Life Might Not Be The Party We Wanted But Lets Dance While We Can
im really bad with descriptions i just wanna party

Good Girls Go Bad x Cobra Starship // Uptown Funk x Mark Ronson ft Bruno Mars // Shut Up and Dance x Walk The Moon // Best Song Ever x One Direction // Yeah Yeah Yeah x New Politics // Uma Thurman x Fall Out Boy // Don’t Trust Me x 3OH!3 // I Don’t Wanna Be In Love x Good Charlotte // Animals x Neon Trees // Want to Want Me x Jason Derulo // All The Small Things x Blink 182 // Still Into You x Paramore // If I Had You x Adam Lambert // Here’s to The Zeroes x Marianas Trench

{listen here}


Saturday Night On Broadway! Gigi Vs Jersey Boys


Bruno Mars - Rock In Rio USA - Yahoo Live Stream

Not impressed by Kanye

I’m sorry but I have to vent for a sec…
Why are Hooligans suddenly excited about the possible (I hope unlikely) collaboration between Kanye and Bruno?? Like now suddenly because Bruno is the hottest thing right around, now Kanye wants to bury the hatches and do a song with him?? Does that not shout OPPORTUNIST to you guys??!! It angered me deeply when Kanye ranted off negative comments about Bruno back in 2013 when Bruno won his first VMAs and Kanye acted like a sore loser, now he wants to be cool with B?? Uhh FUCK NO!!! I pray and hope Bruno does not give into Kanye’s narcissistic tactics! I’m actually sick of him bashing at other artists just because he thinks he can and how he thinks his opinion matters!! Am I the only Hooligan who feels this way???
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