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Hello Maria! I read your long answer to that question about who is and who isn't faithful to the Starks and I wonder cos I haven't read all the books yet: how do people from the North react to that fake Arya being brutalised? Do they try to save her?


The ones that are not close to Winterfell can’t do anything just yet, but join Stannis –who is trying to retake Winterfell– hoping to save her. House Mormont, the Mountain Clans and other houses have joined him, and I’m sure the underlying hope is to get to Arya (”Ned’s little girl”, as she’s often referred to), and save her from the monster they all know Ramsay is. Jon, who as Lord Commander can’t directly help (because the Night’s Watch takes no part) does try to dave who he thinks it’s Arya by sending Mance and a group of spearwives to bring her to the Wall with him.

The people who are close have to play along with Bolton; because they are “allies”, or at least are pretending to be. They are powerless, because saying a word to spare Arya will uncover their own alliance. But they are not happy about it:

“Dressing her in grey and white serves no good if the girl is left to sob. The Freys may not care, but the northmen … they fear the Dreadfort, but they love the Starks.
“Not you,” said Theon. “Not me,” the Lady of Barrowton confessed, “but the rest, yes. Old Whoresbane is only here because the Freys hold the Greatjon captive. And do you imagine the Hornwood men have forgotten the Bastard’s last marriage, and how his lady wife was left to starve, chewing her own fingers? What do you think passes through their heads when they hear the new bride weeping? Valiant Ned’s precious little girl. […] Lady Arya’s sobs do us more harm than all of Lord Stannis’s swords and spears. If the Bastard means to remain Lord of Winterfell, he had best teach his wife to laugh.” (Theon, ADwD)

People’s patience with Ramsay’s brutality is running thin, and, as Barbrey says, it could have ended in a rebelion against the Boltons within the walls of Winterfell.

Also, I think quite a few of them do know it’s not Arya: Jeyne doesn’t look like her, and she’s older; so people who were familiar with Arya will see though the lie (though I hope they are still disgusted at the idea of a poor child being tortured, even if she’s not a Stark).


makeup for once *screeches like a macaw* sorry my blog is really vacuous and self absorbed atm i feel like it has little indication of the world around it. not sure what else to do but reblog….about freddie gray (and the incredible number of other black americans brutalised by police that rises literally every day) , about nepal, about the Mediterranean migrant crisis. dont know what else to do but reblog

Things that always worried me about Morality Bites:

- How Phoebe’s power could kill someone

- What precious person to Phoebe Cal Greene brutalised

- The fact poor little Melinda Halliwell never ended up existing.

Things that were explained in the comics:

- How Phoebe’s power could kill someone

- What precious person to Phoebe Cal Greene brutalised

- The fact poor little Melinda Halliwell never ended up existing.

However, there will be no spoilers for the comics in my posts. I understand fans of Charmed may not have read them yet (considering I was one of those people up until last week). Unfortunately I can’t promise there won’t be spoilers in the notes, so read at your own risk!

EDIT: To avoid confusion, yes, I am aware of The Thing That Is In That List, but I’m trying very hard to avoid spoilers here… (Imagine quotation marks around The Thing if you like)

to all the people on my facebook

i am really feeling sick about what is happening in baltimore, the ignorant media and how they are perpetuating an image of black people as violent, thugs and irrational and dehumanising them all at the same time.

how do you expect people to be silent when they have endured and lived through a disgusting unfair unjust judicial system based on pure and utter hate and racism? police that deem it acceptable to completely brutalise the lives of black civilians and justify slaughtering hundreds of black lives. fuck your idea of a peaceful protest when all you really mean is shut up and dont cause an inconvenience to my life.  and stop with your all lives matter bullshit, this isnt about us for once. 

 when the response from people sat behind their computers is the protestors are being violent. the definition of violence to be completely clear is beating, harassing, shooting, chasing, assaulting black lives. this is constant, this is daily. 

unarmed black citizens are being MURDERED and enough is enough 

the rage that these protesters feel is completely justified, police cars, building and shops are worth nothing in comparison to the lives of people that have been taken due to the police and their brutality. 

I stand in complete solidarity and offer nothing but my love and support for the people protesting in Baltimore




poo189 replied to your post: Just because GRRM isn’t actively glory…

Ive not yet finished reading but I will say that GRRM is a historian as well as an author, and women in the medieval era were often treated as such. He wants to show realism

Like okay the realism angle comes up again and again, but this is a fantasy world that GRRM chose to create, he actively built this world, a world in which we have dragons, ice zombies, shadow babies, and numerous other wild, magical things.

But… We couldn’t also have women who aren’t constantly at risk of rape and brutalisation? 

Westeros is not medieval/Renaissance western Europe. It is based in it. If realism were his primary concern, how the hell does a castle like Casterly Rock exist, or a structure like the Wall?

Dragons. Ice zombies. Shadow babies.

You need to understand the threat of Child Pornography!

Hello Everyone - I really need to ask the people of this network to hear me out on this very important topic. Recently, there has been a child predator or paedophile arrested here in my town, who has admitted to being addicted to watching babies - no more than a few days old being raped and brutalised. I dont want to go to deep into this, because I just want to kill these sick bastards, there is a petition I would like you to sign in order to increase the penalties and sentences for these scum - it would mean the world if you could all sign it and even share it, this is an international thing and is incredibly important. Thank you Read the article and click on Sign the Petition at the bottom - Thank you!

I’ve spent a lot of time lately asking myself why I’m still writing fic for ASOIAF and I think I’ve come up with a reasonably accurate mission statement that I could add to my AO3 and abouts without any compunction:

To save innocent women and girls from the horrific treatment inflicted on them by male creators of media in order to seem Realistic and Gritty, and to find other means of creating shocking, impactful media than the rape, brutalisation and murder of women and children.


CTM s01e05

‘’Peggy had found her escape from the horrors of her childhood through her work. Everything she touched she made more beautiful. She made perfect. She and Frank kept a world which had brutalised them both at bay, through a love so strong they created a new world, and it was their own. I played such a small part in their story, but their devotion showed me that there were not versions of love, there was only… love. That it had no equal and that it was worth searching for, even if that search took a lifetime.’’ 

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What do you think that is the difference between someone that can kill and someone who can not? I mean, what makes someone to kill? Thank u for your time


I do not really believe that someone is without the capacity to kill unless they are physically incapacitated, the ability to kill has everything to do with circumstance and opportunity as opposed to an innate ability that some possess and others don’t. 

Now, I also don’t believe that every person is born with an innate desire to kill, and this lack of desire is easily illustrated by the armed forces need to incorporate brutalisation into the training for soldiers in order to prepare them to mortally hurt other humans. Evolutionarily the desire to kill other people would, in fact, be counter productive (one of the reasons so many animals have threatening ritual mating displays while avoiding actually harming their opponent). The survival of a species depends on the animals of that species not having an innate desire to kill others when it’s not necessary. 

What prompts most killings and murder is emotion, it is either a crime of passion or something committed out of fear, defence or in the heat of war. In fact, more than half of murders result from an argument, anger or revenge. They are committed when someones body is in a heightened state of arousal, and, more than likely, it can frequently be accompanied by lowered inhibition and poor judgement brought on by alcohol or substance misuse. Murder is also frequently committed during the perpetration of another crime, when killing someone was not the initial intent.  

As much as murder is not our default, murder and killing is not quite as far outside of our understanding as some people may think, and it tends to be fairly romanticised and/or sensationalised in the realms of true crime, with people frequently forgetting that perfectly normal people can kill others. 

Now, serial murder, on the other hand, is a clearly abnormal behaviour that tends to be facilitated by some form of mental illness, or perhaps driven by a psychosexual disorder. What causes someone to kill in this manner tends to be entirely personal, despite some common themes, as it takes a variety of factors to come into play in order for someone to develop such a complex pathological behaviour - these include things such as genetic predisposition, environmental influences even at the perinatal phase of life, head trauma, early childhood experiences, socialisation, psychosexual development, abuse and trauma, rejection, conditioning etc. etc. etc.

Hence how the only difference between someone who is able to kill, and someone who isn’t (or, more precisely, doesn’t), is circumstance.

Not sure what to say or think after my last interaction with the police force.

On my way home I saw an incident it looked like a person of colour had been brutalised to the point of no longer being able to walk or move.  

I am aware that police officers have to maintain the peace and as a result some times they have to resort to violence however it looked like the force used was excessive.

So I called the police told them what I had seen and later on they called me back saying that they will look into it and allow me to the view recorded video footage of the incident. (They suggested it I did not ask, interestingly at this point the officer had not seen the video himself).

The next day I got a call back saying that I would not be able to see the video because the video did not show the incident.

The officer I spoke to seemed very honest but when he told me the full story of what happened (the crime committed and why the violence needed to be done) I did think to my self this story seems to be too fanciful to be true, if he did not sound so honest I would immediately think it was a lie.

Worryingly he mentioned that this has happened before.  

He said that if I wanted to force through a complaint I could do so by calling up Gloucestershire Constabulary with the reference number of 409

This is a sample of discussion from LGBT Anonymous to join the discussion join their group

And here is the direct link to the discussion

Nigeria and the Mind:

Look at your country,
marvel at the wreck.
Realise that your mind has
been denied abroad,
bastardised at home,
fought for and
spat on,
shat on,
held hostage,
used and

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battle intro: “Riddle me this, kid. How many thieves does it take to beat up a 2-bit mook?”

victory:This is the help Riddler’s hiring these days? Kinda pathetic.”

defeat: “Well, this is embarrassing.”

assist: “So I noticed you were getting your ass kicked.”

SLOW BULLETS is highly recommended, both for Reynolds’ admirers and as an introduction to this author

Another pair of reviews for Alastair Reynolds’ SLOW BULLETS


Told in less than two hundred pages of large print, SLOW BULLETS feels curtailed, a synopsis of a much larger story bursting to escape as Scur tries to organise a grudging peace between the different factions at the same time as organising personal revenge, believing that the man who brutalised her is hiding somewhere within the darkened chambers of the Caprice.

With so much to cover in a brief time much of the text is necessarily expositional, but when he gets going Reynolds is never afraid to dump a terrifying conceptual image on the page, a threat unlike any he has presented before: “She’s trying to describe something language isn’t made to describe, something huge and alien.”

With aspects of the story recalling the free people of Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, each of them carrying something precious and unique which would otherwise be destroyed, despite being a soldier who has been captured and tortured Scur still thinks well of people, realising that the enemy is not necessarily those who represent the opposing army but those on either side for whom it is a pleasure to burn rather than to build.

Written after the publication of On the Steel Breeze but before he commenced work on the concluding volume of Poseidon’s Children, Poseidon’s Wake, and contrasting the optimistic explorations of that trilogy, SLOW BULLETS is a big story which would have required considerable further development to support a full novel; that Reynolds is happy to release it in this form indicates he already has much bigger ideas in the pipeline.


SLOW BULLETS is slightly different from the kind of narrative I grew used to after reading Reynolds’ books like Chasm City, Revelation Space, Redemption Ark or Absolution Gap: the scope here does not concern galactic civilizations or multi-layered political plots, but rather focuses on smaller-scale events that nonetheless manage to gain intensity and depth because of that reduced focus, and not in spite of it.


It’s a more intimate vision than what I encountered until now in Reynolds’ books, but for this very reason it felt more profound and poignant than any other I read so far, and it gave me a new level of interpretation for this author, and a key to a new way of reading his stories.

Highly recommended, both for Reynolds’ admirers and as an introduction to this author.

My Rating: 8/10

For more about SLOW BULLETS, visit the Tachyon page.

Cover art by Thomas Canty.

Design by Elizabeth Story.

The Times
Jerome Starkey, in Baidoa

When his comrades shot a pregnant woman and her midwife, Mohamed Hassan Adam decided it was time to leave al-Shabaab.

The woman had been in labour, Mr Adam said, when gunmen from the Islamic terror group burst into her home in southern Somalia, and shot her. “She was called Nuurto,” he said. “She used to sell tea to the government soldiers. They didn’t like people going into government areas.”

Her husband was a lorry driver and was far from home. The midwife was called Fatuma. “That night, when they were killed, nobody went near them,” Mr Adam said. “Even if you were their brother you couldn’t go and bury them, otherwise you’d end up like them.”

It was May 2014 and Mr Adam had spent four years working for the insurgents, as a tax collector, but he resolved that night to leave and surrender to the government. “They brutalised the people,” he said. “They tortured people. They pulled people out of their cars and shot them. They even killed elders and laid their bodies in the road.”

Today, he helps other former members of the group at a rehabilitation centre in Baidoa, 150 miles northwest of Mogadishu. Hidden behind high walls and razor wire, next to an Ethiopian army base, the Centre for Disengaged Combatants offers shelter, protection and vocational training. Imams present a moderate strand of Islam in a beige, tented mosque, and lessons are given to the former fighters in everything from carpentry to computer literacy, hairdressing to animal husbandry.

Only 107 people have enrolled since the centre opened 12 months ago, but Hassan Hussein Mohamed, the regional minister for disarmament, demobilisation and reintegration, said he hoped to expand the initiative into outlying districts. Similar camps, backed by the British government, operate in Mogadishu and the town of Beledweyne, in Hiran province.

“The centre is not going to transform the conflict on its own,” said Vikram Parekh, the head of the UN office in Baidoa. “But it is important symbolically, because it sends to al-Shabaab soldiers what has not been sent so far: an olive branch. If they want to reintegrate into society there is an opportunity to do it.” (Read more…)

its really great that the comic books most comic fans like to cite as representing the genre’s maturity tend to be some of the most infantile e.g. its ~DEEP~ because Batman tortures people!!!! its ~REALISTIC~ because the love interest is a sex worker who gets brutalised every other issue!!!


I haven’t had time to tumble lately, but after a binge session tonight I am well caught up. The police are still brutalising, the indigenous everywhere continue to fight back, the news outlets are still politically aligned, and nature is still beautiful, but while being ruined by our use of it.

So, everything is still mostly the same.

I went to a talk given by the Palestinian Foreign Minister Dr Raid Al-Malki at university today, and it was sobering.

There are so many freedoms that we enjoy here in NZ/the West that those born in Palestine after 1967 have never known. And the Palestinians know an endless struggle and extent of exhaustion that I will never know.

23 years of negotiations with Israel have ended unsuccessfully. A plea to the United Nations Security Council to compel Israel to set an end date of the occupation got 8 votes out of the 9 required. The minister spoke of wanting a free Palestine so that his son will want to return home after “tasting freedom” while studying overseas, and so that his people will too know that freedom.

So they continue to fight.

They continue to fight, so we continue to fight, and I continue to fight. No more justification required.

like. i have to log off tonight. im so tired of seeing my people slaughtered and brutalised in the streets and then blamed for our owns deaths. i just…need a break….

Someone to destroy

The girl was from Estonia.
On all fours.

Surrounded by a group of Ukrainian sadists in a small, dingy basement room.

They were shouting at her, scaring her. She didn’t understand what they were requiring. They just kept shouting.

She crawled from one to the other, looking up at the men each time, trying to gauge what she was expected to do, trying, and failing, to avoid the brutal blows to her face and her body, from flailing arms, closed fists, and savage kicks.

She soon understood. They didn’t want her pussy, or her ass. They didn’t need her mouth. They just wanted her; to hurt her, to brutalise her, to leave her in a heap on the floor, naked, battered, broken.

She kept responding to the mens’ shouts, hoping that one, at least, might take pity on her, and call off the awful game.

But it went on, and on, and on, until eventually her limbs gave way, her aching arms could hold her up no longer, and she stopped crawling, and lay motionless on the floor, ribs hurting, thighs marked with purple bruises, face swollen.

Lying motionless on the floor, sobbing quietly.

Only then did the men unzip, and crouch over her.
Only them did a cock rip into her ass.
Only then did a cock slide part her swollen lips and enter her throat.
Only then did cocks ram up against, her ears, her nose, her breasts.
Only then did she understand what she knew she must become, as soon as she had first set eyes on the men, as soon as she had entered the room.

A bruised, battered, repeatedly raped whore.