From now on. I will no longer sleep on this, I won’t keep it in my pillow case, it’ll be with me, all the time. I promise you, I’ll never forget you, you’re truly that hole, my best friend. We’ve been through more than most, hell and back to be exact, but I wouldn’t change our relationship for anything in this world, Brooke you’re one of the greatest people I know, you’re one of the strongest too, and sometimes, I wish I could be like you. But then I remember, even if I am like you, I’ll still be like me, you need someone by your side, through it all. And I wish I could tell you “hey, take me with you” and we can begin this journey together so you aren’t alone, but I can’t. Even though it’s not possible now, doesn’t mean it won’t later. I’ll be here. Waiting for you. I love you Brooke. So very much. Please be careful in all that you do ❤️ and one more thing. Don’t ever forget about me.