It’s here a few hours early! You lucky digital artists, you!Β Please reblog for a chance to win my Megapack (over 90 brushes at a $13 value!)!Β 

Photoshop CS5 or higher is required.

yellowfur said:

h-hello ! I really adore your smooth lines ! do you have some brush lineart brushsettings ? I understand if you dont want to share ! ^^

Hello hello! Really sorry for the late reply!

These are the brushes I use mostly for lineart:


Your art is super cute!! <33


Complete Rahll/Reid Southen Photoshop Brushset


"Please visit this video to learn the setup:

These brushes are for Photoshop, and the above video will explain the setup and format of the brushes, which need to display as large thumbnails, with 9 brushes per row.

They are a combination of brushes I’ve made myself and those culled from friends, colleagues, and other great artists. A lot of them might have bizarre names, but they’re all categorized so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Enjoy, and I hope it helps!”

curleysue said:

What's your favourite brush setting for doodling/lineart? I'm still trying to get a hang of SAI brushes and I love whatever you're doing with them!

Thank you so much!!
I really like the current brush setting that i am using which is this one:


. It gives very nice soft lines and it’s easy to work with. I also like the pen tool with spread setting because it gives the drawing a little more “paper” like look. And it look really great if you use it for coloring!
But my favorite must be the crayon!


Someone asked what I use to lineart, so here are the settings! I pretty much use this tool for everything, including putting in base coloring, sketching, and shading!

I usually change the Density from 80% - 100%

Hey guys! I bundled together some of the photoshop pencil brushes I’ve created in the past few months. I’m selling the batch on gumroad to help fund the prehistoric tribal book project I’ve been working on. The price for the set is $5, and there are 10 brushes and an eraser in the set. Check em out and let me know what you think. Thanks so much for checking out my artwork and listening to me ramble:) I really appreciate the support!

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