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Small reminder I love you and I love how you put up with the bullshit you get thrown at you.

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if there’s anything i’m most passionate about its asexuality and asexual rights. as an ace individual myself, i’m sick and tired of sex being deemed this grand, amazing thing that no one can live without; especially when it can be used just as easily to demean or brutalise someone.


     It had been a long week. Malia had been in and out of women’s shelters and contacts homes through out the lower octants, dealing with victims of Elendel’s latest creep. It was all she could do to contain her temper as she heard their stories. Brutalised in back alleys, and empty parks. Left alive to deal with the horror they were subjected to. Even just thinking about it made her fists clench tight, knuckles white with rage. Too many women had been bruised, battered and traumatised by this scumbag.

                                It ends now.

     It wasn’t hard to make herself look like a potential victim. She was already female, small and weak looking. It had always been her advantage that no one would suspect someone like her of being a Thug, and it had come in handy more than once. Now especially. She had already swallowed a vial full of pewter, and she took comfort in the little ball of energy sitting in her stomach. 

     Most of the attacks had happened in the fifth district, so that was where Malia patrolled, putting herself in stupid places and waiting. It didn’t take long for someone to pick up her trail. There was no way of knowing if it was the right scumbag. Not until he attacked her. But to be fair, she wasn’t all that picky.


     She turned down a path that would take her through a large empty park, and stopped, playing the fearful girl. She looked around, eyes wide, but saw nothing. For a brief moment she thought that maybe she’d been mistaken. Then there was a crack behind her, and she immediately flared her pewter, just in time to take a bat to the side of the head.

     The force of it sent her sprawling, but her pewter allowed her to remain conscious. She scrambled her feet and made eye contact with her attacker. 

                                                                    There was no escaping her now.

INTRODUCTION | Seven Reasons DC Should Love The Huntress.

Dear DC Comics,

You and I have been on a love-hate roller coaster for quite some time now. I’d even call it an abusive relationship since I very much love your characters and their respective mythos, but you—the publisher that owns them—have consistently found new ways to violate these characters and everything they stand for in the last three years, and for no good reason than what you think will “sell” better. Most of the time, I can’t work out the logic behind many of the regressive changes you’ve imposed, let alone how these changes are supposed to appeal to a diverse readership. The fact that you’ve repeatedly found new ways to marginalise (even brutalise) your women characters in particular (including queer and women of colour) on the basis of their gender (and, to an extent, their power levels) has made reading your books a rather discomforting experience these past three years.

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i’m reliving a golden age of Scottish youth culture that started in about 2006 when about half of all teenage boys were taking up DJ careers, which means they’d rap directly into their laptop microphones over something pulled from a discounted Ministry of Sound compilation (or better yet, on cheap MIDI copies of lukewarm club hits) and naturally they’d produce diss tracks full of obscenities about their classmates 

these would be propagated around the country in the form of 64 kbit/s MP3s, which you’d send between mobile phones using Bluetooth to copy the files during school lunch breaks at an incredibly slow rate. of course Windows Movie Maker slideshows for the most popular tracks ended up on YouTube, and you’d soundtrack your garish Bebo profile with one of these videos on autoplay, whether you actually knew the intended victim of the diss or not. lyrical content was the key factor in the spread of these songs, which meant that if it was amusing enough you could be blasting the musical brutalisation of a 13-year-old you’d never met from a city on the other side of the country you’d never visited. it was a glorious time to be alive, for sure

The more sensitive you are, the more likely you are to be brutalised, develop scabs and never evolve. Never allow yourself to feel anything because you always feel too much.
—   - Marlon Brando
A Clip Round The Ear

I met a retired Policeman on holiday over here the other day. His reminiscences about his time as a Bobby in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s were brief. He confined himself to a presumption that policing today must be poorer for the fact that we don’t “clip kids around the ear and take them home to parents for a second larrup”. This does seem to be a reoccurring theme with a number of people who speak to me. Their assumption seems to be that I will agree that policing would be more effective if I were able to brutalise and assault children.

For the record I am firmly not of this view and am yet to meet a fellow serving police officer who would actually seriously advocate such a course of action. Quite the polar opposite in fact. Hitting children is not on the menu. Taking children home following a misdemeanor in the expectation that they will be assaulted by a parent is also not a desired outcome. A child bullied will find ways to avoid being bullied but not necessarily change their errant behaviour.

I seriously suspect that such reminiscences of corporal punishment are mostly apocryphal.  It is important that children are made aware of the times their behaviour falls short of that expected or where their actions may lead to harm for themselves or others. With this understanding they will be better able to make safer, informed decisions in future. This is why we promote the use of Restorative Justice and why we take greater effort to educate out poor behaviour rather than dish out trauma. On Scilly we invest a considerable amount of our time working with Five Islands School and the younger people here. This is time well spent as far as we are concerned and I hope it is viewed similarly shared by parents and carers here. Ofsted rate our joint work with the school as an excellent example of the delivery of the Citizenship curriculum. We are not going to throw that away by committing criminal acts against our most vulnerable inhabitants.

I’m sure not everyone will agree but if you want to see a classic example of a wan smile talk to any of us enthusiastically about the merits of striking children.


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Votre blog est juste super ! De belles experiences a voir en belles immages !♡ Quel moyen pour motiver ma copine a essayer la sodomie ? Je ne veut pas la brutaliser mais elle est tres fermée a cette idée...

Salut et merci a nous suivre.
Tout les deux nous adorons anal de tout ces forme. La première chose à faire avec ta copine es d’avoir une franche discussion a ce sujet. A toi de lui dire pourquoi c’est une chose qui d’excite et veut exploré. Ensuite elle de dire sont côté des choses. Elle as tout le pouvoir car ces son cul ;). Et si elle veut un test, ELLE a le contrôle. Commence avec éducation, et après petit pas. Ta langue, doigt bien lubrifier. Patience, patience et oui patience. Sois pas surpris si elle te demande a avoir la même expérience. Si tu lui dit non, alors ne lui demande pas a faire quelque chose tu es pas près a faire toi-même;)
Je vous souhaite bonne chance. Laissez nous savoir le résultat d’un côté ou l’autre

Extract from a movie called "Selma" regarding the murder of Civil Rights activist Jimmy Lee Jackson.

"Who murdered Jimmy Lee Jackson? Who murdered Jimmy Lee Jackson? We know a state trooper acting under the orders of George Wallace pointed the gun and pulled the trigger. But how many other fingers were on that trigger? Who murdered Jimmy Lee Jackson? Every white law man who abuses the law to terrorise, every white politician who feeds on prejudice and hatred, every white preacher who preaches the bible and stays silent before his white congregation. Who murdered Jimmy Lee Jackson? Every Negro man and woman who stands by without joining this fight as their brothers and sisters are humiliated, brutalised and ripped from this earth… We will not let your sacrifice pass in vein dear brother, we will not let it go, we will finish what you were after, we will get what you were denied, we will vote, we will put these men out of office, we will take their power, we will win what you were slaughtered for. We’re going back to Washington, we’re going to demand to see the President and I’m gonna tell him that Jimmy was murdered by an administration that spends millions of dollars everyday to sacrifice life in the name of Liberty in Vietnam yet lacks the moral will and the moral courage to defend the lives of its own people here in America. We will not let it go, and if he does not act, we will act, we will act, we will do it for all of our lost ones, all of those like Jimmy Lee Jackson, gone too soon, taken by hate"

This is still so fucking relevant. Mike Brown. Trayvon Martin. Tamir Rice. Vonderrit Myers Jr. Just to name a few. Police authorities still do not help Black communities. 50 years later. Police Brutality and demoralisation of Black bodies needs to end. I refuse to be Darren Wilson or the white person who chooses to ignore this. 

A Chant of Liberty

Onward the march, a solid mass, the chant unerring, ‘Liberty!’

We are for the dreadless inquirers, the standalone rebels, the valiant dissidents, the sceptics and satirists mocking corrupt might and crushing the vacuous infamy; we are for liberty…

We are for compatriots alienated, the marginalised, brutalised minorities, the crystal voice of reason abhorred and truth in hateful shadow, recompense of exploited childhood; we are for liberty…

We are for the downtrodden strewn in the city gutters, the ghetto-dwellers, the long just strikes of united labour, the free enterprise of the honest entrepreneur; we are for liberty…

We are for the rare originals and rash originators, obscure eccentrics and the open-hearted, open-minded, open-handed madcaps everywhere, visionary dreamers, daredevil outsiders; we are for liberty…

We are for the wall-overcomers and fortress-takers, on the street for the barricade-builders, the fraternal rallies, the brave speeches raw from the bare rough pavement; we are for liberty…

We are for the pacifists buried with bullet-holes, the imprisoned innocents and murdered martyrs, the flowers in the barrels of the guns and one man’s courage halting a column of tanks; we are for liberty…

We are for summer holidays and fun-fairs, lazy days in the obliging sun to come, for picnics in bicycle criss-crossed parks and street barbecues in late evening light, yea, but now for the cause…

Never sure to endure, but ever with exertion renewed enduring, liberty…

Onward the march, a solid mass, the chant unerring, ‘Liberty!’

© Thomas James Foster 2015

Love will prevail

It always seems darkest before the dawn, in the wee small hours.  I am sending love and healing to those people and places in the world that feel that they will never see the light of day.  In particular, my thoughts are with Syrian and Palestinian orphans in freezing cold refugee camps. To North Koreans starving and brutalised beyond any thought of hope or happiness. To Tibetans silently…

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L’histoire d’Anna

C’est quand je suis passée en école secondaire (= collège) que tout a commencé.
Tout allait bien jusqu’au milieu de ma première année. Un garçon de mon ancienne école a commencé à m’appeler “Mogly”, après m’avoir insulté de Gremlin. Il a entraîné la plupart des autres garçons avec lui. Je l’ai dit aux responsables de l’école et ils ont arrêtés pendant un moment, mais ils recommencé à me brutaliser parce que je les avais dénoncé.

Plus tard dans l’année j’ai mis de nouvelles chaussures à l’école. L’une de mes supposées “amies” s’en est moqué et n’arrêtait pas de m’embêter avec ça. J’ai presque pleuré car je pensais qu’elle était une amie.

Je suis maintenant à la fin de ma première année et finalement, tout s’est arrangé.

(Témoignage traduit à partir du site “Stamp Out Bullying” :