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Pic #1: The boys
Pic #2: Bergy walking in front of me getting his shirt
Pic #3: Looch ringingme up
Pic #4: Smitty working very hard!
Pic #5: Torey was RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME and I wasnt allowed a picture

So I had just gotten home from grocery shopping after I had left schoo. I was sitting on him computer and Ruthi from hockeyhaunt had texted me about this event for season ticket holder only. Both her dad and herself are both STH and her dad couldn’t go so she was generous enough to offer to take with her! I LEGIT STARTED SHAKING!! I WAS POSSIBLY GOING TO BE MEETING 5 BRUINS PLAYERS HOLYYYY FUCK so I walk into my dads room and I tell him what just happened and his response was no. no no no no no. I WAS FUCKING PIISSSSSEDDDD! My mom was screaming on the phone telling me I couldn’t go. For some magical reason 10 minutes into no eardrums functioning, my mom called and allowed me to go…under one conidition. My brother had to come with. I barganed with im and he agreed. So I got out of North Station at around 5:45ishhh and had to go to CVS across the street. I walk in and I see this WICKED familiar looking dude and I have ZERO idea where I know him from but hes deffff a bruins dude. He kept looking at my jersey (wicked as a billion signatures) FOUND OUT THE NEXT DAY IT WAS ASS GM DON SWEENY so after we bought a black sharpie we went over to the garden and stood there. There was this man who didn’t want to wait any longer so he had an extra ticket which I gave to my brother bcccc he didn’t want to wait for 2 hours and thank god he didn’t! FINAAAAAAAAALLLLLLYY the doors open and we walk into the proshop. Jeff Green from the Celtics was there to greet us and I took a photo with him and walked in. First thing I laid my eyes on was Patrice. A fucking god. I walked over to him and asked him for a picture but they were like “he’s here to work” fuck you but whatever. I told him to help me find his shirt for me because I wanted to get t a shirt. He walked me over to the Jerseys and told me to get the gray and black one

 “I’ve actually have never seen these. They look really cool”
“Yeah! …but I want a shirt”
“Oh! Im sorry! Shirttsss..hermmmm… oh! Over here
Here you go! What size were you looking for?”
“A medium please”
“Here you go!”
“Thank you! Can you sign it for me as well?” DUMB ASS BITCH LADY WAS LIKE NOO AUTOGRAPHS
“I Can’t im sorry”
“Can we get a picture together?”

After I started walking around taking pictures of Torey and Brad doing interviews. Reilly was verrryyyy busy so I was gonna go over there later. I went over to Brad and asked Brad to help me get a puck. Shorttyyy had no idea where the puck was, so he decided it was a good idea to scream across the room for help finding a puck.

“Pucks? I have no idea where pucks are”
“Cmon Brad! I guess youre a b etter hockey player than employee”
“Yeah! *laughs* PUCCKKSS?!? ANYONE SEEE ANY PUCKS?! Oh ok. It’s near the front desk. Sorry *taps my back*”
“no worries thank you Brad!”

After a little longer I went to see Torey because my brother wanted an ugly christmas sweater but they didn’t have it in his size. Unfortunatelyyyy the other bitch that was with him didn’t allow any pictures either so I didn’t get a picture with him but my brother was snapping photos with his phone and you can see my back to him. I also followed him under the ropes and stared at daaat assssssss LAWD JESUS IT WAS BIG Torey had no idea what we were doing so some woman had to help us and I told him thank you and that was it with Torey.

After a little bit, we realize that Lucic was at the register ringing people put so I had a Bergeron shirt with me (the one Bergy got for me) and a Lucic shirt that my brother wanted for his birthday. We were in line for Lucic and so we were up and I walked up to him and he was like “Hi how are you” He took my shirts and didnt understand why the barcode wasnt working, He made a joke I DONT REALLY REMEMBER WHAT but it was funny and we both laughed, then I asked him to sign his shirt and bitch #4 was like no signings allowed and he was like “sorry!” I told him ‘but youre fucking milan Lucic who caressss??” and he laughed hahahahaha then i asked him to take a selfie with me and he was sooooooo nice about it and was like of course! (Looooccch is probally the most normal player ive ever incountered. he wasnt awkward at all and was super casual) some guy came over and told Milan to put a mic on and the guy put him hand up looch’s shirt and I saw his HAPPY TRAIL OH MY FUKCING GOD IT WAS LIKE JESUS HAD COME DOWN TO GREET ME AND THEN WHEN BACK UP PLOAWD JESUS IT WAS BEATIFUL. He even made a comment and was like “its a little warm in here” YA FUCKING THINK MILAN????? IM ABOUT TO PASS THE FUCK OUT OVER HERE LAWD JESUS then he went to slide my card and then give me a reciept, we lost my card but he found it (THANKS MILAN U DA BEST) and then i stuck my hand out for a handshake and then he said

"It was nice to see you *smiles*"
"Nice to meet you"

then we went around and I had to go get a picture with Smitty and I didnt really have a convo with him, he was workingg ALLLLOOOOTT like damn but then I was walking around and needed help finding a Lucic shirt bc I wanted him to sign one for me too (I was being a good sister and I bought that shirt for my brother for christmas) but they didnt have my size so i went back up to Marchy and asked hi mto help me out. He was talking to some woman about Bergy’s shirt so I had to wait for him. He was done with her and he was like “Im sorry but can i get a picture real quick?” and so he took and picture and turned his attentio nto me. BUUUUUTTT while he was taking a picture, iI quickly grabbed a Kid’s tshirt with marchy’s name on the back, got a sharpie and told him to sign my shirt for me so I can buy it. Bitch #2 was like “BRADDD YOURE NOT SUPPOSE TO DO THAT” but brad is fucking brad and he didnt give a fuck and was like “Sorry! I didnt know” sheeett he knew but he didnt care bcc brad is life and brad is love. I asked him for a selfie and he was like of course! He MADDDE SURE that the shirt was in the picture bc he wanted to be hang it up HAHAHHAHAHAHAHH OK BRAD. after that, I went to stand in line to meet Lucic again but he left already and so I didnt get to get my shirt signed.

I ended up leaving with a SOderberg shirt, a sign marchand shirt and a bergeron shirt that bergy got down and found for me. Overall it was an amazinnnggg day and I loved it!

Practice Update 11-26-14

ZC33 and DW79
-Both were on ice pre-practice today
-Chara (knee) has been out since suffering his injury on Oct. 23
-Warsofsky (groin) sustained his injury on Nov. 6 

Krejci not on ice
-Hasn’t been skating for a while now

CK23 back on ice
-Was out due to an unknown injury sustained during game vs Columbus

Line switch up