Aleks Ivic
Brooklyn, NY
Nikon D800

How do you juggle your career in the financial industry with your interest in the visual arts? 

Stability plays a big factor when juggling a career that has nothing to do with your passions. Prior to 2005, my career in investment banking led me to assignments in cities where any focus in photography was impossible.

Having a stable role in NY that no longer forces me to spend more than the 60 hour work weeks allowed me to get seriously productive in photography and graphic design. It is important to allocate yourself with chunks of time to freeing up that brain space so you can stop thinking about any pending day job task like “Oh! I need to follow up on that Trade Issue!”

Creating boundaries is also a major factor when your primary career tries to guilt trip you into extending even more time spent. I know its easier said than done, but I have created a set of ‘work confinement guidelines’ that has proven to be successful when juggling a career and a passion.  They are:

 - Don’t always be tempted to use your Work’s Blackberry outside your day job’s hours.  It can get very tempting to follow up on any unfinished work.

- No unscheduled phone calls outside of work hours. If you work with colleagues globally, just don’t pick up the phone!

- If you give 110% during the work week, don’t let colleagues guilt trip you into working the weekend!

I try to tell myself that I will provide a bigger impact with my passions in Photography and the Visual Arts than giving all my free time to my role in the Financial Industry.

Do you ever struggle to express yourself to your colleagues?

I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by people who I can be brutally honest with. Although when it comes to Photography, I try to give as little description as possible when submitting my pieces to the Social Networks.  I rather have the viewers interpret my work for themselves rather than hand them what I was going for on a silver platter.

With your move to New York, do you think photography has become a bigger part of your life? 

The answer here would circle back to the first question. My passions for Photography and the Visual Arts were always a big part of my life but I never had the chance to stretch my wings due to my day job in the investment banking industry making me move from city to city.

Before New York, I had long-term assignments in London and Sydney but could never really bring it to the same high standards I give myself today.

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