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Do you ever put on eyeshadow for crossplay? I'm kinda new to this so I don't know if it actually makes a difference in looking more masculine ^^"

Yes! I actually use eyeshadow more than anything else for crossplay!

I plan on a video tutorial of this as soon as I have time to film it but for now I hope this explanation will help:

1. I always start off by contouring my eyes. I take a matte brown eyeshadow that is more ashy than warm, and apply it with a fluffy brush into my crease, in an attempt to mimic the shape of the specific character’s eye. For a character like Tokiya, I make sure to darken up my inner crease area, right under my eyebrow near the bridge of my nose, and I carry that color all the way through my crease to define it. I will then take an even darker brown eyeshadow and draw in a second crease and blend that into the first brown shadow. For characters with droopy eyes, you can use eyeshadow to change your eyelid shape to be more slanted downwards, and for shota characters you can use it to widen your eyes by creating a second crease higher than your natural in a nice upside down U shape. 

2. After contouring my eyes I move on to the lid where I always put a matte shadow that is as close to my skin tone as possible. Even when using a primer, your veins and redness of your lids can sometimes still show through, so adding a matte skin tone shade is helpful to create a blank canvas. 

3. I also use black eyeshadow as a base before eyeliner. I will take a small smudger brush and place small amounts of black eyeshadow on my lash line extending outwards into the shape the characters “eyeliner” has. For droopy eyed characters you can extend this out past your natural eyelid and curve it downwards under your natural lower lash line. And when you draw your eyeliner on your lower lash line, you keep it below your natural one to accentuate that droopyness. If the characters eyes are big and bright you can use black eyeshadow to create a wing like shape upwards from your lash line to open up your eyes. 

4. For some characters I don’t even use liquid eyeliner because I feel it’s too harsh, and black eyeshadow does a better job of tricking the eyeshape than bold eyeliner. But for characters like Izumi, I go all out with the eyeliner, and I even use false lashes! He’s such a feminine shota it always looks weird without them. 

To sum up, depending on the character you are going for, you will use lighter or darker shades of brown eyeshadow, but remember more is better for photography so if you take a selfie in natural daylight and you still looked washed out or like you didn’t really wear makeup, don’t be afraid to apply more! As far as looking more masculine (if that is the character type you are doing) eyeshadow can make a big difference because you are essentially drawing a new face by highlighting and contouring. You use highlighting to accentuate the features you want to stand out, and contouring to hide or help certain features recede into the background. Contouring your eyes with darker brown shadow makes them recede into your socket area, which is wonderful for characters like Levi, as he usually looks sleep deprived. :P

I highly recommend checking out crossplay makeup tutorials on youtube, or searching for “male to female makeup” and getting a feel for the different ways to transform your face. And then just play around with different looks and characters until you develop a technique you like for your features! I’m constantly evolving my crossplay makeup; I feel like I apply it completely different every time! 

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What is your makeup routine? I'm sorry I'm not sure if you've been asked this before 😱

Armani luminous silk foundation in shade 3, hourglass ambient powder in dim light, nars blush in douceur, nars copacabana illuminator, becca shimmering skin perfector in pearl, cover girl clump crusher mascara, Mac brown script eye shadow



Hey everyone! I hope you all are having a wonderful day. I got a request to do a tutorial on an easy smokey eye so here is my easy smokey eye that anyone can do.

1. Prime your eye with your favorite makeup base. I used Painterly paint pot by MAC.

2. Sweep a brown shades over your lids and through the crease a few shades darker than your skin tone. I used Limit and Nooner by Urban Decay. If you aren’t sure what color to use, use a similar to a shade to your favorite bronzer. Smokey eyes are all about browns, not black!!

3. Choose a dark brown color and place that over where you applied the lighter brown in step 2 as well as through the lower lash line. I used Sable from the Lorac Pro Palette. Make sure to blend blend blend!!

4. Continue darkening up the crease with darker and darker brown. I used Espresso from the Lorac Pro Palette and Smut from MAC. Make sure to continually blend between each layer of dark brown.

5. OPTIONAL add a sparkly brown over the lid. I used Satin Taupe. If you are making this a nighttime look the sparkly color over top of the brown shadows already in place really adds dimension and drama. 

6. Line your eyes with your favorite eyeliner and apply mascara. I used Inglot’s black gel eyeliner and Tetra by Stila on the lower waterline. For mascara I used Benefit’s They’re Real. 

That’s it! Smokey eyes can be daunting but I promise if you take it slow and use mostly brown shadows, you will be able to accomplish it with ease. Let me know if you have any requests for a specific look and be sure to leave any comments or questions in my ask box. Have a beautiful day!

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