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Meet the little blonde Fanning sisters!

Elle Fanning is an approximately 1 year old doxie mix that hails originally from Alabama. She and her sister Dakota were found abandoned in the woods but now will be nothing but Badass! Elle weighs about 8 pounds and is the shyer of the two sisters first you meet. She warms up in a flash though and will worm her directly into your heart! Once you’re buds, Elle is playful and gentle and happy, happy to take her turn as a lap dog. She likes other dogs and children, and we can’t imagine her having anything other than admirers.

Dakota weighs about 8 pounds and. while shy initially, is the more outgoing of the two. She goes from greeter to best friend very quickly and will just tickle you pink with her sweet, playful personality. She’s gentle, likes to be held, enjoys other dogs, and does well with children.

If you are interested in adopting Elle or Dakota, please visit our website and fill out an adoption application. And join us for our next adoption event - SATURDAY DECEMBER 14TH — 1:00PM to 3:00 at Eva’s Play Pups.


It’s Alumni Monday! Today we’re showing off some of our Badass Allumni in their Halloween costumes. And since it was impossible to pick a favorite, or five, we’ll be posting throughout the day, our own “virtual Halloween” parade of Badass pups.

Finally today, we have the Grand Marshals of our virtual Badass Halloween Parade. Here you see Badass Alums Betty, Bugsy and their completely crazy, Badass parents, Gideon and Danielle. Gid and Dani are awesome volunteers and fosters who “foster failed”  (i.e. adopted) Bugsy recently. The growing family celebrated Danielle and Gideon’s engagement and their favorite holiday with one badass party last week.

Congratulations, Dani and Gid! We hope those super pups will keep your criminal ways in check.


It’s Alumni Monday! Today we’re showing off some of our Badass Allumni in their Halloween costumes. And since it was impossible to pick a favorite, or five, we’ll be posting throughout the day, our own “virtual Halloween” parade of Badass pups.

Clockwise from Top Left: Luna and Foster Brother Miles dressed up as crayons (Miles is available for adoption!), Bianca the Cow, Finn as one-half of Bert and Ernie, Mona in classic Bee-dog regalia, Walter as a hot dog, Gritz as a dragon, Monty the sullen dinosaur and Radar the reluctant cowboy.

From some of these photos it may appear that these dogs are rethinking being adopted, but we assure you that the other 364 days a year these dogs are living the good life and grateful to have escaped high-kill shelters for their new homes.

“Tell me what kinds of toxins are in your body, and I’ll tell you how much you’re worth”

America’s rich are harboring chemicals associated with what are normally considered healthy lifestyles. 

People who can afford sushi and other sources of aquatic lean protein appear to be paying the price with a buildup of heavy metals in their bodies, found Jessica Tyrrell and colleagues from the University of Exeter. Using data from the US National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, Tyrrell et al. found that compared to poorer people, the rich had higher levels of mercury, arsenic, caesium and thallium, all of which tend to accumulate in fish and shellfish.

The rich also had higher levels of benzophenone-3, aka oxybenzone, the active ingredient in most sunscreens, which is under investigation by the EU and, argue some experts, may actually encourage skin cancer.

America’s poor have toxins associated with exposure to plastics and cigarette smoke.

Higher rates of cigarette smoking among those of lower means seem to be associated with higher levels of lead and cadmium. Poor people in America also had higher levels of Bisphenol-A, a substance used to line cans and other food containers, and which is banned in the EU, Malaysia, South Africa, China and, in the US, in baby bottles.

Previous research has established that rich Americans are more likely to eat their fruits and vegetables and less likely to eat “energy-dense” fast food and snacks, but this work establishes that in some ways, in moving up the economic ladder Americans are simply trading one set of environmental toxins for another. via Brooklyn Mutt

sadelik asked:

Hello, I liked your blog. ♥ What are your 3 favorite tumblelogs similar to your taste?

Thanks for the question.  You picked a great theme for your blog as well.  Excellent images.  My blog focuses on three things some more prevalent than others, but none the less; Style, Art/Design, and Media.  

Style - Ethan not only represents one of the best tailor shops in the world, he is dreadfully honest in the details of it on his blog.   He takes incredible pride in the aesthetics of everything he presents.  He does this while staying very humble in his delivery.  Even if you are not a fan of bespoke clothes, and appreciate a blog on pure craftsmanship, this is a great one to follow. 

2.  This site is sheer pornography for anyone who loves looking at well put together homes and furniture.  Impeccably curated, I could reblog everything this blog post.  See for yourself. 

3.  I am in media, and I spend most of my day creating spin for very large corporations to be distributed to media.  It is easy for me to see the superficiality  in today’s media.  I do not reblog this site nearly as much as I should.  It motivates me to seek the truth and reality that we are purposely kept from by entities that have opposing interest and large wallets.  I often post the stories that are not getting the coverage that they should.  This blog does an excellent job of exposing media for what it truly is.    

Thanks for following, and I appreciate any and all feedback.  


Just read the new issue of GQ.  A lot of good looks.  Most of them have been posted here on tumblr.  I was most intrigued by Michael Paterniti’s expose on Ayman Mohyeldin  Al Jazeera’s equivalent to  Anderson Cooper.  Once you get past the pretentiousness of Paterniti’s writing, it’s a great story.  

Hillary Clinton was singing it’s praises after the Egyptian “revolution”.  After Rumsfeld lied and said Al Jazeera was lying  that troops were intimidating civilians in Fallujah; most cable companies refuse to brodcast the network.  Here in D.C. and a few other areas are the only places that receive it. 

I guess the whole point is this; I am always on the pursuit of truth in media.  Back in the 80’s and early 90’s we were told to call up our cable companies and demand “I want my MTV”.  That campaign has produced a whole generation of materialistic gen x’ers and non-stop reality television. 

If you are not privileged to have Al Jazeera call your cable networks and request it.  Turn off CNN, MSNBC and the rest of the bullshit.  In the meantime follow on the level blogs like Brooklyn Mutt