Breezy Linen Knitwear

I love linen knitwear around this time of year. Linen wears cool when it’s warm and warm when it’s cool, which makes it perfect for those moderate temperatures in the early spring and late fall. It’s also great for layering when cashmere or wool might feel too stuffy. I’ve been wearing my linen knits on weekends with brown leather jackets, tan flannel trousers, and brown suede chukkas. So much of classic men’s style is bifurcated between formal city wear and casual country clothing. This feels like a nice in-between.

The problem with a lot of linen knits, however, is that they don’t hang very well. Since linen is derived from a plant fiber, rather than animal hair, it doesn’t have any crimp, so the yarns feel a bit lifeless. Inis Meain’s knits are the only exceptions I’ve seen. Their linen yarns have a nice, dry hand and a great spring-back quality, which gives their sweaters some body and ensures that the cuffs won’t easily stretch-out. These are essentially just like your best cold-weather knits, but made for the springtime.

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