brookefresh asked:

8, 11, 22.

8. well, i started out by going to my friend nicholle’s house, we went to go get cheeseburgers at culvers and then bought some bud. then we just sat at her house for another two hours and then at 11 we got invited to a blacklight party so we got ready and got there at like 1 and we hung out with my ex and conversed and listened to music and played glow beer pong and shit till like 5 annnnnnnd basically got drunk/high and then i drove home (hardest shit ever considering it was a 40 minute drive) and then i went to sleep lol.

11. well obviously somebody i hate because it’d only be a month? lol

22. the legalization of marijuana, the world in general, my body, the stupidity of people, and where i live.