Ed Brubaker, ace writer of both superhero and crime stories, spittin’ some truth. Take notes, WB. Get cracking on those Wonder Woman and Flash movies. 

[Sebastian]’s really got into it. He’s read all the comics already and spent the last year prepping by just immersing himself in Cold War history, to the point where he would comment on some of the stuff about the origin of the Winter Soldier that I put in the comic. He’d say, ‘Did you know that there really was a General assassinated back then?’ and I’d say, 'Yes, that’s what I based it on - I took actual moments of history and put him into them.’ He was so into the ride and you couldn’t ask for more.
—  Ed Brubaker

A lovely moment of Bat/Cat. I love Batman’s softer side here, even though at the time, Selina didn’t know it was Bruce beneath the mask. It’s like he couldn’t help letting Bruce out in her presence, especially in rare moments like this one where she was vulnerable.

Oh New 52, please learn something from your past!

Panels from Catwoman v3 #19