Not done that, but they have taken ten off this over. Dhoni brutalises the first ball back past the bowler Hazlewood, nearly terminating the umpire in the process. He also flashes a ball over the slip region last delivery of the over.

OVER 30: IND 138/4 (Rahane 26* Dhoni 15*) Watson on for a bowl. Five off the over. Sharp bouncer off the last ball. 43 balls since India scored a boundary. India need 191 runs off 120 balls.

OVER 29: IND 133/4 (Rahane 23* Dhoni 14*) The impressive, niggardly Hazlewood returns. Three runs off the over. The run rate’s over nine, and India are on the brink.

OVER 28: IND 130/4 (Rahane 23* Dhoni 11*) Another low-key over, Maxwell doing a job here. Five off it. Those two wickets from Johnson gave Clarke the luxury of fiddling through seven overs with Faulkner and Maxwell at a time when India couldn’t risk losing another.

OVER 27: IND 125/4 (Rahane 22* Dhoni 7*) Faulkner. Amazing shot from MSD, leaps in the air and plays like a tennis forehand, whipping it to leg. Heart would have been in his mouth as it soared through the air, but he’d rolled the wrists to put top-spin on it, and the ball landed safely short of the onrushing D Warner. Four runs off the over.

OVER 26: IND 121/4 (Rahane 20* Dhoni 6*) Rattling along now, quick over from Maxwell, a single off every ball.

OVER 25: IND 110/4 (Rahane 17* Dhoni 2*) Encouraging teamwork from MSD and Rahane. The junior man picks up a brace of twos off Faulkner, some excellent running. Aussies hot favourites at the halfway point. INDIA CHASING 329 

OVER 24: IND 110/4 (Rahane 13* Dhoni 1*) The main man arrives at the crease. Dhoni usually takes his time to get going. He still has just about enough time to do that. But India cannot afford any other slip ups. Some of the batting has been poor. He’s off the mark, pushing Maxwell through the covers for one.

OVER 23: IND 108/4 (Rahane 12*) Raina had a four earlier in the over but that’s neither here nor there now.

WICKET! Raina c Haddin b Faulkner 7 Oh, that’s probably the game. Raina with a loose, lazy effort, flapping at the ball and getting the edge. Sharp catch from Hadd Braddin and Faulkner has erased the memories of a poor opening spell with a handy wicket. FOW 108/4 

OVER 22: IND 102/3 (Rahane 11* Raina 2*) Four singles off the Maxwell over. They’re going to have to get after Maxwell soon, I fancy. The other possible weak link is Faulkner. Can’t see them getting too much change out of the three quickies at the moment. INDIA CHASING 329 after S Smith ton.

OVER 21: IND 98/3 (Rahane 9* Raina 0*) Bit of a) needle and b) reverse swing emerging in this over. Starc and Raina have a couple of words. Starc really busting a gut and he sends down two wide deliveries. Umpire Dharmasena has a little word in Starc’s ear at the end of the over, and the older generation might well be unimpressed by the comeback from Starc, who is making a point animatedly to the ump and waving his arms around.

OVER 20: IND 95/3 (Rahane 8* Raina 0*) Time for a change of pace, it’s the spinner Maxwell. Just one off the over, and that’ll do nicely.

OVER 19: IND 94/3 (Rahane 7* Raina 0*) Starc back on. A rare chance to get on the front foot for Rahane, as he drives Starc for a couple.

OVER 18: IND 91/3 (Rahane 4*) Hard to fancy India from here, even with the talent still to come.

WICKET! Rohit b Johnson 34 Excellent bowling from Mitch. Sharma launches him for a six over the leg side. Next ball – maybe the ticker is going, bloody pumping – Sharma is undone, playing down the wrong line. It’s a fine delivery from Mitchell, hits the seam and nibbles back, it finds the edge of Rohit’s bat and he is bowled off the edge. FOW 91/3 

OVER 17: IND 82/2 (Rohit 27* Rahane 2*) Hazlewood doing a very fine job for his side, keeping things tight and tense with a two-run over.

OVER 16: IND 80/2 (Rohit 26* Rahane 1*) Rahane comes in and is treated to a brutal delivery first up, left arm over the wicket, bouncer, would have smashed a hole through his heart. Played very well. But there are only three runs off the over and the Indians have a huge task on their hand here.

WICKET! Kohli c Haddin b Johnson 1 Bouncer! Got him! Kohli had a go at it, top edge, and he’s caught at the wicket. The pressure was building and Kohli has cracked. Mitch was on the button with the bouncer. FOW 78/2

OVER 15: IND 77/1 (Rohit 24* Kohli 1*) Hazlewood produces an excellent maiden, and the momentum is back with the Aussies. Just five runs off the last 20 balls. TV strangeness – we’ve suddenly cut away from the commentary for Ian Bishop in the studio doing a sort of Third Man analysis. Oh no! We’ve cut away from Bish in mid-sentence.

OVER 14: IND 77/1 (Rohit 24* Kohli 1*) Clarke brings Johnson back. He and Kohli have some history. Mitch opens up with a couple of short ones. Kohli deals with them well enough but cannot get the scoreboard moving.

OVER 13: IND 76/1 (Rohit 24* Kohli 0*) Just three runs and the wicket in that over.

WICKET! Dhawan c Maxwell b Hazlewood 45 Oh that’s a huge moment! Dhawan strode forward and launched the ball over the covers, it looked for all the world like a six but he picked out Glenn Maxwell, the sole man out in the deep and that is a massive win for the Aussies. FOW 76/1

This lady knows how heavy a blow that might prove.

OVER 12: IND 73/0 (Rohit 21* Dhawan 45*) Dhawan is really bringing it now. A masterclass in using the feet to dictate terms to the bowler. Lovely swing of the bat sends the ball purring back past Faulkner, now gives him the charge and plants another one down the ground. A brace of fours. 13 off the over, Australia need Dhawan out right now, and it’s hard to see Faulkner being the man to do it. What to do, Pup? INDIA CHASING 329

OVER 11: IND 60/0 (Rohit 20* Dhawan 34*) Intriguing contest between Dhawan and Mitchell Johnson. Dhawan coming across the stump, looking to work him to leg, a useful strategy but a risky one against a guy who can dish out a 150kmh toe-crushing yorker. Vicious bouncer from Mitch, Dhawan sways.

OVER 10: IND 55/0 (Rohit 19* Dhawan 32*) James Faulkner comes into the attack, not as quick as the other three bowlers used and possibly able to ask different questions. Well, it’s a poor start – a front foot no ball to begin with, and that is very naughty. On the upside, Rohit cannot get the freehit away, clonky single. But it all kicks off a rather terrible over for the Aussies. Dhawan creams him through the covers for four, helps himself to a four the ball after that, which was overpitched, and then smites him a mighty six over midwicket! 16 off the over and that bowling change has not worked AT ALL. That’s got the party started for India and their fans, who are dominating the SCG.

OVER 9: IND 39/0 (Rohit 18* Dhawan 18*) Leftie Johnson goes round the wicket angling the ball across leftie Dhawan in an attempt to bring the slips into play. Instead Dhawan just rocks onto the back foot and simply pushes the ball through the covers for four with perfect timing. And that brings an end to the round the wicket experiment.

OVER 8: IND 33/0 (Rohit 18* Dhawan 12*) Good tight contest, Hazelwood with accurate lines, the batsmen watchful and Dhawan trying to give the bowler something to think about by moving his feet and upsetting his length, but all in all, a draw in this three-run over.

OVER 7: IND 30/0 (Rohit 18* Dhawan 10*) Mitchell Johnson into the attack. And Mitchell Johnson murdered over deep backward square for a six! Dug in short, Rohit rocked back and played an absolute peach of a hook, ten rows back. Mitch gives him A Look. Length next ball, let through. And indeed, four dots follow that six, which is the only contribution to the score in this over.

OVER 6: IND 24/0 (Rohit 11* Dhawan 10*) Dhawan, who is starting to get his feet moving, comes down the track and plants it through the covers for two. Four off the over.

OVER 5: IND 20/0 (Rohit 11* Dhawan 7*) A big, although I have to say, hopeless shout for lbw as Mitchell Starc hits Dhawan on the boot. Clearly going down leg. Sharma gets a three to leg, but there are only five in the over.

OVER 4: IND 15/0 (Rohit 8* Dhawan 6*) Hazelwood tries to bowl it short, but Dhawan’s onto it in a flash and he’s smashed that for four. Now Dhawan comes down the pitch and attacks, big swing of the bat and an edge. Flies at a nice height between keeper and slip, Haddin dives to get it. The ball into the glove and out again. A surprising drop!

OVER 3: IND 9/0 (Rohit 7* Dhawan 1*) Rohit not settled at all. Starc lets slip a full toss which he really ought to put away, but instead finds the fielder. Just a single for that and a bye in the over, Starc getting it up to 150kmh.

OVER 2: IND 7/0 (Rohit 6* Dhawan 1*) A tighter over from bat and ball as Dhawan takes a single before Rohit and Hazlewood spar without either landing a big blow. Rohit gloves a short ball over Haddin’s head for two, BBH tries to run back and get it but is always second fave.

OVER 1: IND 4/0 (Rohit 4* Dhawan 0*) Right on the button first ball, and Rohit launches an expansive drive at the ball, missing it totally. Next ball lifts sharply off a good length and is left alone. Blocks the next one, quick. Fourth ball, full and wide, Rohit has a go at that and there’s an edge. Watson clings on very low at second slip but he’s not exactly celebrating. He sort of holds the ball up slightly sheepishly. It’s given not out. But we’re going to need another look at this. The umpires want their TV colleague to take a look. TV ump Marais Erasmus ordering up the angles and new shots like a movie director! “Get me the angle from point… split screen.. rock and roll that…”

Anyway, it’s not out. That picture above is the killer. All the others were very unclear. To be fair to the Aussies, they didn’t ‘claim’ it as such. Rohit spanks the next ball away for four. Edges the last ball of the over as well, but short of the slips.

07.42 Here come the two sides, then. Rohit doing some stretching, fiddling around in the crease, preparing himself, nervous energy. Shikhar more languid, at the non-striker’s end, hardly moving. It’ll be Mitchell Starc to bowl the first over.

07.35 Watching these two sides, it really brings it home to you how far behind England are. In fact, it’s not even that we are behind. We are playing a different sport to the top teams. Ravi Bop sums it up nicely, as he says England one-day cricket is so very, very English

07.32 Almost a home fixture for India, predicted here as India fans take over Sydney for Cricket World Cup semi-final

07.30 Here’s Shane Warne

It’s a pretty good total. Australia looked like they might get 400 when Maxwell got going. But some good captaincy from Dhoni, some moves that came off. And then the last few overs. I reckon par is 300, 310 here. The start will be key. If Australia get a couple early I don’t see India getting near. Those runs might help Mitchell Johnson, he’s not been at his best but he is a real confidence player. Australia have inflicted a summer of pain on India and they could start thinking “oh no, here we go again” if they lose wickets early on.

While we get ready for the reply, have a look at some news from around the cricketing world, where Pietersen signs with Surrey as he eyes England call

INDIA NEED 329 TO WIN In the Sky studio, VVS says “it could have been worse”. They were looking at 350-plus when Smith and Finch were at it, and then when Maxwell came in and was bashing it. But the Indians fought back well, taking regular wickets until Mitchell Johnson whacked a few at the end. Gut feeling is that 328 is probably going to be enough for Australia, maybe 310 was the magic mark. But with Dhoni and co, you never know.

All this graph really tells you is how much ODI cricket has changed. I think India are probably second favourite, but only just. 55-45 to the Aussies?

OVER 50: AUS 328/7 (Haddin 7* Johnson 27*) Another very useful over, and Mitchell Johnson has done his country proud – while Virat K has dropped a CLANGER! Just three off the first two balls of the over, and then Haddin misreads a slower ball and flaps it to midwicket. Kohli comes racing in and gets both hands to a tough low chance… and drops it! Oh no. Oh, Virat. Next ball is a full toss, idiot, and Mitch has sent that on its merry way for four. Sharma with the slower ball now, but clever old Mitch is ready and waiting and he’s bashed that over cow for six. Can only get one off the last ball, but that has been a brilliant little bonus for the Aussies, Mitch has spanked 27 from just nine balls and that could well be too many.

OVER 49: AUS 313/7 (Haddin 6* Johnson 13*) Shami. Starts with a dot. Now Haddin donks one down the ground, sets off, stops, hesitates, yes no sorry. Mitch running to the danger end. Gets home just. 300 is up, no team has done that in a WC semi before. And Mitchell Johnson is going to have a say! He’s picked up three fours in his first three balls. Slap! Over mid on. Thump! Over mid off, that was a super shot. Whiff! Back over the keeper’s head with a top edge. A mixture of heart, skill and luck, and that’s a big, big over. 14 off it and India are going to have a heck of a chase here, no matter what happens in the last over. That will be bowled by Mohit Sharma, interesting choice, I was thinking Yadav.

OVER 48: AUS 299/7 (Haddin 5* Johnson 0*) Both teams trading blow then, this is exciting, macho, high class one day cricket and it’s anybody’s guess who is going to win this match. Clever cricket off the last ball of the over, slower ball, Haddin reads it, opens the face, gets a single to a well placed third man, who had been brought up to counter just such a shot. It’s just like not watching England.

WICKET! Watson c Rahane b M Sharma 28 Here comes Watto. Mohit Sharma serves up a tasty length ball outside off and there’s no way that’s not getting the treatment. Four. Second ball, he tries another big shot and there’s a top edge… it lands JUST safe over square leg. Lucky blighter. Two runs. Mohit not having much of a time of it in this over, he’s now tried a short ball, no use at this pace and Watto’s had his way with that one. Four through midwicket. but Mohit has the last word! Slower ball, Watto clambers into it, hasn’t spotted the pace-off and he’s dished that up, right down the throat of the man in the deep and that’s the end of that. FOW 298/7 

OVER 47: AUS 288/6 (Watson 18* Haddin 4*) Brad Bloody Haddin comes in and digs out a yorker first ball, then is tucked up by a useful short ball. Savage thump off the last ball of the over, though, just drills it through mid on with brute strength.

WICKET! Faulkner b Yadav 21 A bright and breezy knock comes to an end. Second ball of the over, Faulkner slaps a ball through midwicket for four. But it’s all over, third ball of the over, he has a big yahoo at a straight one, misses it completely and there’s wicket pie all over his face. FOW 284/6

OVER 46: AUS 279/5 (Watson 17* Faulkner 17*) Sir Jadeja on for a bowl. His first ball is mashed for six over midwicket by Faulkner. Most disrespectful! But excellent comeback, varying the length, a round arm delivery, a yorker, and there are just two singles and three dots to come after the big shot. Eight from the over. India no mugs at the death. Compare England.

OVER 45: AUS 271/5 (Watson 16* Faulkner 10*) Faulkner’s average against India? Just the 124! Mohammed Shami comes on and he’s had the treatment. Watto clonks a ball for three, not quite timed but enough on it. And now Faulkner with back-to-back fours. The first one, a big slice of luck, a thin slicey edge over the keeper. But a more legit four the next ball, poor delivery, sits up and is flogged through the leg-side. Shami fights back hard with a couple of yorkers – signs of reverse swing as well, that’ll be pricking the interest of the Mitchells.

Here’s Smith making his ton earlier

OVER 44: AUS 258/5 (Watson 13* Faulkner 1*) An excellent duel between R Ashwin and S Watson. Watto beaten in the flight, looking to get after him, varying his paces, and after five balls of the over, he’s well ahead on points. Just a two down the ground to Watto and four dots. And then a massive six over cow corner off the last ball of the over. Ha. Good cricket this.

OVER 43: AUS 250/5 (Watson 5* Faulkner 1*) James Faulkner gets the nod and he comes out, a job on his hands in his role as finisher. This match right back in the balance,

WICKET! Clarke c Rohit Sharma b Mohit Sharma 10 Oooh Michael Clarke! He’ll be livid with himself. Nothing ball from Mohit, half tracker, not a bouncer, just sits up and begs. Clarke’s slapped it straight to midwicket and that’s the end of him. FOW 248/5

OVER 42: AUS 248/4 (Clarke 10* Watson 4*) But here’s that boundary! FIrst ball of the over, in fact. Jadeja darts it in on Pup’s pads, not a wise ploy, and he’s clipped that away neatly for four. Clarke and Watto starting to get busy in this over, three singles to go with the boundary. Looks like Mohit Sharma is coming on for the next over.

OVER 41: AUS 241/4 (Clarke 3* Watson 2*) Mo Shami with a very good over, excellent use of the short ball. Neither of these two men play the short ball especially well – Pup with his creaky back, Watson with his Watson-ness. A bouncer to each man, Watson ducking. Last ball of the over, Watto pings a ball out of the middle but straight to a fielder. India fighting back hard. 25 balls since the Aussies hit a boundary.

OVER 40: AUS 239/4 (Clarke 3* Watson 2*) Well those two quick wickets have certainly put things back in the balance. Jadeja keeps the pressure on with a four-run over, not a lot to hit there.