A random strip for the month of hearts from the recent browser designs I made
Nothing too serious for now ok? haha

I’ll consider making some strips from time to time (since It’s fun)

((I would love to hear some fun facts from you sparkling people which I may have missed in my research. Links will be appreciated~!))



Online art tool by William Ngan can convert images into triangulated polygons, which you can edit in-browser and saved as SVG file:

Kubist transforms an ordinary image into cubism-like composition.

One of the most fascinating aspects in digital arts is the interplay between imaginations and algorithms, the unending surprises derived from tweaking your ideas and tweaking your code, back and forth. I encourage you to try out Kubist, as well as getting the source code and putting your imaginative forces to work!

You can try out the app online here, or find out more how it was put together here


Meet Osine and Anesi, the Nigerian Teenagers Who Built a Mobile Web Browser

“My name is Osine Ikhianosime and I am 13 years old. I am the co-developer of Crocodile Browser Lite. I write the code. My brother designs it,” Osine told TechCabal in his pitch mail.

Osine Ikhianosime is like any other any other boy his age and at the same time he isn’t. He loves playing soccer and is fascinated with learning new things, but not every 13 year old takes coding as a hobby – Osine does.

Born April 28, 2001, his interest in computers began at age 7. It was also at this age that he, along with his brother, Anesi Ikhianosime, who was 9 at the time (born June 1, 1999), came up with the idea of starting a company. First named Doors, with Microsoft’s “Windows” as inspiration, it had to be changed to BluDoors, when they discovered that the first name was already taken.

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The Dilla Dimension

Browser-based 3D experience put together by Cartelle Interactive is a tribute to Hip-Hop producer J Dilla and his final album: 

The Dilla Dimension is an interactive, short film that tells the story of two sugarcoated souls and their psychedelic journey through outer space. Each step of their voyage is crafted to a selection of tracks from J Dilla’s classic album, Donuts.

An alternate universe, blanketed with hypercolor sugar and fluorescent glaze, gives birth to an unlikely cluster of donut holes. Suddenly, they are split apart and scattered across a sea of hypnotic, interstellar chaos. But the impossible takes shape when a love is sparked, leading to a desperate search across the universe for one another.

The Dilla Dimension will be launched on Dilla Day 2015 to celebrate 9 years of the album’s release and the life of one of hiphop’s most innovative & influential figures. It uses a league of new technologies to create a completely digital film that’s made with real-time programmed effects. This allows for an immersive interactive experience, not unlike that of a video game.

Experience it for yourself here