couriersix-nsfw said:

Six's second visit to the brothel came not long after his first. When he stepped through the door, he accidentally bumped into a young, blonde-haired girl who couldn't have been more than sixteen years old. Even while his lust immediately spiked hard when they touched, he held onto her gently, making sure he hadn't hurt her. "So sorry. You alright, girl?"

Artellia grunted as he colided with her, sensing the lust easily as his arm went around her waist and held her close, lips pursing at his question “….I’m fine” she murmured

ok but for Lords mafia AU

it’s more or less true to life, a giant city divided into districts controlled by the Lords. the names are more or less street names - the Vineyard because it’s got so many wineries, the Magic Quarter’s filled with brothels or whatever.

at the top is “King Pause”, the guy you never see, who’s leading this whole operation

except he’s just a puppet, everyone high up knows Willakers is the one really in charge.

the Nether Ward is smack in the middle of like four districts and Deadbones is always fighting with the neighboring Lords for more territory.

the church is corrupt, the law’s corrupt, you only end up in jail if the Lords want it.

and, in the end, everyone is on the same side.

their own.

(oh and of course everyone wearing stylized suits and wielding guns)