Freddie Mercury was a badass. He was unafraid of being different, unafraid of letting the weirdest parts of him be the boldest. He was an inspiration - and he was a victim of AIDS. Today marks World AIDS day, and the beginning of World AIDS month. It’s time to really do more to extinguish the cruel stigma that surrounds this horrid disease, and do more to raise awareness of AIDS and HIV prevention…. Everyone has the potential to be great, until it’s taken away all to soon by something beyond their control. To donate online in New Zealand to help with NZ AIDS medical services, please go to and to donate to the worldwide struggle against AIDS you can donate at Every year millions of people die as victims of AIDS, every cent helps to see the numbers decreased. So please, donate, raise awareness, and do everything you can personally to see to it that the worldwide AIDS crisis is addressed.


At higher magnification, the pattern of patchy distribution of a bronchopneumonia is seen. The consolidated areas here very closely match the pattern of lung lobules (hence the term “lobular” pneumonia).A bronchopneumonia is classically a “hospital acquired” pneumonia seen in persons already ill from another disease process. Typical bacterial organisms include: Staphylococcus aureusKlebsiella, E. coliPseudomonas.