Imagine Pietro leaving you love notes around the tower - requested by sxlinanoir

You stared down at the small piece of paper that you found folded up next to the coffee pot. It had your name scribbled on the front of it in messy hand writing just like the last one. This was the third one you had found this week. The first one came when you were having a particularly tough day. 

You couldn’t seem to get anything right and wanted to cry out of pure frustration. It felt like one thing after another and a stressful training session, that included being knocked on your ass multiple times, hadn’t been the greatest way to end your day. You remembered fighting back tears when you unlocked your room. You dropped your jacket onto your bed and, in hopes of finding relaxation and comfort, you went to take a hot shower. But you stopped when you felt something crunch under your foot. 

You bent down and picked up a small piece of paper. You unfolded it and found the words, 

As long as you have at least one person caring for you, life isn’t a waste. So when things go wrong and you feel like quitting, please remember you’ve still got me.”

You smiled widely, and as silly as it was, you blinked back tears. That note had been exactly what you’d needed; a reminder that you weren’t alone and that everything was going to be okay in the end. 

The second came at a seemingly random time. You’d been laying on the couch in the lounge, watching a movie, with a bucket of popcorn on the end table next to you. Natasha was there and so was Wanda, her brother, Steve and Clint. 

You went to stretch out along the couch which ended with you putting your feet in Wanda’s lap, to which she protested.

“Oh what’s wrong?” You laughed. “You don’t like being my foot rest?”

“Not really.” She chuckled, pushing your feet onto the floor. You promptly put them back on top of her and gave her a smug look. “Damn it, (Y/N).” She reached over and grabbed a fistful of popcorn and threw it at you. This sparked the greatest popcorn fight you’d ever been apart of. You ended up heading back to your room with butter and popcorn kernels in your hair. 

You laughed to yourself as you got into the elevator. You reached over to push the button for your floor when you saw another note taped over the top of it. This one had your name written on the front of it. Curious, you pulled it off the wall and opened it up.

“They say you fall in love only once. That is a lie. Every time I look at you, I fall in love all over again.”

With a small smile, you folded up that note and slid it into your back pocket. Whoever was leaving you those little messages had definitely gotten your attention. You thought hard as to who it could be but to no avail.

Now, you stared at the small piece of paper in your hands and felt the corners of your lips twitch upwards. You opened it up and read,

“You’re the reason I’m breathing, but yet sometimes you take my breath away. I may be fast, but I never saw you coming. And I’ll never be the same. For the first time in my life, I want to take things slowly because I want to appreciate every moment, every little thing, with you that I can.”

You felt heat rising to your cheeks and your heart flutter. “I may be fast, but I never saw you coming…” Realization hit you just a second before a voice behind you spoke.

“I know they are cheesy,” he said. “But I couldn’t bring myself to approach you about my feelings.” 

You turned around and your eyes met his electrifying blue ones. “Pietro…” you whispered.

His cheeks were bright red as he scratched the back of his neck. “What do you say, dragul meu?

You shook your head and perched on your toes, placing a kiss on his warm lips. 


dragul meu - my love

This is probably going to make Bruce Banner angry.. and.. well.. you know how that goes. Anyway, this beautiful sentence comes from Amy Czetyrbok and Wyatt. Here’s what she said about the quote:

Our 6 year old son Wyatt said this to my dad when he asked if he thought they (him and Hulk) looked the same.

I Shall Avenge You

Prompt: Tony and the reader get into an argument. Pietro, who is quite fond of the reader, decides to pull a series of pranks on Tony.

Pairing: Pietro/Reader (Romantic) Tony/Reader (Platonic)

Warning: Language

Words: 4,258 

(I had way too much fun with this.)

Your name: submit What is this?

“Fuck you, Stark!” Pietro paused, looking up from his drink as the lights flickered overhead. He peered curiously over his shoulder in time to find Y/N emerge from the lab. His pale blue gaze trailed after her as she stormed across the living room. Pietro frowned, the crease between his brows deepening at her state of being.  Her eyes were red and bleary, and cheeks were flushed with anger. Cocking his head to the side, he watched as she stomped up the stairs and towards the hallway.

“There they go again.” Natasha sighed. She tipped back her drink, sharing a knowing look with Clint.

“What do you think it was about this time?” Steve asked, worry crossing his features as he watched the young woman depart.

“Who knows. He’s probably just being an ass.” Clint said. “In case anyone here forgot, Tony’s quite good at that.” Pietro placed his drink down. He would give it a few moments before going after Y/N. She hated it when he was there at the first sign of a meltdown.

“Does that happen often?” Sam asked, looking around at the others.

Seconds later, Tony stalked into the room, rubbing his jaw.

“Where’d she go?” He demanded. “Can you believe that she punched me?” Tony announced, as if no one in the room had been paying him any attention before. “Honestly! I run a billion dollar company. I can’t go around sporting wounds that aren’t World Saving related!”

“I thought Pepper ran the company?” Natasha reminded him. Tony shot her a scathing look, to which she responded with a grin.

“Y/N did that?” Bruce asked incredulously, his dark brows rising. Thor laughed, loudly.

“She is quite the fighter, isn’t she?” The God of Thunder asked Steve, whose eyes glittered cheekily over his drink at Tony.

“I’m surprised she only punched you.” Cap chuckled and cracking a grin, much to Tony’s annoyance. “Whatever you said must have been bad.”

“I’d say. I would have at least expected a broken nose. Or a swift kick to the gonads.” Natasha smirked. “I’m disappointed she didn’t at least use her powers for a more creative punishment.”

“I thought you taught her better, Nat.” Clint teased, twirling his drum sticks. Stark gave a dramatic roll of his eyes.

“Aren’t we supposed to be teaching the kids not to disrespect their elders?” He gestured a hand towards the hallway Y/N had disappeared to. Knowing the phrase all too well, Wanda and Pietro glowered at Tony. It had become his go-to phrase whenever it came to the twins or Y/N as of late.

“Well, what did you do?”

“She was helping me with an experiment when words were exchanged— next thing you know she punches me!”

“Words, Tony?” Steve leaned forward pointedly.

Tony heaved a dramatic sigh. “You all look at me like this is my fault, when I am clearly the victim here!” He gestured to his face. The others gave Tony a dubious look.

“Well you obviously said something that pissed her off enough to cause bodily harm.” Steve pointed out. Pietro gave the Captain an appreciative glance.

“Is no one on my side?” Tony looked to Bruce. “Bruce? How about you buddy?”

Bruce helplessly shrugs. “He has a point Tony. Y/N usually keeps her cool with you.”

“Thanks Buddy.” Tony murmured, before turning his attention to the group as a whole. “Okay,” He threw out his hands. “We got into an argument about our latest mission. You know, the one where Y/N came home injured?” Pietro’s jaw set at the reminder. “Yeah that. I may, or may not have insinuated she isn’t really a part of this team.” Tony finally said. Upon the glares he received, he raised his hands up in defense. “But I actually didn’t mean it the way it sounded. It’s not my fault she has a temper-”

Having had enough of Stark for one day, Pietro was down the hall in a flash. He also took great care in striking Tony in the arm as he passed.

“Hey!” Tony snapped, stumbling backwards. “What was that for?!”

“I believe it had to do with the fact that you upset his partner.” Vision responded coolly from his spot besides Wanda.


Y/N was breathing raggedly. Silent tears ran down her cheeks as she clenched and unclenched her fists. Tony had a way of getting under her skin. He was, in a way, her father figure she supposed. His opinion mattered on things, and to hear how he truly viewed her well…

Friday’s voice finally roused her from the depths of her mind. “Miss Y/N?”


“Pietro Maximoff is here, Miss Y/N. Should I send him away?”

“Yes.” She answered. “Tell him to go away before I throw him out of the nearest window.”

At that, the door bursts open. The sudden gust of wind and the soft pressure applied against her lips announced her boyfriend’s arrival.

Y/N scowled, “Friday I thought-!”

“I would think twice about the window. Wanda might not like that, printesa.” Pietro was there, leaning against her door. “I believe her exact words to be, give him hell Y/N, but please, do no maim.”

“I am sorry. I believe Miss Maximoff momentarily caused a malfunction in the locking mechanism.” Friday informed them. “Do you want me to fetch Thor or Steve to remove him, Miss?” Pietro couldn’t help but smile smugly at that, and regarded Y/N with faint amusement. Y/N pursed her lips into a thin line. They both knew that if she called on any of the others, they wouldn’t be able to catch him.

“It’s alright Friday.” She called out. “I’ll handle him.” Thanks Wanda, she thought grouchily knowing that the younger Maximoff would hear her. Thank You so much. “So, what do you want?” Y/N turned away from Pietro. She promptly ran the back of one hand over her eyes, in an attempt to wipe away her tears. He had been in there for no longer than a minute, and already his stare was beginning to bear down on her. Anger and fear began swirling into one internal explosive cocktail. She was afraid that, in her irrational state, she would hurt him.

“Want to talk about it?” He asked, glancing fleetingly at the broken pieces of furniture and objects scattered across the ground.

Y/N’s gaze was trained on the mess she had created before he had entered. Her arms laced together, attempting to hold in the nearly imperceptible tremors racking her body.

“I’m not in the mood speedy.” When Y/N finally spoke, her voice was raw and hollow. “Get out of here before I murder you.”

Pietro smirked and shrugged. “I am fast.” He said, coming over and leaning against her bed post. “I’m sure you can not catch me.”

“Wanna bet?” She smirked wryly, daring a glance in his direction.

“I will take the bet.” He wore a slightly arrogant smirk, yet his unwavering stare held more than that. The emotion was as clear as day; undisguised worry and a sort of luminous adoration burned behind his gaze. “You won’t kill me. If you did, you will miss me, no?”

They stared each other down. The chilled anger on her face wasn’t directed at him. Pietro knew that; but the flicker of fear in Y/N’s eyes? Well, that fear was directed towards him. Understanding washed over Pietro’s features, and he took a step towards her. “Y/N-”

She backed away, wrapping her arms tighter around her mid-section. “Pietro, I just want to be alone.”

“And I think you shouldn’t be.” He responded. “You get too deep in your head, go out, start blowing things up.” Y/N’s head snapped up. Pietro winked good-naturedly at her appalled look. “You know, using your powers to relieve stress never ends well for anyone. Besides me.” She frowned. “I get to watch all the others scramble around like chickens with their heads cut off whenever you and Wanda show any sign of rage.”

“You think you are so funny.” Her echo is flat as she stared holes into the wall.

“I don’t think so. I know I am.”

The youngest Avenger huffed. “You’re really not good with these things Pietro.” She retorted coolly without so much as a turn of her head. She plopped unceremoniously down onto her bed and pulled her knees up to her chest. “Can you just leave now?” She asked with a soft bitterness.

“No, you just want an excuse to be alone.” Pietro’s heart turned over in his chest at her. “Besides, I have taken care of Wanda all my life.” He responded airily. “Talked her down at her most, volatile moments and—”

“She’s only twelve minutes younger than you.” Y/N deadpanned.

Pietro shrugged, dismissing the topic. “Ahh, but it does not take from fact that I am good listener.”

The speedster settled himself beside her. Silence stretched out between them, filled with the occasional sniffle or shifting of the sheets.

“You know, I still hate him sometimes.” Pietro said. “Especially when he causes you distress, moja ljubezen.”

“You shouldn’t hate him. He’s not that bad Pietro.” Y/N exhaled a shaky breath. “Just… pig headed.”

“So you say.” Pietro glanced down at her fingers, laced ever so tightly in front of her on her lap. He reached out, covering her hands with his own. When she didn’t pull away, he continued. “But he makes you upset. So I think I can hate him,” The pale eyed boy nudged her shoulder with his. “just a little, don’t you think?”

“It’s not worth it.” Y/N suppressed a sigh, not meeting his eyes and suddenly focusing a great deal on his hand. “We fight all the time, you know that.”

“If it’s something strong enough to make you so upset, it is not nothing.” Y/N paused, before studying the eldest Maximoff. His expression was sincerity in itself, but his eyes, they twinkled with a mischievous glint.


“I would like to propose a course of action!” Pietro finally exclaimed after a brief lull. “If, of course, you are willing.”

“And what might this ‘course of action’ entail?” Y/N glanced up at him, resisting the urge to smile at his sudden excited state.

“I shall bother Stark every day until you are happy.” Y/N shifted in her seat to face him. He kept hold of one of her hands, running the pad of his thumb over her knuckles soothingly.

“Pietro, no. That’s such a… childish method to get back at him. I just need to talk to him when I’m ready—”

“So responsible Dragul meu.” He said, clicking his tongue disapprovingly. Y/N caught his eye, shuddering at the sound of his native tongue. She absolutely adored it when he called her pet names in Romanian.

“That’s the thing Pietro, I’m not being responsible.” She intervened firmly. “I shouldn’t have ran and hid in here. I should have confronted him— I should have—”

“Used his, or used your own precious life force to blow up his lab? Hm?” Y/N remained silent. “Doesn’t sound like a very good plan to me.”

“I know, I’ll talk to him, but right now—” Y/N began to disentangle their hands.

“I know, I know. You aren’t ready.” Pietro finished, pulling her with him as he fell backwards onto the bed. Y/N turned her head and frowned at him. “And that’s fine. All I’m asking,” When she made to sit up, the speedster tugged her backwards, until her spine was pressed flush up against his chest. “Is for your permission to pull a couple harmless pranks.” Pietro’s touch was tender and gentle; he brushed his nose up and along her collar bone. His lips peppered small kisses along the base of her neck upwards, before ghosting the line of her jaw as she tried to squirm out of his grasp.

She resigned quickly, with a defeated huff. “Not fair. I have every right to be mad right now.” Y/N chided, as her head lolled back under his kisses.

“I wish nothing more than to make you feel better, Y/N.” He muttered into her shoulder; she would never admit it, but she liked the way his scruff tickled her bare skin. “Please, allow me this much.”

“Pietro—” Feeling that her muscles, that were once forever tense, were beginning to relax, Pietro grinned. “Fine. Just… with the pranks. You can’t injure him.”

“Of course dragul meu.”

“And don’t destroy anything too expensive?”

“Wouldn’t dream of it, lumea mea.”

“Tony won’t like it.” She warned him finally.

“I believe that is the point.” Pietro stifled a laugh.

“I know… And Pietro?” Y/N smiled softly, rolling over in his arms to face him. “Don’t think you can make a habit of this, Maximoff.” She pressed her hands with force flat against his breast to keep him, and his lips, at bay. She could feel the vibrations of his upper body as he chuckled.

“I make no promises, Printesa.” Pietro’s lingering gaze turned soft. He leaned forward, running his large hands down her sides. Pietro pressed a chaste kiss to her forehead, followed by a light, lingering kiss to her lips.

— —

Over the next two weeks, Pietro made Tony Starks life rather, difficult. At first his pranks were harmless. Comical, even: Move a chair here and there, and watch as Tony fell on his bum, spluttering in surprise; switch out his entire alcohol collection for some concoction that looked similar (but tasted horrible); or even lock the older man in several utility closets. If someone was around to witness, Pietro would slow just enough to offer his audience a cheeky smile and wink, before taking off.

To no one’s surprise, Pietro’s “pranks” began to escalate. Anything Tony held would be taken from him and promptly hidden. If it wasn’t a particularly expensive looking equipment (or better yet, if it was a recent invention) it would be almost guaranteed to find its own personal spot on the floor. Shattered into a billion tiny pieces. If it wasn’t that, Tony found himself constantly shoved, or tripped in the hallways.

Tony would try and fight back. Oh, he tried. He placed traps about the Tower, much to the teams dismay. He programmed Friday to alert him of Quicksilver’s whereabouts at all times. He even started wearing pieces of his suit around the Tower in hopes of catching the speedster off guard. And yet, Pietro managed to avoid all form of punishment.

“That was for my printesa!” Pietro would call out eagerly every now and again while he triggered on of Tony’s traps just for the hell of it.

Either the speedster was omniscient. Or he had allies. By the amused looks amongst his team members, Tony was betting on the latter.

“We’re avengers. What is it Tony likes to say?“ Pietro looked around, before pausing in front of Y/N. “If we can’t protect each other, it is a sure damn thing that we shall avenge each other?”

She stifled a laugh. “I’m pretty sure that isn’t how it goes.”

“It was pretty inspirational though.” Bruce commented, smiling down at Natasha who didn’t attempt to hide her enjoyment.

“Don’t go taking my material, Sonic!” Tony snapped as he got up from his place on the floor. “And this is your last warning! Stop touching my stuff!”

“I shall avenge you, Dragoste.” Pietro held his lovers hand up to his lips, pressing a gentle kiss along her knuckles. “I swear it.”

— —

Tony Stark had had enough.

“I’m going to kill him.” He announced, holding up one of his newest—and now broken—toys. “That’s it. Say goodbye to speed racer because he’s dead.” Tony slammed it onto the table, staring down his fellow Avengers. Wanda narrowed her eyes at him, but said nothing. “And you all can either help me, or at the very least stop helping the little bastard.”

“Language Stark.” Steve teased. “Wouldn’t want to corrupt Junior over there, would you?” He gestured to Vision, who looked up confused. Wanda smiled softly, and placed a gentle hand on his upper arm.

“This isn’t funny Gramps.” Tony snapped, “My things are being taken. Destroyed. This is my house.” He straightened. “Or did all of you conveniently forget that?”

“I think we all know what needs to happen before this will stop.” Clint told him. “Apologize to Y/N.”

“She struck me Barton.” Tony snapped. “All I said was the truth. I will not apologize for the truth.” A bitter wind cut through the air, and he was shoved violently into the counter. “Son of a— Pietro!”

“Mr. Stark, I’m right here.” Pietro joked, suddenly standing in front of him. “You don’t need to shout.” Tony scowled.

“You listen to me you little—”

“Morning everyone.” Y/N bounded into the kitchen, and upon seeing Tony and Pietro at each other’s throats, came to an halt. “Everything okay?” She asked, biting the inside of her cheek. The air was thick with uneasiness.

“Good morning Y/N,” Natasha stood, “you ready for our session?” She made her way over to the youngest Avenger. “We should get started right away.” Agent Romanoff stated, jutting her chin pointedly at the two men, before leaving the room.

“Yeah,” Y/N called after her, gaze lingering on the scene. “Yeah, I’ll be right there. Pietro—?”

Her boyfriend was behind her in the blink of an eye, his hand pressed lightly into the small of her back as comfort. “Do not worry Dragoste. We were simply talking.” Pietro looked over her head to lock gazes with Tony. “Right, Mr. Stark?”

“I’m sure you were,” Y/N hummed. “but Pietro don’t you think—”

“Okay, I’ve been trying to let this slide, but honestly.” Tony pushed himself off of the wall, locking gazes with the younger woman. “You’re being childish. If you have a problem with me,” He inwardly winced as Y/N stared at him. The same look of contempt that ended their last conversation graced her expression. “Use your words. Don’t send Speedy Gonzales here to do your dirty work.” He shook his head, heading over to the refrigerator and pulling out the jug of milk. “And you wonder why you aren’t a part of this team? You create rifts. You don’t and, can’t bring us together.” At his words, she felt her rage spark all over again.

“I don’t want to talk to you.” Y/N answered after a brief, shaky pause; her tone frigid and unforgiving. “If I thought we could have a civil conversation, I would attempt one.” Her hands clenched into fists at her sides, fingernails digging into her palms.

Sensing her temperament and fearful of the outcome, Wanda shot her brother a look. Pietro reached over and gently tangled his fingers with her own. “But obviously, this isn’t going to work. What with me being a child and all.” With that, she turned on her heel and stalked off after Natasha.

Pietro stared after her. He had expected a bigger reaction than that. Tony blinked in surprised and frowned, suddenly unsettled at her lack of fight.

Perhaps this had gone too far after all.


“Miss Y/N?”

“Yeah Friday?” She called out, turning the page of her book.

“Mr. Maximoff has requested that you meet him in the library.” Y/N smiled to herself, and folded the corner of the page she was on before throwing her legs over the side of her bed.

“Thanks Friday. Can you tell him I’ll be there in a minute?” She asked as she checked over her appearance in the mirror, before heading out of her room. “Lord knows that boy can be impatient.”

“I will do just that. Anything else I can do for you?” Friday’s voice asked.

“No, thanks.”

When Y/N arrived, there didn’t appear to be anyone in the library. “Friday, where’s Pietro?” The sound of the door sliding shut and locking behind her alerted her to something amiss. Y/N spun around to stare at it quizzically. “Friday?” Her heart raced beneath her chest as she pressed the button to open it. It didn’t budge. “Friday, can you open the door to the library, please?”

“Your punches are getting better.” Said a voice that definitely wasn’t Pietro’s. Y/N’s back went rigid and she paused, as the lights turned on overhead. Tony and his dramatics… She inwardly sighed.

Overcoming her bewilderment, she put an obviously forced look of indifference on her face. Allowing her hands to fall back down to her sides, she hissed “Traitor!” at the A.I. before turning around.

He was lounging about in one of the large red chairs, nursing a half-drunk glass of whiskey. He was quiet, and lost in his thoughts as he swirled the golden liquid carefully around its glass casing. “Well? What do you want?” Tony paused in his actions, and instead of answering settled for studying Y/N for a moment. “If you aren’t going to talk to me, tell Friday to let me out before I let myself out.” She leaned heavily back against the wall. Tony nodded several times, pursing his lips before taking a large swig of his drink.

“I want to settle whatever beef there is between us.” He announced, hopping to his feet. When doubt flickered across her expression, Tony continued. “Honestly, why does no one believe me when I say that I feel terrible? Look,” he pointed to his head. “I’m getting a bald spot from all this stress.”

“I’m sure you do.” Y/N crossed her arms over her chest. “And I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that Pietro hasn’t let you have a moment of peace since our fight. Right?”

“Yes,” Tony confirmed. “That does play a big part in it.” Y/N scoffed, looking away from him. “But it also has to do with the fact that you,” He lifted his drink, pointing a finger at her. “You won’t even look at me without anything less than a hint of contempt.”

He received an eye roll, followed by the shake of her head. “Bull, you get looks like this all the time Tony—”

“But not from you, and not for this long!” Y/N stopped compressing her lips together at his outburst. “Listen,” He abandoned his drink. “Y/N, we’re a team. Have been since you were a kid.”

“Apparently I’m still a child—”

“I didn’t mean it that way.” The stern exclamation silenced her utterance. He raked his fingers through his hair. “Just listen okay? I look at you, and I see a girl I’ve sort of raised,”

“Pepper and my mom did most of that.” She supplied. He ignored it.

“And I’m protective over you. You’re like my… spawn. My child thing.” Y/N paused, a bewildered half smile forming at the term. Tony threw out his hands in a wide, theatrical gesture. “All of this, the tower, my money and corporation, will be yours eventually—”

“Unless some corporation overtakes yours, or you are bought out, or you and Pepper have a child…?” Y/N scrunched her brow in confusion. “Tony what are—” He had gotten considerably closer, and had yet to let his gaze— or arms, for that matter— fall.

“What I’m trying to say is, I’m sorry for how I treated you. I was scared that I’d lose you to this team, so I kept telling myself you aren’t a part of it.” He said quietly. “But you are. You and Speedy are dating, and Capsicle and the little witch are like your weird, best friends and Nat is your favorite, Russian aunt assassin. And I need to let myself accept the fact that you are growing up. I love you, kid.” Y/N rolled her eyes, but her demeanor softened considerably.

There was a pregnant pause. Tony pursed his lips, before dropping his arms. “So, are you going to give your old man a hug, or-?”

“You aren’t my dad, Tony.” Y/N laughed, before throwing her arms around his neck. “But I love you. And I’m sorry for what I said.” He froze, briefly stunned by the embrace, before wrapping his arms tightly around her waist. He pressed his lips to the side of her head in consolation. “I know you’re just trying to look out for me. But Tony, you need to actually take me seriously and listen sometimes.”

“I will, I will.” Tony muttered into her hair. “Just don’t ever look at me that way again, okay? You and Pepper—” He swallowed thickly. “You two can’t look at me like that all the time, okay?”

“Yeah, okay.”

“I’m serious.” He insisted.

“Just shut up.”

The pair settled into silence, before she asked. “Hey Tony?”


“Can you repeat all of that? Maybe make a bigger gesture?” She pulled back and looked up at him teasingly. “I think some tears are needed here Stark.”

“Not a chance. I know you heard me fine the first time.” Tony released her and walked back to his drink. “Besides, pride leaves an awful aftertaste.”

The urge to roll her eyes again was nearly impossible at this point, but Y/N smiled anyways. “Well, now that we’ve settled this,” Tony gestured between them. “Can you call off Silver? He’s really starting to get underneath my skin.”

At his beseeching tone, Y/N smiled regretfully. “Yeah Tony, I can do that.”