Brunfelsia americana.

If one corner of the world holds more night-blooming shrubs than any other, it is certainly the Caribbean and Central American realm. It is from this region that many of the cultivated night-blooming shrubs come from, including Brunfelsias, also known as raintree. The Brunfelsias are native to the Western Caribbean and Central America down to the Amazon.…

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鸳鸯茉莉开花了,这是小时候我妈在家外种的花,非常香。我的小花园不能少了她。 This is Brunfelsia hopeana, flower which my mum used to grow in our garden when I was very young. A must have in my little garden. Very strong fragrance #memory #mother #love #care #flower #Brunfelsia #purple

brunfelsia, 18, Гродно, ищу: Девушку от 17 до 25 brunfelsia, 18, Гродно, ищу: Девушку от 17 до 25:

brunfelsia, 18, Гродно, ищу: Девушку от 17 до 25 Цель знакомства: Дружба, общение; Любовь, отношения; Провести вечер
Night-blooming plants in my garden

Night-blooming plants in my garden

I’ve not had the time to blog enough here as I like, and have not had the creative streak that enabled me to begin this blog in the first place so I may take a little leave after this post to recollect my thoughts.

Anyhow, the night-blooming plants in my container garden include Brugmansia sp., Brunfelsia gigantea, Cestrum nocturnum, Epiphyllum oxpetalum ‘Mark Twain’, and Hylocereus undatus. Whil…

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