Charmed With Needles

The word “knitting” always conjures up images of my Grandmother sitting in her cottage knitting socks for her many grandchildren. This is a common picture when knitting is brought into a conversation, but Jared Flood has proved this image wrong.  Anyone who believes men cannot knit is mistaken. The man behind “Brooklyn Tweed” has made knitting elegant and refreshing for both gentleman and ladies alike.

This Brooklyn, New York native has been keeping a blog since October 2005, when he was posting about Elsebeth Lavold Wools and his first knitting students. The blog evolved over the years into the beauty it is today with the incorporation of photographs, instructions, and patterns. Jared has not only shared his charming blog with his readers but also a book and a yarn label. Classic Elite Knitting published his book Made in Brooklyn in August 2009. “Brooklyn Tweed” presents a dreamlike world of lighthouses, skipping stones, and unpainted barns. Jared Flood is someone who will continue to broaden our expectations, making us want to sit by our grandmothers in their cottages and knit. 

-Kendra DeKuiper, all photos courtesy of Brooklyn Tweed ( )


Tara, these are some of the patterns I was talking about, you can find more like them under in the lovely lovely lookbooks published by Brooklyn Tweed.

(From top: Daybreak, Benedetta, Shalom, Hitch, Devlan, Nimbus, Sullivan, MarionButtonbox, Lonely Tree


Finally did a photo shoot with espphoto for this shawl. I am calling it Solarita because it has a sunny color and I think it’s fun like margaritas. Does that make sense?

I don’t tend to wear shawls, but the idea looked good on paper, and now that it is sampled, I have learned that I like crescent shawls A LOT.

The best part is that it goes with this dress which I got for prom in 2007 and often wear for fancy occasions. It is a very hard color to match and the print has kind of unusual tones that clash with so many things.

The pattern is in the process of being edited and should be out next month but if you leave a comment on my Ravelry project page, I will send you a message when it goes live.

Finally finished and blocked my cabled scarf!  It’s the Dryad pattern from Brooklyn Tweed.  I basically bought this to teach myself cabling; it turns out forcing yourself to do it for 800 yards … works very well as a teaching tool.  I was amazing at cabling by the end, had memorized the entire motif, and my moss stitch actually looked like moss stitch (which let me tell you, looked mostly a fuzzy mess in the beginning).  It drapes gorgeously - I’ll have to either figure out a way to take a photo on myself or get someone to model it for me. :)

I am 1000% satisfied with this pattern and scarf!  The only concern is that I’m a bit worried it will sag as I wear it - it’s 8 ft long and all that cabling makes it heavy. But it makes me so happy, I don’t think I can resist wearing it. ♥