I think, out of this whole episode, the line that hurt me the most was “look, Jake, you’re fun, okay, but…”, because it’s JAKE she’s saying it to, Jake “I’m sorry, I’m uncomfortable with emotions” Peralta. Jake’s whole deal is to be breezy, and try to avoid the serious stuff by being goofy and funny and weird, but he’s grown up so much since he and Sophia started dating, he got pretty damn serious about her, and to hear “you’re fun Jake, I just don’t think it’s that serious” could easily serve as a reinforcement for all the things Jake protects himself with. He’s funny Jake, immature Jake, party Jake. Even if he doesn’t want to be.

I just think we’re gonna see a return to Jake’s uber flakey, childish side next episode, and I just hope the squad knows him well enough to shower him with love :P What do you guys think?