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Marchetta Meme: [5/5] Scenes » Chapter 12, Quintana of Charyn

He felt his hand slipping and knew he didn’t want to die this way. Not from a fall. He closed his eyes and summoned the strength to hold on, but Froi was too weak. His body had not yet recovered and he couldn’t save himself. And he prayed, realising while he hung from this tree in the kingdom of his birth, that Sagrami wasn’t just a curse to him, she was his guide as well. Not Trist or any of the gods of Charyn, but Lumatere’s mighty Goddess. He prayed to her with all his might. Don’t let me die. Not now, he begged.
Why? she demanded to know.
Because I deserve to live.
A hand suddenly gripped his wrist.
He wondered if the hold came from the realms of the gods. But he didn’t care. All he knew was what the Goddess was whispering to him, He’ll never let you go. How could you have ever doubted him?
‘I’ve got you, Froi.’