Piling on the layers!

Getting ready to trek into town with OldNewwby.

Gonna cheer myself up with a bit of retail therapy before heading to the doctors.

Had this appointment planned for weeks (they are concerned about my fluctuating blood pressure - apparently, its a side effect of the contraception I’m on) but I’m also gonna mention my current state of general illness and see if they have any suggestions.

today we went out to a creek to measure stream flow and stuff bc hydrology class, and I had hip waders on, but then I took them off to give them to someone else and jumped back in because I forgot to take a water sample for my own algal purposes and wow that was cold fuck u rochester


The episode I most wanted and waited to see in Gravity Falls Season 2 “Soos and the real girl” and finally I can watch it.

I feel happy and pleased with this epsiode nothing to feel disappointed, nothing :)

Now thanks Gravity Falls crew now I’ll never touch and play a date simulator game because you don’t know if that game is cursed and the female characte of the game is a crazy evil computer program who wants you.


Ha ha ha ha ha just kidding but seriously who knows….

I want to see Soos and Melody as a couple in season 2 finale.

Soos’s grandma is creepy reading his grandson dairy and stalking him most of the time.


I liked this character girl design whe she was running and screaming from Soos in the mall.


Giffany is welll…. you know cutevil and super obsessive. I like that pixelated style they use in the show. 


Can we just talk how the Credits scene? because hat was very hilarous and awesome.

I’m loving more and more Gravity Falls season 2.


THE GOOD NEWS: A cold front rolled through yesterday and brought our 100 degree temperatures down into the 70’s. Tucker and I took the opportunity to enjoy a little time in our suburban outdoors.

THE BAD NEWS: A cold front rolled through yesterday and brought our 100 degree temperatures down into the 70’s. Today is the long awaited Wags & Waves, a water park event where Hawaiian Falls allows dogs to come play for the day. It’s currently 58. The dogs won’t mind, but I sure do! Brrrrrr…

Also wishing much fun to our friend emmathebean at the Canines for the Cure Agility Shoot-Out today!