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Ficlet request: Andreau and Roldan convo tapos si Zade ang topic. Tee hee. Thank you!

Kinda tweaked the prompt you gave me, Anon ;)

(A ficlet wherein: three times na si Roldan ang nag-initiate pag-usapan si Zade, and one time na si Andreau na ang nanguna.)

So okay. This ficlet serves as a little something for a something next year.

And for this ficlet’s sake, nilagyan ko ng year. Chat-style ‘to since puro dialogue! This follows the flow of TSIB. So.. yeah ;)

FEBRUARY 14, 2012

After nila ihatid si Zade sa kanto ng dorm nito..

Roldan: I told you, Zade’s nice. Hindi naman nagkamali si Anya sa suggestion niya.

Andreau: Yeah. Pero anong year na niya?

Roldan: Freshman ata?

Andreau: Oh.

Roldan: Ano na naman?

Andreau: *slowly* Isn’t she too.. young for this? Baka kasi kailangan pa natin ng parental consent.

Roldan: Hindi naman sigur—

Andreau: But she’s a minor. Mamaya pag naaksiden—

Roldan: *laughs a little* Wait.. why are you so worked up?

Andreau: *sighs* I’m in-charge.

Roldan: *stares at Andreau suspiciously* Di nga? Zade’s cute. I even got her number.

Andreau: *rolls eyes* Very mature. Pag ‘yan nakarating kay Ninna..

Roldan: *scowls* Sus, magsasaya naman ‘yon, Dreau. Alam mo naman ‘yon, Anti-Diane Club president. Ano, kukunin mo ba number ni Zade?

Andreau: *eyebrow shots up* And why?

Roldan: Uhhh dahil ikaw ang in-charge? Para maupdate ka niya?

Andreau: That’s your job.

Roldan: Since when did I become your secretary?

Andreau: *grins widely*

Roldan: C’mon, just get her number. Malay ko kailanganin mo rin. Emergency.

Andreau: I know what you’re doing. Not interested.

Roldan: Just so you know, siya ang gumagawa ng sandwiches mo araw-araw.

Andreau: How can you be so sure? May ibang staff naman yung café ah.

Roldan: *huffs* Fine. You’re hopeless. Ako na nga laging cocontact kay Zade.

Andreau: Whatever you say, Roldan.

Roldan: Pero mukhang crush ka niy—

Andreau: Shut up!

APRIL 20, 2012

(nasa van pabalik ng Manila; Roldan caught Andreau watching Zade’s interview on his camera)

Roldan: Was that really necessary?

Andreau: *looks up* What?

Roldan: Ayan. *points at Andreau’s camera*

Andreau: Yeah.

Roldan: Eh wala naman akong matandaan na may ganyan sa script mo ah?

Andreau: *jaw tenses* Hindi pa naman final yung script. I could still tweak it.

Roldan: *smiles* At si Zade pa talaga ang ininterview mo.

Andreau: *glowers* Roldan..

Roldan: Ano? Seryosong usapan nga. I thought you were flirting with her last night.

Andreau: *through gritted teeth* That was just an interview!

Gerald: Oo nga, Dreau. Nagulat ako nung pinatawag mo siya sa’kin. All along akala ko excuse mo lang yung interview para masolo siya.

Andreau: *rolls eyes*

Addie: Yeah. You should’ve seen the both of you last night. May halong landi yung interview mo, Sir.

Andreau: Pati ba naman pag-iinterview ko may issue pa? C’mon, maganda ang input ni Zade from my interview last night.

Roldan: *smiles widely* See? I’m not alone. Sabihin mo lang kung gusto mo na kunin ang number niya ha?

Addie: *in shock* What? Natapos na natin ang shoot pero wala ka pa ring number niya? My goodness, Andreau! Ang bagal mo!

Andreau: What? How many times do I have to tell you.. I’m not interested!

Gerald: *teases* Di nga?

Andreau: SHUT. UP!

FEBRUARY 15, 2013

Through SMS

Roldan: You should’ve seen yourself last night.

Andreau: fuckyou what happened???

Roldan: HAHAHAHA wala kang maalala?

Andreau: just woke up. Worst hangover ever

Andreau: what exactly happnd??

Roldan: Nakwento lang ni Lee. Sumuka ka raw.

Andreau: vinideohan ba nila? Please tell them to erase it

Roldan: They didn’t see th whole thing. Pero baka si Zade may video

Andreau: Zade? Why zade?

Roldan: uhh.. she was with you when you puked

Andreau: Shit. Di nga??

Roldan: Yep. Siya pa naglinis ng suka mo

Andreau: What

Andreau: Fuck. That was so embarrassing


Roldan: Ayan kasi inom pa!

Andreau: Did she say anything?

Roldan: Dunno. Wala na sila paggising ko. Ask Lee or Anya

Roldan: Bakit? May naaalala ka ba?


Andreau: god i’m more than embarrassed

Roldan: maybe you did something to her

Roldan: baka nahalikan mo

Andreau: Fuck you. I don’t kiss random people

Roldan: Zade is not one of those ‘random people’, right?

Andreau: Ewan ko sa’yo

Roldan: Still not interested?

Roldan: Okay, lasing ka nga pala. Bad joke.

MAY 2013

(habang nasa gym…)

Andreau: Am I that choleric?

Roldan: *stops lifting weights* Wow, and this is coming from?

Andreau: *shakes head* Wala lang. I’m just re-evaluating my life.

Roldan: Aba, galing ka lang ng Coron may re-evaluation na nagaganap! Soul searching ba ginawa mo dun>

Andreau: Hmm.. actually, no. nabanggit lang sa’kin ni Zade na masyado raw akong choleric. Wala naman sigurong masama sa paggamit ng Gantt Chart, right? I just want to keep things in cont— why are you looking at me like that?

Roldan: *grins widely* You’re babbling. You don’t babble, Andreau.

Andreau: *looks away* I’m not babbling. I’m explaining. Para hindi ka na magtanong pa.

Roldan: So.. kamusta ang Coron?

Andreau: It was great. Nakapag-islan hopping kami du—

Roldan: Sino ‘tong kami, exactly?

Andreau: *grunts* The whole Wanderlust crew.

Roldan: *eyes Andreau seriously* Really?

Andreau: *huffs* Fine. May pinuntahan kaming island ni Zade.

Roldan: Wow, island. How romantic.

Andreau: *glares* Shut up.

Roldan: So you’re saying.. lagi kayong magkasama ni Zade sa Coron?

Andreau: Yeah. So?

Roldan: Nothing.

Andreau: Malamang, siya lagi kong kasa—

Roldan: Di naman nagselos si Mars?

Andreau: No. Busy siya sa taping.

Roldan: Wow. What an improvement. Usually mag-isa ka lang kapag guest ka sa Wanderlus—

Andreau: *looks down* Zade was my temporary best friend during the trip.

Roldan: Wow. Ilang araw lang akong nawala tapos may iba ka nang best friend. A girl temporary best friend. That’s new.

Andreau: Shut up. It was just for the trip.

Roldan: So.. anong ginawa niyo as temporary best friends?

Andreau: Can’t tell. I would violate the creed of temporary best friendship.

Roldan: Wow.. wow..

Andreau: Happy now?

Roldan: One last question… tapos na ‘tong temporary shit niyo, ‘di ba?

Andreau: Yep.

Roldan: So.. ano na kayo ngayon? Friends or more tha—

Andreau: Roldan you really need to shut up now.

Roldan: But I’m your best friend!

Andreau: Shut up.

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