En lo personal, Beach Ball es una de mis Ponys Oc favoritas, Creada por el artista Atryl. Pero el no solo tiene a esa personaje, tambien tiene a Shining Pearl y Tropical Breeze, dos Ocs tambien atractivas XD…
Como sea, Como ya tengo a 3 nuevos miembros en mi Tumblr y DA (Golden Sword, Silver Shield y Bronze Spear) y entre mostrarlas sin armadura, queria hacerle un regalo al artista Atryl…. espero que sea de su agrado.

Personally, Beach Ball is one of my favorite Oc Ponys, Created by the artist Atryl. But not only has this character also has a Shining Pearl and Tropical Breeze two Ocs too sexy XD … 
Anyway, as I already have 3 new members on my Tumblr and DA (Golden Sword, Silver Shield and Spear Bronze) and between show them without armor, I wanted to make a gift to the artist Atryl …. I hope you enjoy it.

Golden Sword, Silver Shield, Bronze Spear - KiRRol Beach Ball, Shining Pearl, Tropical Breeze - Atryl

Luristan Bronze Spearhead

  • Dated: circa 1000 B.C.E.
  • Culture: Iranian
  • Medium: bronze
  • Measurements: overall length 26 1/2” 

Lorestan (Luristan) bronze refers to a set of Early Iron Age bronze artifacts that have been recovered from the Lorestan and Kermanshah areas in west-central Iran. These items are believed to have been produced either by the Cimmerians or by Indo-European peoples of Media or Persia. They include a great number of ornaments, tools, ceremonial objects and weapons such as this incredible spearhead.

The art of ancient Luristan mainly dates from the 12th to the 5th centuries B.C. and has become famous for its engraved bronze artifacts and castings of horse trappings, weapons, and standards. The most common of the Luristan bronzes are almost certainly the horse trappings and harness ornaments, with elaborate cheek pieces in the shape of ordinary animals such as horses or goats, as well as in the form of imaginary beasts like winged human-faced bulls. 

Source: Copyright 2014 © M.S. Rau Antiques


These are weapon displays at the Chambers Street Museum. These kind of displays annoy me as they are put up with no context and little thought.

The whole thing reeks of Orientalism (yes I know some of them are European and from the Bronze Age) and an idea that these are here just to stare at.

This annoys me more because the Chambers Street Museum has some great ethnographic exhibits that mostly focus on similarities between peoples rather than differences.

Anyway rant over, please do visit this museum as it is rather good.

Spa: Segunda respuesta para una de mis guardianas
Eng: Second response to one of my guardians

Bronze: Well … it was not disrespectful .. 
But no … I have no boyfriend Benja … 

Bronze: Why … you ask?
Would you like … tell me something?

Spa: Espero mas preguntas para los miembros de este Tumblr, ahora se pueden preguntar en ingles
Eng: I hope more questions for the members of this Tumblr, now you can ask in English