All you Need to Know about Kythons

Kythons dwell in one of the contradictory planes, planes that really shouldn’t exist, and were formed during the Breaking of Fate and the Conjuction of the Spheres.  Specifically, they dwell in the Chasm, the LN/CE realm.  

Kython Broodlings, Juvenile, Adult, and Impaler 

Kython Slaughter King 

A slaymaster 


All rather basic I know, but I want to have this information up there so that when I write the fluff I can have a visual resource.  

So starting June 10th I have a 6-8 week job that’s going to pay me $2+ more an hour with full time hours and I won’t have to deal with shitty parents or ridiculous rants from moms or dads whose hell spawned broodlings “ Never misbehave at home” or “ Never lie”. And if all goes well that could become my permanent job with cool things like benefits and pay that could get me into a home of my own.

It’s sad that I’ve been at my current job for 9 years and $11 an hour is all I make yet I’m one of the highest requested teachers, have had parents switch schools for my program, have taken the lowest earning school program and turned it into the cash cow powerhouse that it currently is. The owner of my childcare owns 4 in total, the one I work for alone earns $1.6 million dollars a year. Her nearest one makes $1.2 and the two smaller ones earn combined $575,000.

And what do I hear when I ask for a raise? “ How many classes do you have? Are you working on your degree? If your education was higher you could get a bigger raise,”

Funny story- every degreed teacher that has been hired and has been rated higher than me has been fired cuz they’re shit at the job itself. A slip of paper doesn’t make you the kiddie whisperer, experience does. I have taught kids how to read. I have taught kids basic math. I have reported abusive parents. I have been served a summons as a character witness in custody cases. I have had to work with police due to kids threatening other kids. School doesn’t teach you how to handle walking into your classroom and being met with 2 toddlers with diarrhea, one with possible lice, a new kid with no paperwork and an irate parent who is hollering about someone stealing her kids diapers ( True story bitch was selling her food stamp card and using her monthly welfare check to buy Heroin. We had to bathe her kids and feed them 3 meals a day cuz food wasn’t a big priority and baby daddy was in jail for holding up a liquor store and shooting the clerk. Thanks city of Milwaukee for deciding my complaint about neglect was unfounded)

Wrapping this up ,Childcare is a great job if you like to feel fulfilled by enriching a kids life and don’t want to ever be financially stable. Ever.