i’m rpobabably not gfoing to Friend’s house today because it is fucking 9 pm and i’m Still home we Still haven’t left and i didn’t. plan on spending the night over there. tomorrow is their brther’s bday and i DIdn’t want to be there around a Whole lot of people i don’t kno and I’m so mad

But now i’m here to Stay i got all dressed up to go places for NOThing

I thought weekends were supposed to be breaks what the heck

  • Caravaggio
  • The Raising of Lazarus
  • 1609
  • Messina, Sicily
  • Oil on Canvas
  • patron:  Lazzari
  • Chapel altarpiece that is over life size
  • Name association (Lazzari, Lazarus)
  • The choice was determined by patron
  • Lazarus fallen sick
  • Called for Jesus
  • Lazarus has been dead for 4 days
  • But Jesus said all should go to grave; to have faith
  • Lazarus emerged alive from his tomb
  • Last work, completed in May of 1610

anonymous said:

do Australians really yell "stralia" randomly and everyone around them will cheer? i have a bet with my older brther about this subject

Not really, but if you were to shout it out on Australia Day, people would definitely cheer

my 2 irl friends lie rt and thats just. sooo embrassassing. amis little brther loves them too and i just, how much do you hate yourself? i u like rooster teetth i am so sorry


This movie is action. This movie was made 2004. Hero is Donggun,Won bin.This movie deal with korea war.Many people see to sad.

Story is war with brothers. Big brother do anything for small brother.Medal is given people to have achievements.Big brother want to have medal.Because medal escort one people for home.But When war go, big brother is known small brther to die.Fact ,small brother don`t die.After this work, Big brother fight for North korea .Beacuse big brother feel betrayal.At last ,Big brother is known to live small brother.However big brother is died.This movie is sad story.This movie is given war sad to me.Watch this movie.