Bright Lights and Holiday Cheer in Brooklyn’s Dyker Heights

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Each December, throngs of people from across the New York City area descend upon the quiet southwest Brooklyn neighborhood of Dyker Heights for one of the nation’s most extravagant displays of holiday spirit.

“None of us knew where we were going,” says Alicia Hosking (@its_alicia), a Melbourne, Australia native who recently arrived in New York. Alicia’s friend organized a trip to the neighborhood, but kept their destination secret. “It was a cold night, and we had to walk far from the subway station to get there. But once we turned the corner and saw the street full of lights, it was so worth it. I’ve never seen anything like it in all of my life.”

Accustomed to Australia’s mid-Summer Christmas, Alicia found the experience particularly special. “So many houses participate in the festivities. It’s as if some residents are trying to outdo each other,” she says. Competitiveness of the displays aside, Alicia notes, “there was a genuine sense of Christmas spirit.”