Morning Texts - A modern AU LeviHan fanfic

Three girls sat around a circular table on the patio at the local cafe. The warm morning sun shined down and a spring zephyr blew its breath. The girls giggled and sipped their lattes. The waiter finally came by and dropped off their brunch orders. They thanked the waiter and then delicately dug in.

One of the phones on the tabletop sang a spill of twinkling notes. The woman with short blonde hair picked up the phone with the pink gingham case. She tapped in her password curiously and then a soft smile spread across her face.

“Awwe, Mike texted me ‘good morning’,” she cooed. “He’s the sweetest.”

“Nanaba, what’d he say?” asked Petra.

“He said ‘Good morning, my ray of sunshine’,” Nanaba grinned as she texted back a response him.

The three went back to chatting and talking about their latest dates with their boyfriends. Until, someone else’s phone went off. This time, it was a simple ping.

“That’s mine,” announced Petra. She swiped across the screen, then the corners of her lips curved.

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