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Merry Christmas from everyone here at Shotastuck!! And happy holidays to everyone who isn’t celebrating christmas uwu. We hope you have a good one!!

skaviris asked:

hello, this is a bit random, but can you tell me what songs you have in your playlist? theyre so nice!

Oh no problem friend!! Here we go:

Santa U Are The One by Super Junior

Oh My God by T-ARA

Last Christmas (Cover by SHINee)

Happiness (Cover by Super Junior, Original by H.O.T)

1,2,3 by f(x)

These are all k-pop songs haha (though some are in english, like 1,2,3, Last Christmas, and Santa U Are The One)

gendstil asked:

may I inquire what tool you used to draw mituna and sollux in Christmas sweaters ?

I use a tool called “Stumpy Pencil”! it’s on a google blogger blog somewhere, so if you just look up stumpy pencil it should be there. It’s a photoshop brush, so it won’t work in sai or anything :O

Oh and if you do get it, it won’t open in your brushes preset window!!

it’ll show up in your tool presets window instead :O