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FBC EXCLUSIVE: Nick and Joe Manganiello Reveal The “Magic” Behind ‘La Bare’

I don't want to hear it
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by CalmStorm

Stiles and Liam are brothers. One day when Liam comes home earlier than expected he’s in for a bit of a shock.


The time Liam walked in on Derek and Stiles.

Words: 1138, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at

right let’s have a nice lil list

my bro’s made the house gross i dont think i can cope so

  • clean kitchen (inc mop floor)
  • go foodshopping?? at least clean out moudly fridge things
  • clean bathroom bc i dropped a plant in there
  • if im brave ill attempt to clean my brtoher’s gross sink (is it weird id rather clean a loo than my brother’s toothpaste infested sink?)
  • (i actually quite liking cleaning toilets that must be weird)
  • hoover house
  • tidy my room n clean windows
  • oooh let us do some window cleaning
  • yeah def a bit of food shopping not much just enough to last another day or two
  • bath!!!!!!! or shower idk
  • make my feet pretty
  • pluck eyebrows
  • veg out on sofa lamenting loss of shari
  • should probs see mum n grandma