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vomit / no way / don’t ship / ok /fucking cute / adorable/ sexy / perfectflawless / ship forever / i will ship them in hell jumping out of a fucking window* / OMFG YES


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1. First impression: british kangs fan
2. Truth is: aw shit half-finnish also-f1 fan who is VERY FUN TO HANG OUT WITH 
3. How old do you look: late 20s!
4. Have you ever made me laugh: YES
5. Have you ever made me mad: NOPE
6. Best feature: I LIKE THAT YOU ARE WILLING TO TRAVEL TO SEE ~ME~ and also some hockey dudes :D
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: i mean, maybe
8. You’re my: favorite LA kings fan that isn’t pengy
9. Name in my phone: i don’t have you in my phone I don’t think??? FIX THIS
10. Should you post this too? yes!

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oh god, okay, confession time: I really don’t know very much about Lumbus. I’m super charmed by how they’ve defied expectations to, you know, not tank but I only watched one or two of their games and know essentially nothing about their players. So … here goes?

my favourite player

I don’t have one? As a result of knowing so little about the team. Probably Jack Johnson or Bobrovsky but that’s because they’re the ones I know the most about.

my least favourite player

Again, I know so little about the team … 

the best thing about the club

They didn’t suck! Everyone thought they would suck and they pulled it together and didn’t IT WAS ADORABLE.

their best player

Sergei Bobrovsky!!!!

my favourite pairing

I don’t have one, so clearly someone should write me fic and give me one

deerie had questions and although I can’t remember the instructions exactly, I do have to tag some people to answer my questions, well we’ll see

1. What book do you love-love-love but will probably never read more than once? 
The Perks of Being a Wallflower, I think. I liked it, and I know that if I’d been 16 when I’d read it I would have been like “Oh my god this is the best book EVER”. I think it’s an important book for teenagers to read; it’s real and it’s true to life. But I read it the summer after my dad died so it’s very much tied up with that, plus I was 24 so I just felt too old. I do love it, though. 

2. If you could wish for one food item to disappear from the world, what would you choose?
Most kinds of nuts that end up in chocolates! Like, hazelnuts? 

3. If you could have a super power for one hour each day, which one super power would you pick?
I’d like to be able to transport myself to other places! I could go visit people, hang out for a while, then come home. 

4. If you could go back in time and tell your younger self something, what would it be?
It doesn’t work out like you thought it would, but it’s not all terrible. 

5. You have the chance to hang out with your favorite celebrity - what wacky adventure would you get up to with them?
I’m not sure! Maybe I’d go to a Gaslight Anthem gig with Laura Jane Grace! That’d be cool.

6. If you could live anywhere in the northern hemisphere, where would you live?
The Dordogne in France, for sure

7. Name the object directly to your left and on the floor. What is it and why do you have it?
It is a box filled with padded envelopes, packaging, etc, and I have it because basically I really hate throwing things away

8. What is your favorite outfit to wear?
I nearly always wear a dress and leggings. I have lots of very pretty dresses, but one of my favourites is this one. It is a lovely neck, a nice length, an interesting stripe… I love it! 

9. A minotaur, dragon, and a selkie walk into a bar. Who do you buy a drink for and what do you talk about?
A selkie! I love selkies. There’s a novel called The Seduction of Water by Carol Goodman which intrigued me about selkies when I first read it almost ten years ago. 

10. What is your all time favorite fic ever?
Oh man! There was this one that was Julian Casablancas (The Strokes)/Craig Nicholls (The Vines). The whole ‘verse was called 1784. It was SO GOOD, but the author took it down over one of the “omg they are coming for the ficcers” panics of the mid 00s, and I’ve never been able to find anyone who had it saved to disk. I’m still into that pairing!

As for my own fic, I quite often reread my Michael/Mike/Naomi fic that I co-wrote with Franke. I read it for comfort because the Mike in that fic is like the Mike in my head.

11. What was the first fandom you ever got into? 
That’s… a difficult question! I was into the Manic Street Preachers online fandom and I met a lot of people that way (including the one I married, fact fans). I wrote Queer As Folk (UK version) fan fiction in GCSE classes instead of paying attention, way back in 1999/2000, before I knew what fanfiction was. The first fandom that I was into in both an online and fic way was The Libertines in 2005. 

My questions: 

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