Stockholm is at it again. 

Last year on December 10th, the Whistler Society took over Ljunggren, an Asian-Fusion restaurant by day and club by night in one of the city’s most interesting central neighborhoods.

Ljunggren is inside the boutique shopping mall Bruno Gallerian, home to both independent local designers and major international retailers. This year on Human Rights Day, the Stockholm crew is going even bigger.

They’re taking over the entire mall. For the entire day.

From noon to midnight, the event will include an art gallery with original commissioned works, a pop-up whistle shop and customization station,  live performances, DJs, and a live stream of Mutaani’s festival in Goma. 

“We want to fill the mall with energy, conversation, messages and music,” explains Whistler Society leader Sacha Jean-Baptiste. “And to show that we are many in Sweden who believe in peace and human rights, and that we are many all over the world speaking out for the same thing. People should leave the party with a feeling that this is only the beginning and there is a way to make a change.”

Visit Falling Whistles - Sweden for more details on what’s going down in Stockholm this Human Rights Day. 

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