bromina replied to your post: oh This is the first time i’ve been proud of…

IM PROUD OF YOU!! i think you understand how hard it is to make one of those games, I tried once and pretty much gave up because there was SO MUCH SHIT TO DRAW AND PROGRAM and im REALLY impressed you are making one because they are DIFFICULT.

OH ;U; 

it is really hard i’ve almost given up a few times just because i got really scared i was going to mess up!! but i figured out the coding and now i just have to draw clothes and im getting a more confident and i think i might actually ACCOMPLISH THIS AAA

;u; Thank you so much aaa ldfkngsdf !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

not lewd. bromina is NOT the kind of gal who’s gonna write weird freaky shit that would make her mom blush on an exam ok