Tradition is a good place to start. There is a reason why something has been done by more than one generation, it works, at least a little bit, for some of the people. Is that a good enough reason to keep doing whatever it is? Well, no. Definitely not. Every tradition has it’s day, and then it should be evaluated to see if it really is a good way of doing (or thing to be done)

Many cultures…

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Women like you
should not be brutalised
by love. You are
generations of blood and fire,
you are all war.
Take your knees from the floor.
Don’t look at him.
Something violent
and brutal and ugly
is howling inside of you
Act like it
—  Azra.T, Olivia Pope

my-weird-thoughts asked:

Look man cisphobia is real. Now it's not as bad as transphobia but the thing is that cisphobia is growing, especially on tumblr. People think that because they're oppressed then that means that they can hate their oppressors. The bad thing about this is that not all cis are trying to oppress trans, but the cisphobics think that that's bs and you can never be helping them because you don't understand them.

who is this clown

'cisphobia is growing, especially on tumblr'. Show me the cis people killed or brutalised because they were cis. kicked out of their houses because they were cis. turned down because they were cis. misgendered by the media, played by trans people in TV and movies, given spectacularly private questions on national TV about their genitals because they're cis.

'people think that because they're oppressed then that means they can hate their oppressors.' yes you are entirely correct they think that and they are WELL within their rights to think that.

'not all cis people'— wait, hold on. lemme check my Cisphobia Bingo Card— I'm pretty damn close to a full house.

'you can never be helping them because you don't understand them'— recognise that by defending cis people you have never met, saying 'we're not all bad', you are fundamentally ignoring trans voices. you can 'never be helping them' because in a discussion about trans people, you are saying— and for full effect, I want you to read this in Linkara's grating, whiny Superboy Prime voice, 'BUT WHAT ABOUT CIIIIIS PEEEEEOPLE?'

””“”“cisphobes”“”“” think they have the right to vent about their experiences, their oppressors, on one tiny corner of the internet. You can ‘never be helping them’ because you place your own mild— and I mean salsa-marketed-to-old-people mild— offense over their safety and their right to vent.

I mean, this ask is some kind of clumsy attempt at trolling, right? Please tell me the next words out of your mouth will be ‘fol-rol-de-ol-rol’.

'Well, I believe it's a crime for anyone who is being brutalised to continue to accept that brutality without doing something to defend itself.' - Malcolm X.

One of the greatest books I’ve ever read. Defo changed my life, and my perspective of it.

50 years ago today, one of the greatest men to walk this earth was assassinated. His words however, and his teachings are still very much relevant today and continue to inspire the fight for both justice and equality.

Rest In Power #MalcolmX


anonymous asked:

What do you think of that argument about how Harry is as bad as the DEs because he used the Cruciatus Curse on Carrow? I personally think that there's a huge difference between Bellatrix Lestrange torturing people for sport and Harry using it on someone who is basically a terrorist who had been brutalising his friends for the better part of a year. Sure, it would have been better had he Stunned him, but this is like saying that Sirius wanting to kill Peter is as bad as Peter murdering 12 people.

I agree completely. What bugs me most is that these people will almost always argue that their usually-Slytherin fave gets to defend themselves or others however they like, but God forbid Harry give a grown man that he knows for a fact tortures kids (and forces kids to torture each other, too) a brief taste of his own medicine.

I mean, I don’t think it was right, but generally speaking adults who physically torture kids are pretty low down on my list of ‘people I give a fuck about if they are forced to taste their own medicine for a few brief seconds’. Harry shouldn’t have done it, should have been the better man (and I do wonder how much of that was a result of hearing Ariana’s story and knowing what can happen to a tortured magical kid) but I’m not exactly rending my clothes and sobbing ‘how could he?!?!’ either.

kertik ya it’s because of how she referred to herself as brown inside. Which was a truly silly way to phrase it but I get what she was trying to say. Like, people have made parallels saying that Kalki calling herself Indian is akin to an Afrikaner calling themselves African. And I think that’s a fundamentally flawed comparison. The Afrikaners were colonialists who brutalised the native population for hundreds of years. The Koechlin family immigrated to independent India and have been settled there for 40 years. Why on earth shouldn’t she feel a right to define herself as Indian?

why does the plot of like 90%+ of crime thrillers have to be “wife/girlfriend/daughter of Man is raped and/or killed or otherwise brutalised leaving Man or male associate of Man to get revenge”?

It’s starting to make me feel sick.  My fam loves to sit together and watch an action or thriller movie but I’m seeing this plot in almost all of them and the level of expected and therefore accepted sexualisation and brutalisation of women, and particularly younger girls, as merely a plot device or emotional centrepiece that acts as viewer torture porn, is fucking disgusting.

And if I make any comment about it I’m just being ‘sensitive’ and acting like a  ’silly uni girl’

Stand By Me- 7/10

How quickly I return with another review! Scrolling through the IMDb Top 250 (I’m about 59 films of the way through it now), and I chance upon Stand By Me. A friend said it was sweet, and what do you know, it was. It’s a short but sweet film about the magic of friendship (that was cheesier than I intended it to be, and for that I apologise).

As with a lot of 80s American teen drama films, there is a “gang of four”: Gordie (Wil Wheaton), Chris (River Phoenix), Teddy (Corey Feldman) and Vern (Jerry O’Connell). If any of you have seen Sleepers, it’s a bit like the rural version of that, though none of these boys are going to get raped and brutalised by the juvenile delinquent system. That took a dark turn. Anyway, they head off into the forest to look for a boy’s dead body. This trip makes them laugh, cry, and ultimately it changes their lives. What is it with the clichés all of a sudden?

SBM goes back to one of my favourite film motifs: friendship in the young and innocent. Particularly between Gordie and Chris, the bond is strong and pure, and I think that’s what gives the film universal appeal: they strive to make the other one see the good in themselves, and I love that. “I never had any friends like the ones I had when I was 12. Jesus, does anyone?” This line did not actually strike a chord with me, as the friendships I have now are stronger than the ones of my secondary school years, but I know it definitely will for some of the audience.

What I really liked about SBM was the fact that the boys obviously saw well into the future, watched the episode of the Simpsons titled “Bart Stops to Smell the Roosevelts”, and understood that Milhouse’s love for the book “It’s Cool to Cry”. We need more depictions of male emotion in our media, which SBM gives us. I know the characters were only 12 and 13, but that is the time when boys start to become emotionally stunted, and they need to learn that opening up to friends is a positive thing. None of the boys mocked each other for crying; they were always supportive

If you just want something light that may make you cry, the SBM is the film for you. It’s quick, easy, and funny: perfectly reflecting how the lives of pre-teens should be, i.e. sometimes difficult, but with friendship always being there to see you through the hard times.



In the days after I was brutalised by my father in 2011 I felt like the life had been beaten out of me. I had lost my home. I had lost my family. I had lost all my possessions, and I was possessed by perhaps the most prolific pain a son could possibly feel after being persecuted by his papa. I wrote this in those days, and I put it…

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Mittwoch, 4. März 2015


Snow! And rain! And freezing cold!

Jewish Krakow, used to be ~70,000 Jews, now there are about 300. Remuh Synagogue is a holy place for Hasidics, as they think he is a prophet and much of his interpretation of the Bible and Talmud forms the cornerstone of Hasidic belief. He is buried behind the synagogue.

7 synagogues in Kazimierz, only one or two of which is active and only one has an actual rabbi. All were brutalised by the Nazis.

So many Jewish restaurants, none of them kosher. Lots of heritage, but no Jews there to celebrate and build on it.

Kazimierz has been rebuilding since the fall of communism in Poland but is still recovering. Much revitalisation has happened in the last 10 years or so.

Schindler’s factory, now a museum dedicated to Krakow under Nazi occupation. Very little on Schindler himself, but mostly about Poles before and during occupation, and obviously stuff on the Holocaust and the situation of Jews in Krakow and other parts of Poland. Both a social and military museum.

Concentration camp site at Plazow. Everything was razed and now it’s just a massive, beautiful memorial called the Empty Hearts Memorial (I think?), along with two smaller memorials to Jewish women and to Hungarian prisoners.

Is this art deco? The spacing, exterior and interior make this building fit for purpose. The detailing solid and artful. This approach is gone. Excuses are lame. Money, the pursuit of, is making the world ugly. The rich then have to pay more for what little beautiful culture is left putting it out of reach for the poorer. Thus wealth divide brutalises the world. I know, I know, have a drink…