I want you to live | Hope

‘Shhhh.’ He whispered against her neck from behind her, the heat of his breath shooting back to him from the closed space. She was rambling and complaining and asking where they were going, she was probably still upset with the boy, but he knew it wasn’t in her forte to be blinded and taken somewhere anonymous. His hands shuttered over her eyes, and his body behind her pushing her and turning her in the right direction. ‘We’re almost there.’ He added, the noisy busy streets loud around them, he had his motorcycle parked at the corner of the street their destination laid on, for afterwards, she didn’t know that of course for they had gotten there by other means.

Bryan couldn’t wipe the smile, he was close by to her, and if the tension amongst them wasn’t gone it sure as hell was squished between them, unseen and unimportant at the moment. The door of the parlor squeaked as it opened, ‘There’s a step.’ He babbled to her so she would raise her foot, they slowly walked in. The heavy metal music blasted into their ears and a bald buff man turned his head to Bryan and the girl in front of him. His arms were inked all the way down, demented, sentimental, memorial designs that must have had significance to the man in his own life. ‘So this the one?’ the guy said, his voice deep and raspy, but when aimed to Bryan it was almost fatherly.

He realized his fingers still spouted around Hope’s eyes, and he laughed to himself, dropping them slowly as the light shined into her previous sight of darkness. ‘Yep, this is the one.’ He answered; the confusion on her face made the big guy huff as he cleaned needles. ‘So, what’s the deal? Ain’t stopped by in a while, emo.’ The guy continued while he cleaned off his needles; words aimed at the dark haired boy dressed in black pants, a chain hanging from the pockets, his shirt covered by his jacket now. Around him the workers greeted him and his lost his attention to Hope to the people at the parlor, gracing his hair with noogies and smiles with laughs, but even as they spoke to him, his eyes occasionally lingered back to the girl, slowly realizing this might be the last time she’d be seen. 

strangers | a bryan/hope fanmix

01 before the worst ◆ the script

it’s been a while since the two of us talked
about a week since the day that you walked
knowing things would never be the same
with your empty heart and mine full of pain

02 fix you ◆ coldplay

lights will guide you home
and ignite your bones
and i will try to fix you

03 this love ◆ maroon 5

i was so high i did not recognize
the fire burning in her eyes
the chaos that controlled my mind

04 right girl (acoustic) ◆ the maine

oh god i did the wrong thing to the right girl
my mind was only in it for a minute
i had a bad fling with the good girl

05 safer to hate her ◆ you me at six

caught you having a laugh
did you catch me have the last?
i’ve been smiling like this for days
just to make up for my mistakes

06 sorry ◆ buckcherry

i’m sorry i’m bad
i’m sorry you’re blue
i’m sorry about all the things i said to you

Don't Forget to Breathe || @Bryan

Even as a Ravenclaw, far away in Ravenclaw tower, it had been impossible for Hope to ignore the constant pulsing of the music coming from the hufflepuff common room. She was sure the whole school was up because of it, and in that way, she assumed that everyone would thank her for marching up there and telling them to turn the volume down before she hexed one of them. She wasn’t in that bad of a mood, honestly, although she knew she would be if she didn’t get any sleep because of this party. That was why she was currently marching through the corridors, her uniform still on and her hair loose, waving slightly with every step she took. Her eyes were dead set ahead, not bothering to worry about other surroundings then the ones directly in front of her.

She continued down in this manner until she reached the area of the Hufflepuff common room. The portrait was thrown wide open, the canvas empty. The paintings all around were bickering about the noise and, for once, Hope couldn’t help but agree with them. She marched through the open entrance and crossed her arms immidiately, her eyes flicking around for Jennifer Denalia, the hufflepuff that was at the head of this party idea. The two girls mostly found ways to get along, but at the moment she wasn’t going to stay up all night for one small acquaintance. She looked through the crowd from a distance but couldn’t find her, so she let out and audible scoff, charging into the crowd and through the people there. “Hey babe, wanna take a chance on mee?” She heard behind her, and she rolled her eyes, continuing through and hoping to find a familiar face.








"Why hello there Ms. Whitlock, what on Earth are you doing out of class?"

"My God Bryan, you scared me. I’m going off to London with Emmeline."

"When you should be in class? Tsk, tsk."

"Oh, shut up. Where are you supposed to be, huh?"

"That’s besides the point, I’m not the perfect student."

"I can make exceptions."

"I’ll keep that in mind. Have a nice flight."

"Yeah, whatever."

Bryan Foster [*]

We let the bough break

We let the heartache in

Who’s sorry now?

Who’s sorry now?

What Kind Of Fool || Darren Criss Cover

She was a mess.

The trace of tears on her face was evident, the wet streaks carrying along with it the applied eyeliner. Her nose was red, her eyes puffy and bloodshot; her lower lip trembled miserably, and as much as she tried to stop it, it continued on, showing the misery that she felt on the insides.

In front of her, the corridors flooded with the usual traffic, students filing past one another like robots, only throwing the female offhanded glances, at that. Her head was thrown into her hands, her knees slowly curling up towards her chest as she did her best to hide her face from the on-lookers. She was Hope Whitlock for fuck’s sake, not…this girl. Not this girl that was crying her eyes out over some stupid guy.

The thought passed through her mind, not helping at all. She let out a sob before shaking her head and gulping down over a lump in her throat. She sniffled slightly, letting herself look up from her perch on the floor. Her eyes followed many of the gossiping fifth years, much like herself. She shook her head again, going back down and hiding her face-a move that was quickly countered by a hand on her shoulder.

Hope’s head raised quickly, eyes wide and alert like a deer caught in headlights. Sitting in front of her was a male, his eyes staring at her strangely. His hand was placed upon her shoulder, his brow furrowed.

"Hey, a-are you okay?" The boy stumbled on his words, seemingly perplexed at the sight of Hope crying. She felt the need to hide her face from this boy she didn’t know, and yet she kept her head up, her eyes locked with his. She didn’t say anything for a while, but she quickly sniffled one more time, bringing her hand up to her eyes and wiping away a stray tear.

"I’m fine," she said, nodding best she could; she was afraid that any more words and she would choke on them. He didn’t seem convinced. "Did something-" he was unable to finish before Hope was glaring at him.

"I’m fine," she persisted harshly. "I-I don’t even know you, it’s none of your business. Please, just leave." He seemed taken aback at this, and he huffed angrily, standing up from his seat next to her. He kept his eyes on hers, softening for a minute before he bent back down, sitting right next to her this time. She looked over at him, and her lip quivered.

The two sat there, in silence, for an hour. After the time ran out, Hope cleaned herself out and thanked her best friend, Bryan Foster.