*cries* siwon’s so sweet…always there when hyukkie is crying, always holding him and kissing him on the forehead to help calm him down…it’s so beautiful!!!! T_______________T siwon’s so sweet and I just wanna say thank you for taking care of bb hyukkie <3 *gross weeping* (top image via)

The Finnish presenter interviewed Christian and they talked about the incident last race when Seb tried to make Christian tell the presenter he loved him in Finnish and then Christian goes: “Well, I’m not asking you to marry me, that’s for sure!” and excuse me for jumping to conclusions but does this mean Seb knows how to ask someone to marry him in Finnish

Headcanon that the reason Maine and Wash were so close was because Wash was one of the few who didn’t act fearful when with him. Just about the entirety of the Mother of Invention shit their pants at the mere knowledge of sharing a spaceship with him, and with it being the norm to warn rookies about crossing him when they first come aboard, I seriously think he appreciates Wash being dorky and lively enough to start joking around with him, begin carrying out conversations even though he himself doesn’t contribute, and even the eventual childish lobbing of stuff and insults at him when he’s being a butt because it gives Maine a sense of normalcy and of being something else other than the scary guy.

Bonus: No one realizes this is just Maine and Wash being friendly and all the other Agents think Wash is just really dumb and doesn’t understand the thin line he’s walking on and it is just a matter of time until Maine rips his head off.

Super Bonus: They try to give him an intervention.

MYSTERTY MACHINE MIXTAPE: a collection of songs that could play in the background while you and your fellow meddling kids solve some supernatural mysteries on all hallows eve

what’s new scooby doo theme- simple plan // aim for the head- creature feature // werewolves of london- warren zevron // dawn of the dead- captian blood // monster mash- bobby “boris” pickett and the crypt kickers // i’m wasted- ghost town // dig up her bones- the misfits // dragula- rob zombie // organ grinder- marilyn manson // brains!- voltaire // witch hunt- the misfits // pet sematary- plain white t’s // i put a spell on you- the sanderson sisters // the ghostbusters theme-ghostbusters // the dead don’t rise- calabrese // buried alive- creature feature // beetlejuice theme- danny elfman // ghost of frankenstein- the misfits // full moon- elvira // cemetery girl- penis flytrap // lies- the brains // dead walker texas ranger- sleeping with sirens // you’re so creepy- ghost town

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