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My Dream Wedding will be to my amazing guy Dave. We’re planning a early fall wedding in 2016, somewhere local and cozy. It will be an intimate affair 40-50people, only our closest friends and family.  A short, sweet, heartfelt and personal ceremony - outdoors weather permitting, conducted by my best friend. Followed by our reception, I just imagine fireside romance, a good book, a cup of tea and a cozy blanket that’s the feeling I’m going for: navy blue, with tan and crimson accents. Then good eats and dancing until morning. When people leave they’ll know a little more about Dave and I than before, and they’ll leave full and happy. This however is the short and sweet version, my blog is dedicated to all the finer details.

Cheers! - Sakura

Oh, congratulations on getting engaged!

The plans so far sound very cozy and intimate. I don’t think I’ve seen a wedding with such rich colors yet but they sound fantastic for fall. I hope the planning goes well (:

All of the choices that you make while planning a wedding are more to me than planning a party. 

To me planning a wedding is a celebration of that couple’s unique love, and expression of who they are as individuals and who they are together. 

 If a perfect stranger attended my wedding they’d leave knowing a little bit more about us than they walked in knowing.